9.3.17// Status of my Paper: 2862 / 6000 Words 
Pretty good days for my writing. I finished the first Chapter, I sent it to my proofreader (she’s sweet and I really need someone to check my german ) and I´m starting the second Chapter. Feeling very confident, for the 17th March I want to be done with this. And yes, I´m smuggling some juicy red apple, although food is forbidden in the library. 

Words That Water Flowers - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Words That Water Flowers

Word count:  2862

Chapters: 3


“I don’t get it,” Gon said numbly, staring unblinkingly at the vibrant and blood-smeared flower petals scattered across their lunchroom table. They were as beautiful as they were deadly. “How can someone not love you, Killua?”

“There are different kinds of love, Gon,” Killua answered, and his tone held the faintest trace scorn. “Being in love is different then just loving someone, and that’s what causes Hanahaki.”

((Hanahaki Disease- an illness in which unrequited love causes the patient to coughs up flower petals, eventually leading to suffocation))

The hanahaki au killugon fic is finally up on ao3! The first two chapters are what’s already posted here on tumblr, the third chapter is brand new. 

I plan on updating this once a week…hopefully, haha XD The third chapter is below the cut, its titled ‘Wabi-Sabi’. Thank you everyone for all the support this au have received already!!!

The hardest part, really, was hiding the disease from his family.

If they found out, they would immediately force him to have surgery and remove the flower. That would cure him, sure, but it would also erase all his feelings for Gon. His family would be thrilled- killing two birds in one stone, what could be better?

Killua would be devastated.

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Mayor took a short trip into the dreamy town of Safe Haven  ♥

The entire town is stunning, but the trip was really short as the battery died on me x_x… I barely made it out the dream to save my progress!

I went to the before midday time (6B00-003A-2862), but will try out the others as soon as my 3ds is charged!

Safe Haven is one of @edencrossingofficial ‘s stunning towns!

Even More Underappreciated KakaIru

A followup to this other rec list!  These fics are even more underappreciated than the ones on that first list. Show them some love!

My must-reads are marked with a *


*Red by spinel | 4002 words
The perfect homecoming, dealing with post-mission issues fic.

*Nut Kin by Josey (cestus) | 4310 words
Part of a Telephone Exchange, so be sure to also check the notes at the bottom to read the remix by Kita_the_Spaz! An adorable story about Kakashi and Iruka’s summons’ view of an argument.

A Beautiful View by radkoko | 656 words
Iruka enjoying the sight of Kakashi being fitted for his Hokage robes. Short & sweet!

Kaleidoscope by Sandyclaws68 | 2909 words
A story about the Mangekyo Sharingan. Fantastic Kakashi/Iruka interaction.

Night in Mirkwood by Miasen | 4455 words
LOTR AU! Elf!Iruka! Sexy times!

Stirred, Not Shaken by Aviss | 1151 words
Drunk Kakashi is a kissing monster. :D

(Not) Perfect by Aviss | 1408 words
Features Kakashi touching himself while Iruka watches. YUM.

*Like sweet rain by megyal | 1302 words
Domestic arguing, sex in the rain. This fic is PERFECT. Fight me.

Going Overboard by Sandyclaws68 | 3141 words
Kakashi sets up an elaborate birthday surprise for Iruka. So sweet, and imaginative!

*Love in a Time of Fire by water_bby | 3356 words
Super cool future AU where Iruka is an Archaeology professor and Kakashi is a warrior from the past.

A Private Celebration by Aviss | 3113 words
A festival for Hokage Kakashi. Beautiful character interaction.

Sunlight and Sofas by Sandyclaws68 | 369 words
A pitch-perfect slice-of-life moment.

Dry Clean Only by Sandyclaws68 | 5026 words
Kakashi and Iruka ‘fight’ over celebrating Kakashi’s birthday. Not angsty at all I promise! Adorable and funny.

Say it Properly by Aviss | 2043 words
Hilarious. And sweet. :)

Deniability by theskywasblue | 607
A super hot little don’t-get-caught moment.

Adagio by panda_shi | 2862 words
SUPER BIG ANGST/DEATH WARNING. But it’s so, so heart-wrenchingly good. But holy crap, don’t read this unless you actually want to cry.

Unexpectedly Inevitable by Kiterie | 4473 words
Features the best shinobi-undressing scene I have yet read. Seriously!

Distractions by DdraigCoch | 3354 words
A dreamy mash-up of compelling moments.

*Blow Your Cover by windfallswest | 650 words
Smoking hot Cop AU featuring undercover fauxhawk!Iruka and the best punny title ever.

Winter in a Bottle by windfallswest | 12,180 words
A fusion AU but you don’t need to know the source to enjoy it. A magic/supernatural type setting featuring getting trapped in a cave together!

how I climbed your city’s walls

Rating: General Audiences
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Relationships: Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin & Yuri Plisetsky
Characters: Otabek Altin, Yuri Plisetsky, Nikolai Plisetsky, Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Mila Babicheva, Georgi Popovich, Yakov Feltsman, Phichit Chulanont
Additional Tags: Non-Linear Narrative, Long-Distance Friendship, barcelona was a long dream, and now everyone’s waking up, not exactly welcome to the madness fic but boy is it sure in there
Word Count: 2862

This is the shape an ending makes:

They are shaking hands at the boarding gates, up and down and back again, and Yuri’s wrist is beginning to seize up from the effort but somehow they can’t stop. They are between places—perhaps between lives too—but Otabek’s fingers are solid, strong where they squeeze the bones of Yuri’s hands together. If it seems like he can’t quite let go too, it must (must, must) be Yuri’s imagination.

