The charming asset of each sign

Aries: Their naughty eyes.

Taurus: Their well drawn body.

Gemini: Their melodious voice.

Cancer: Their perfect hips.

Leo: Their wild hair.

Virgo: Their sexy lips.

Libra: Their cute smile.

Scorpio: Their bewitching gaze.

Sagittarius: Their sublime legs.

Capricorn: Their beautiful face.

Aquarius: Their dream buttocks.

Pisces: Their delicate hands.


Fostech Origin-12

U.S made shotgun that is based on the Russian Saiga and Vepr 12. It features a folding stock, adjustable gas system, quick two-piece breakdown, and several other features not normally found on it’s competition. You can instantly swap out the 18″ barrel for 9.5″ barrel if you have the SBS paperwork. The price matches it’s silhouette, hefty. You could buy 3 Saiga’s or 3 Vepr’s for the price of one Origin-12. The one in the photos is from an early production batch because it has the Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock. Current production Origin-12′s ship with an ATI Tactlite Stock. (GRH)

12 MONTHS (Preview)

WARNINGS - This is for the whole series . There will be explicit smut and possible NSFW gifs. And loads of fluff and aftercare  .

A/N- This will a series of 10 parts excluding this preview . This series is based on the movie 9 SONGS . I liked the concept of the movie . And I felt like writing it . It will contain kinks so if you aren’t comfortable please do not read it . I am horrible at putting warning on fics , so if I need to add any please do not hesitate to tell me . 

Taw @supersoldierslover will probably help me out a lot like always , so thank you in advance . You should probably follow her if you aren’t because she is absolutely amazing . 

Each part will have a few different kinks , and a song . 

I am accepting kinks and requests  . So please send in an ask or a request if you want any particular kink that you are interested in so that I can write it for you  .

The POV’s will be changing . A few parts will be in readers POV and a few in Bucky’s . 

PAIRING - Bucky x Reader ( I am most comfortable writing for Bucky so ….)

SUMMARY- Bucky and the reader meet at a concert . The reader is from a different country and has come to America for a 12 month internship . She meets Bucky at a concert . Their relationship lasts for a year , where she lives with him . They test out their limits and sexual desires . Bucky is completely in love but he also knows that what they have will come to an end when she goes back . So this is the journey about how Bucky makes the most of his 12 months with you . 

                                PREVIEW UNDER THE CUT

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