What what! Here I am again with the rest of the current Cryx army, namely a little Crew of Revenants, because how can you be a Pirate Queen without a crew to do all the dirty work? At the top is the Quartermaster (he’s the big guy) and the diver guy, who for some reason always reminds me of Major Tom from the Venture Bros). Then we’ve got the four current crew members, all glowing eyes and huge cutlasses.

Coming soon, more things!


Hello there everyone! It’s been a while! How are you? Great!

Unfortunately what with one thing and another I’ve not had a super lot of time for painting minis recently, but in the last week or so I’ve had a bit of a super rush on and managed a whole bunch in quite a short space of time. 

These here are some Otherworld Miniatures heroes that I painted up for us with a little dungeon crawl style game that my brother and I have been working on. There’s some minor conversion work on the elf and the barbarian, namely that the barbarian has a sword instead of a spear now, and the elf had his magic wand replaced with a torch. I’m pretty happy with the way they’ve turned out - the bases could have done with more work but to be honest I kind of rushed the green stuff-ing.

Gotta get hold of some more of these minis - I love the old-school Fighting Fantasy style.

Here is the Reaper Bones shipping container and dumpster from the Badger colored primer review completed. Painted table top. I liberally played with washes and pigment powder on purpose to give a really dirty and dingy look to these. Sold to ACP Games! :) @acpgames @jimbo_only_one #miniaturepainting #paintingminiatures #metalheadminis #miniatures #reaperbones #reaperminiatures #weathering #terrain #tabletopwargaming #28mm (at Metalhead Minis)

Just a little update, chaps, to the building from my recent post! thought it was missing something, so here’s a new sign I’ve added to the wall at the front on the ground floor. Tried to make it look like an old fashioned ‘Victorian’ style sign 'Auldale - Importers of Fine Goods &c.’

Hope you like! Thanks for all the likes etc!


Here’s a few more I painted for the RP, but we didn’t use. The first is a Reaper Miniatures mini, and the second pic is of some ‘Triad’ goons that I made from bits - the bodies, legs and 2 of the heads are from the GW Empire Militia set, while the arms and guns are from Warlord Games’ Bolt Action stuff. For a quick jobbie, they’re not too bad! Took me about a day to build and paint all four minis (maybe like 5 hours or so?)


Huzzah huzzah and also huzzooh!

I’m back again with more minis that I have painted! This last weekend a few of the chaps came over and we did an RP (more on this in the next post)! And on the instructions of the GM, I painted up a few minis.

FIRST are four ‘Armed Archaeologists’ from Copplestone Castings, which are lovely and sort of old-school in style. I’m really happy with them, and I will definitely be buying more in the future!

Next is a Giant Foo Dog from Reaper Miniatures, which I am pretty happy with. I tried to paint him to look like he’s made of a kind of red marble, along with jade teeth and claws and jewelled eyes. 

Lastly, are some Terracotta Warriors which are, in fact, some minis I had from the now sadly defunct Rackham Miniatures. I’ve got tons of these left over from the old days.

In my next post, I’m gonna post up some pics of the game itself!


And here we are! Oo-rah! The Yanks are um… defending a hill, on an eerie white landscape… covered in giant blotches of paint.

All 20 guys finished, so here’s the breakdown:

Picture 1: The whole army so far.

Picture 2: Seven-man unit with NCO, 5 rifles, and 1 BAR

Picture 3: Eight-man unit with NCO, 4 rifles and 3 thompsons

Picture 4: Two man sniper team

Picture 5: Second Lieutenant and 2 men

I know that the Sniper Team is a ‘two-men-on-one-base’ unit but I wanted to keep them on the individual bases, so I made a bigger one that they fit into.

Coming up next (ie when it arrives), an M5 'Stuart’ tank to support the Yanks!


The third of the Fanticide minis - another Hasslefree for good measure. I actually am really happy with this one - the paint style reminds me of those old Vallejo paintings - ‘proper’ fantasy, all pastel colours. Quite simple and nice. Also I painted the eyes, which I never normally do.

I shall call her…. sword lady. Yeah, I can’t think of a name right now :P


Alas! My photos this time aren’t as great! But here goes! Before painting, I’ve undercoated the whole guy in black. Then:

1: Paint all of the skin areas in a mix of Tanned Flesh and Bronzed Flesh (old GW colours). It usually takes a few coats of this. Paint all the skin areas with a thinned-down wash of Tanned Flesh, and leave this to dry.

2: Mix some of the first colour (50/50 Tanned and Bronzed) with a little white, and apply to all of the raised areas. (nose, cheeks, ears etc.)

3: Paint in the eyes and mouth! I don’t often do this, but this guy needs a bit more attention than the normal spods. The eyes are done with a thin slit of bleached bone, followed by a dot of just-off-black. The mouth is off-black, with bleached bone teeth. Then re-touch the eye-sockets in the flesh colour.

4: Mix a little of the flesh colour with a touch of black to make a greyish colour, and paint on some 5 o'clock shadow and shaved hair. I made sure to avoid the area around his scar. Add a little white to the mix to highlight the hair and stubble.

5: The scar is done with a little pink colour for the ‘fresh’ skin in the middle of the gash, and then lighter skin colour on each edge.

After this, I touched up black onto all of the non-skin areas in preparation for painting the rest of him!


Some lovely new things that I’ve painted. Well, if you can call a German WW2 army ‘lovely’.

Anyways, I’ve been back in a bit of a Bolt Action mood lately, and I’ve actually done some work on my Early War Germans.

First up, here’s a shot of the whole army so far. You may notice that the vehicles somewhat outnumber the units at the moment… which I am working on rectifying ;)

Next up, a couple of shots of my second Infantry unit. They’re differentiated from my first unit by having different coloured trousers. The first unit used grey-green for both tunic and trousers, while these guys have grey-green tunic and regular grey trousers.

Then we have my Medium Mortar unit. I was going to stick them all to the same base but I actually prefer having them seperately in case any of the crew get killed. Otherwise I have to remember how many casualties the unit’s had.

Next up, a little conversion work on my sniper unit. Again I wanted to have them on one base but able to take individual crewmen off the base, so I made a base from a large metal washer and then magnetised the two fellows. The addition of sandbags to the base works really well, I think.

And then last up, the latest addition to the army: a Stug! Now, I know a bit about WW2 but I’m not really super knowledgeable about details. I just liked the Stug III Ausf G plastic kit from Rubicon Models, and it had options for an early version. So I built that version and then added a ton of stowage from various sources. I like the idea that the Stug is the workhorse of the army. Anyhow, regardless of historical accuracy I painted the Stug in Panzer Grey to fit in with the other vehicles (except the Tiger, which even I couldn’t pretend would’ve been painted grey). I decided that there’s been some damage to the cupola that the commander’s covered up with sandbags, and while I was at it I painted the commander up with some oil and filth on his hands and sleeves, and a little on his face. I figure that working in a tank ain’t exactly the cleanest environment…

Anyways, I’ve just started to paint my next infantry unit so I’ll have pictures of them soon!

Hope you guys like the work!