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Hello everyone! As you know, I have had a lot of money problems in the past. But thanks to my followers and their lovely support and donations, as well as my life progressing in the right direction finally, I now have enough income to live on!

I’ve been accumulating the small amount of money I get from adfly/donations each month, and have to decided that with them, I would do a tiny little giveaway!

Here are the rules:

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  • You have until FEB 28TH, 5PM PST.
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♠♥Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 3rd Anniversary Valentine Contest♦♣

Hello! It’s been three years with our Bidders~ (●♡∀♡)

To celebrate, we are having a contest where we’d like to see what kind of date you would take your Bidder on! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Send us a drawing, picture/pictures, or comic, by Feb. 28th, for a chance to win a KBTBB playing card deck, featuring many of the characters from KBTBB! 

↓ ↓ Details below!! ↓ ↓

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hi guys! so i know this is quite late and we’re already quite a way through feb, but i thought i’d quickly throw this out here and start my first of what (i hope) will be a never ending monthly botm thingymagigy !!


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  • you can be any type of blog
  • sideblogs are fine (just put in the tags what your main is so i can check you’re following me)
  • there will be one winner and three runners up
  • announcement will be made in the first week of march


  • winner: 2 promos upon request anytime during the month; 1 edit upon request
  • runners up: 1 promo upon request anytime during the month

Hey there, guys! Welcome to the second Gencio Week! This is a place where fans of Genji/Lúcio can share their works and have fun celebrating the ship once again!

This event is open to any and all fanworks for Gencio; art, fics, playlists, edits*, headcanons? Any creative medium is welcome! The prompts are merely guidelines as well; any interpretations are welcome, and you can do what you wish with them!

*If you are going to be making a playlist/edit and plan on using another artist’s work as part of your submission, make sure you get their permission first!


Day 1: Feb 26th- Rainy Days
Day 2: Feb 27th- Fear/Injury
Day 3: Feb 28th- Long Distance
Day 4: March 1st- Alternate Universe
Day 5: March 2nd- Swap (Abilities/Ultimate)
Day 6: March 3rd- Date Night
Day 7: March 4th- Laughter

Tag your submissions with #gencioweek so I can compile them onto this blog!

You’re welcome to start the prompts any time you want, but I’d appreciate it if everyone waited until the actual event to start posting things. That way it’s easier to keep track of prompts! And if for some reason you’re busy during the week, no worries! Late submissions are welcome, as I’ll be checking the tags up to two weeks after the event!


Feb 28th, 2016 Hound Hike!
10 Silken Windhounds, 1 Borzoi


Protest outside the Trump Hotel in Vancouver’s grand opening on Feb 28th, 2017.

A few things about this protest that I feel aren’t being covered properly by the media: 

1) We were not protesting the building or the developer. We were protesting the 6 x 6 feet chrome letters above the entrance displaying the name of a foreign autocrat; TRUMP. 

2) This protest was not organized by any one group. The people in these photos all came on their own or with small groups of friends. There was no Facebook event, there were no posters advertising the event, there were just angry people who showed up to demonstrate.  

3) Several individuals brought protest materials to share around. One man brought stickers that read “My Canada Includes Islam”. Someone else passed around buttons with an X over Trump’s signature. There was a woman handing out sidewalk chalk so everyone could write a message on the ground. A group of highschoolers brought construction paper and felt pens for DIY picket signs. This was an extremely collaborative protest that drew its strength from the uncoordinated, voluntary actions and contributions of individuals. 

4) There were at least four Trump supporters in the crowd, all of whom were surrounded by protesters rearing to debate them. The main issue that came up in these debates was job creation and job loss. One of my favourite quotes from a protester: “It’s machines taking your jobs asshole, not immigrants.” 

5) The protesters in the crowd were overwhelmingly interested in politics. Many of the protests I have been to have been a 70:30 ratio- 70% of people just care enough to show up, while 30% of people feel genuinely passionate about the cause. This protest was almost 100% comprised of the latter, which I attribute to the protest’s lack of publicity. Only people genuine about the cause even noticed the event.   

It bothers me that this protest was covered by the media as “unexpectedly small”. When I first arrived at 10:30 (just after the formal ribbon cutting) there were just under 70 people in the crowd. When I left at 1:00 for class, there were easily over 200. Given the city’s attempts to downplay this event and the fact that no one even organized a protest, I would say the turnout was unexpectedly large. 

Ps. I made the front page of the newspaper :D That’s me shouting “Love Trumps Hate” to the right of the guy with the sign. 

@inookii & @exoticablack ARE THE INTERVIEWERS OF THIS YEARS 2017 PORN AWARDS! MARCH 17TH 2017!!!





anonymous asked:

I love your Life of the Zodiacs series and blog in general. As an INFP Pisces, I like your portrayal of my (our, if I remember correctly) sign. Although I wish I was petite and always sweet, I'm a more tumultuous and taciturn Pisces, maybe because of my birthday falling on Feb. 28th. Still in winter's grip. Or maybe because my Moon is in Cancer. Either way, love it!

thank you so much!!!

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News! - Yuu Watase will be starting a new Fushigi Yuugi manga in February centered on the Priestess of Byakko & her celestial warriors! We first got a glimpse of some of these characters in the original Fushigi Yuugi manga & anime back in the 90s. The full title will be Fushigi Yuugi: The Curious Tales of the Byakko and will start Feb 28th in Shogaukan’s Monthly Flowers magazine in Japan. If it gets picked up in English, it’d most likely be from Viz, as they’ve translated both previous Fushigi Yuugi titles.