Charlotte, NC: Killer cop not indicted – Turn up for Keith Lamont Scott!

Wednesday, November 30 - 6:30 pm

CMPD Headquarters, 4th Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

CMPD announced today that the officer who shot and murdered Keith L. Scott on September 20, 2016, will not be facing charges. We know that this system does not value Black people and the whole system is guilty for the death of Keith L. Scott. Join us in the streets tonight as we continue to demand justice for Keith L. Scott and all Black lives stolen by this murderous system! Bring signs and a friend.

“Charlotte police officer will not face charges in shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott”


Tomorrow: Charlotte Uprising People’s University, Thursday, December 1
6pm-8pm, West Blvd Library, Charlotte, North Carolina 28208

Join us for our next People’s University where we’ll be holding trainings to prepare for upcoming actions, namely in anticipation of the KKK march on Dec 3rd, for any delegations headed to Standing Rock in this final push and to prepare our own local resistance in Charlotte against bigotry and state repression under a Trump administration.

We will also give a brief State of the Uprising address, stating where we are right now in our movement, releasing developments regarding the police suppression by CMPD against us, how we’re moving forward and how you can help!

Trainings that will be available (subject to change):
- Direct Action - De-Escalation - Klan Monitoring
- Jail & Court Solidarity - Medical - Trans 101