“I’ll text you when I land,” he says, cocksure as always, though the sound in his ears is hollow.

“You have my number,” Otabek agrees. “Take care, Yuri.”

The way Otabek says his name is different from any other voice he’s ever heard, and he’s convinced there must be more to that than newness. They’ve known each other less than a week, but there have been times—times he’s nearly lost his head over the sensation of something connecting, the two of them meeting face to face, as much as a pair of almost-strangers can.

(This morning in the hotel lobby Yuri had watched Phichit Chulanont say goodbye to Yuuri Katsuki—open his arms and loop them around Yuuri’s neck and pull him in, laughing, until they were holding each other cheek to cheek, standing in each other’s warmth. How certain they had looked, so used to this. So safe in the promise of a hello again, waiting somewhere just out of sight. Yuri had bitten his lip and looked away, but he can still feel the word that had bloomed on his tongue at the sight, bittersweet because foreign—maybe this is what friends means.

For his part Yuri already knows no one he’ll ever meet will make him like this, silly and bubbly and out of control, like a little kid in a grown-up-body, completely uncaring of all the parts that don’t fit quite right.)

For half a wild second he contemplates dragging at Otabek’s hand, leaning toward him across the gap, but—

“You too,” he says, remembering just how short the days have been.

Continue on AO3.

INFJ Confession #2862

People tell me everything. People I have just met will instinctively trust me and I am trustworthy. People always look to me for advice and to unload their problems. I help anyone and everyone and fix everyone’s problems. Why doesn’t it work both ways? I feel I can’t trust anyone or open up to anyone about my true feelings :(


Today I visited mothcrossing‘s town of Tripolis, beautifully captured in the middle of a thunderstorm. I loved that one side of the river was modern with most of the buildings and paths, and the other side was natural and full of forest. There was also lots of presents scattered around which were lovely to open and play with! I took so many more pictures than this, but you can only put this many on a post which is a shame.

Dream Address: 7300-2862-8450

AC:NL Dreamcode Masterlist

A MASSIVE collection of interesting towns! Feel free to add your own or edit. All towns are welcome. They’re in no order. Remember that dream codes are different from friend codes!

anonymous asked:

do you know of any dream towns that are set for rainy days? the rain is really relaxing and I love visiting dream addresses that have it raining!

  • Tripolis (7300-2862-8450) – stormy weather
  • Kolk (6900-3500-5704) – light drizzle
  • Reverie (5600-4787-9460) – stormy weather
  • Limn (5000-3280-3470) – light drizzle

As for others, I’m not too sure but you might find some on this forest town masterlist if you’re willing to look for some yourself. And, as usual, if any of my followers have suggestions, please let me know and I’ll add them to this post.


Day 5 - Tripolis ☆ 7300-2862-8450

Tripolis belongs to mothscrossing and is probably my favourite dream visit so far. The town itself has a nice mixture of natural and tiled paths, and it’s just like walking in a real forest! The overall mood of the town - gloomy, silent, peaceful but kinda scary - is perfect.  Most of all I completely fell in love with the interior designs! They were a bit messy, but decorative and fun - very human, I’d say. I love the mayor’s eye for details! GOOD JOB!!! And also!!! Check out the QR designs bcs they are hella rad *v*

DAY 2862

Jalsa, Mumbai                Feb ½,  2016              Mon/Tue  2:20 am

Birthday - EF - Kashmira Nikhilesh Mehta

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

may your days be filled with good health and happiness always .. love from us all .. have a good one .. !!

There is not much to say today except that the concern shown by all the Ef on travel and health is most welcome and that there shall be an assurance to abide by what they have said and need to say ..

I travel again tomorrow .. to Delhi .. to be decorated by NDTv .. and shall be back the same night … late ..

The active mind and body is the one that remains active and responsive .. put that within cozy and weathered quilts from Rajasthan and your first steps towards a lethargic morning shall emerge .. it may still ..

These are not above the reasons why it becomes lethargic in nature.. it is the environment and the detailing that goes on … an isolated seculated destination, is not what we may want from each other .. but you clap once and with folded hands .. and clap again the symbol of just and analytical behaviour .. and suddenly it happens .. !!

The room has been filled yet again with artefacts and gifts and letters and papers .. all been carried from the next door neighbour, Bangladesh .. love and admiration always for them that stay at their own lodgings and belongings without complaint …

I am away from Kolkata .. but Kolkata remains with me .. in the dressing and packing of clothes and the like ..in the drive to streets with though, scrambled ..Nothing will happen but the satisfaction of giving to the most needy is quite remarkable …

I have started my routine of early days life and more ..

And so to the four poster ..

Amitabh Bachchan