285 365

she wrote with a twinkle in her eye
and a glimmer of hope
that her words would
be read by many

and her words
were supremely beautiful
they told of stories
and places you could not imagine

but just like her desire
she kept them hidden away
and the pages became worn
and yellowed

and so she lived on each day
scribbling less and less
and soon
she forgot all about the words

—  Leigh, day 285

365 days of FC Bayern München

UEFA Champions League Final FC Bayern München vs Chelsea FC:

Reactions after the loss of the last penalty shot and eventually the finale dahoam on May 19, 2012.

Bayern took the lead late in the second half through Thomas Müller, but Didier Drogba equalised for Chelsea five minutes later to take the game to extra time, in which Arjen Robben missed an awarded penalty. The teams stayed level at 1–1 and the match went to a penalty shoot-out, which Chelsea won 4–3 to clinch their first Champions League title.

It becomes harder as you grow older,
To take off the tape covering your mouth
That prevents you from saying all the things you’d like to spew it out.
Because it doesn’t just end with one,
Its one after the other
Until there’s no more.
And the problem with it all is,
Talking means remembering
Talking means feeling
And talking means pain.
—  we don’t like to talk (285 out of 365)