28th august 2011

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Hi I'm new can you tell me what allegedly happened at Leeds and Dallas?

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”LEEDS FESTIVAL

right, so what really happened in leeds.

the leeds festival which both louis and harry, (and only louis and harry) went, started on saturday August 27th, 2011. it is the last public and happy appearance of HarryAndLouis before Louis is allegedly “dating” Eleanor, and this event is the last of Larry before it got closeted.

(this is in chronological order, ignore the time on the tweets because they are screencapped by people from different timezones)

before leeds fest, louis tweeted this. i cannot really say what it means, but it is highly believed that this is the end of larry being openly seen together, and the start of eleanor, because we know too much.

it is believed that, judging by their clothings, they went to leeds together right after the boys filmed this in London on 27th Aug, 2011 morning. (the video is posted on 29th)

here are some updates on that day

right before leeds fest, harry keep tweeting these tags

so after they arrived, of course they are immediately spotted by people, and here are some pics. i didn’t put too much because we already got enough proof they are together, so i’ll juts go straight to the point.

that’s the night on 27th August, then harry tweeted this

thus louis tweeted these

then at the silent disco, we spot the lovebirds

it is said that they shared a yellow tent, god knows what happened there (hence inspired many fanfictions)

here is an interview of harry and louis on Radio 1

noticeable transcript here

Fearne: (…) Right, so talk to us about Leeds Festival, what was your highlight Louis?

Louis: D’you know what it’s… The vibe at Leeds - I’ve been to a few festivals this year- I went for a day at Wireless, and then I went to V festival as well,  but the vibe at Leeds is so much… I don’t know what it is. It’s just like really reallyfun, and everyone’s like friendly and like. For me the highlight was probably Two Door Cinema Club or the Bombay Bicycle Club.


Harry: How are you Fearne, you alright?

Fearne: I’m good are you sleepy tired?

Harry: Good. I’m very tired…

Fearne: Why are you at the gym?

Harry: …I pulled a muscle in my bum as well.

Fearne: IN your bum?

Harry: Yeah.

Fearne: Well at the festival?

Harry: No I did it on Saturday morning before we went.

Fearne: Right. We won’t talk in details about that Harry, let’s just talk musically about Leeds. What was your favorite, Louis was saying Too Door Cinema Club or Bombay. What d’you recon?

Harry: Yeah yeah Too Door Cinema Club were really good actually. I thought Madness were really good. That was really cool. They were like really funny. (mumbling).

Fearne: Did you guys camp. Were you in a tent?

Harry: Yes, yeah. Some of my friends were there so I camped…with my friends.

Fearne: ..you guys were in a tent, no way!

Harry: Yes, Yeah why?

Fearne: Really? Yes way!

Harry: Yes way.

Fearne: Wowzas! Look at you two! Doin it propa, gotta be done! I can’t say the same, but it’s gotta be done. Well done chaps.

(louis also tweeted the one who interviewed them later on)

and then we’re now at the morning of 28th August, 2011, which they’re still at leeds together.

louis tweeted this

after that it is the silent disco night 2 again

the coat on harry is given from louis, as we see here in the morning

and at night

why leeds fest get so many attention, is not merely because louis and harry are seen publicly and happily together, (coz we know they are always together), it’s because this is the very last time they are seen together like this, and because right after leeds fest Elounor is rumoured to be together. it’s so fucking important to us larries because it is what we could never get over with and what we cling on, why we believe larry is closeted. 

this is louis on the day before Elounor news came out, as we may see, he’s still wearing the shirt.

in an interview in Sweden later on, louis is seen doing this. he stared at harry and fumbled at his leeds fest bracelet.

oh, harry had one too.

before it is broken and he replaced it with this tattoo. (I CAN’T CHANGE)

extra: “born me, i can’t change” is a lyric in the song “Make it stop”, which is in the playlist in leeds fest. the song is to support LGBT kids who gets discriminated.


what happened in Dallas is another legend, it’s like wellington which we all have to investigate.

here is what happened.

about dallas, this is so fucking important because we can see the closest to their sex lives, uncut. it’s practically freshly fucked harry and subspace harry, plus a smug louis and sweaty bodies.

