Ignorant #Georgia #Senator arguing for #Profiling anti #immigrant #HB87

State Senator Renee Unterman (R-Buford) arguing for HB87. She spoke after Sen. Nan Orock. Footage from GPB.org

Sen. Unterman, among other things, says we “should take care of our people, not their people” and that she can tell foreigners are leaving because she doesn’t see them as much driving around.

This is a debate from the final day of the Georgia legislature on whether the Senate should amend the House’s amending of the Senate’s amending of HB87. She was the sixth speaker, after Sen. Orrock.

Talking about Sheriff Butch Conway and 287g

7:06 He’s putting people into the jail and seeing if they’re here legally, and, if they’re not here legally, he’s doing something about it.

Is he putting them in jail because they committed a crime or because they appear to him to be undocumented?


News With Nezua | What is 287G?

A classic from ‘09 I was reminded of today…when released this, it had the unsexiest and least descriptive title ever, just “287G,” with no real clue of interesting content. It turned out to be one of the ‘hits’ during News With Nezua’s tenure online. I was approached by a few people who wanted to feature it in different venues, one of them as a short that would play in the theater, prior to the screening of an independent film on undocumented Americans. I guess the popularity was because the video took an issue important to immigration but hidden mostly at that point from mainstream media, and made it accessible.