Day 155: “Gritty Reality”

Recently I’ve been doing some location scouting.  I’ve been using my iPhone to take pictures of places that I think could be interesting to shoot at because the camera will geotag my image.  That way, I can look at an image and immediately pull up its location on Google maps so I can find it again.

I’ve also been carrying my A-1 with me on a regular basis, so when I went to bag and tag this location, I decided to grab a couple of shots.  Came out pretty decent, considering I was using film which expired 5 years ago.  I did a little tweaking in post, however.  The original shot didn’t have the contrast I was hoping for.

Oh…I still haven’t learned my lesson about recording my settings.  And unfortunately, I won’t be using the A-1 for a while.  Developing costs money, and we’ve got a heavy couple of months ahead of us, financially speaking.

Canon A-1; Vivitar 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 Macro Focusing Zoom
No flash