first of all, this is what happened in the interview (i believe it’s one of those “genuinely” interviews again). can you see them??? look at zayn’s smirk??? all coupley and cuddly and fucking adorable ahhhh. 

i’m thinking of what things is louis hoarsely murmuring into harry’s ears. call him daddy, would you, lou? oh but maybe harry bottoms this time.

and shortly after what louis has apparently roughly done to harry, we came to this.

so fucking hot???? flushed cheeks???? glassy eyes???? swollen lips????

he is so lost and unfocused and startled like a lost bambi i have enough proofs that i call it he is floating in his pretty little subspace. not sure if he really bottoms, but it’s, like, 99.99%.

conclusion: freshly fucked in the ass. believed more than one orgasm.

louis??? wtf did you do to him?

here we have this smug kid

sweaty body???? glassy eyes??? overall smug face????

be sure your boy can function noramlly okkk?

this is also what happened in the red room.

“Take it Harry take it! Just like you took it a few hours ago”

well i’m not suggesting watersports…but apple juice does resembles, uh, you-know-what

kinky much, huh?

fancy round two, harry?

later on…

GOOD THRUST you got boy!!! now i wanna know what else would you ride???


did you just casually roll up his shirt sleeves??? Harold??? are you biTING YOUR LIPS????

let’s recap

conclusion: i’m done, i’m gonna go write some larry smuts now.

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is there a certain timeline that you keep for every era? when do they start and end if you don't mind me asking?

yeah! there is. for older eras: i usually just go by official release dates, not by teaser release dates because the exact dates there are a bit more difficult to come by. for the eras that’ve been went through since i made this blog: i usually switch over to the new one from the one before on the day that a teaser first drops for korean comebacks, and on the day that a teaser video or short version of pv drops for japanese comebacks. 

replay: may 25th, 2008 - august 24th, 2008
love like oxygen: august 25th, 2008 - october 28th, 2008
a.mi.go: october 29th, 2008 - may 24th, 2009
juliette: may 25th, 2009 - october 13th, 2009
ring ding dong: october 14th, 2009 - july 11th, 2010
lucifer: july 12th, 2010 - september 31st, 2010
hello: october 1st, 2010 - november 28th, 2010
miss you / hot times: november 29th, 2010 - june 21st, 2011
j!replay: june 22nd, 2011 - august 28th, 2011
j!juliette: august 29th, 2011 - october 11th, 2011
j!lucifer: october 12th, 2011 - december 6th, 2011
the first: october 7th, 2011 - march 20th, 2012
sherlock: march 21st, 2012 - october 9th, 2012
dazzling girl: october 10th, 2012 - december 11th, 2012
1000 years: december 12th, 2012 - february 18th, 2013
dream girl: february 19th. 2013 - april 25th, 2013
why so serious: april 26th, 2013 - june 25th, 2013
boys meet u: june 26th, 2013 - october 13th, 2013
everybody: october 14th, 2013 - december 3rd, 2013
321: december 4th, 2013 - february 12th, 2014
breath: february 13th, 2014 - june 24th, 2014
lucky star: june 25th, 2014 - september 3rd, 2014

so, those are the eras that all started and finished before i opened the blog. i opened a little less than two weeks before the end of october so everything was already out of the last era mentioned at that point. as for everything… since… i’ve opened, lmao:

downtown baby: september 4th, 2014 - january 1st, 2015
base: january 2nd, 2015 - february 25th, 2015
your number: february 26th, 2015 - may 10th, 2015
odd: may 11th, 2015 - july 27th, 2015
married to the music: july 28th, 2015 - september 12th, 2013
story. op. 1: september 13th, 2015 - present

like said above: i didn’t open this blog until october of last year so the first era had already started at that point but… whatever. that’s irrelevant. the current era is going to last until whenever avex / emi decides to release teaser videos for their new japanese single. it isn’t set to be released until the end of october but we could be seeing a video as early as the start of the month so… who knows. the only era that i don’t use is the one that was squished between the first two misconceptions eras: “fire” and that’s because it’s legitimately such a short era / blip on the radar that it isn’t really worth it. also: all of the events that took place in japan at that point were when jonghyun was recovering from his car accident so he was totally absent for everything. so…, yeah. i just combine that with the era before. 

(anyway: thanks for asking this. i’m gonna tag it as a resource so i can go back and use it for my own reference.)