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I haven’t been on here lately because life has happened. I lost my job and have been working my ass off trying to find a new one while being a full time student.
My rent is due on the first and I’m not the type to beg for help but I’m literally desperate and have no where else to turn. If anyone has any tips on what I should do about not having rent and what I should tell my landlord please help me out.

I’m $280 short. I’m ohkay with being without electric, water, gas, and food but I can’t loose the roof over my head.

Below is my PayPal link I just created, I literally would take a dollar. Anything helps me so much.

If you send me anything please let me know who you are so I can personally thank you. I really would accept any form of help right now.


anonymous asked:

I'm a bigger guy too at 280 lbs. But I'm still very much closeted and have a 56" chest. :( I hope to lose weight and start T someday soon though. How hard was it getting the gastric bypass? Was it expensive?

Hey anon! As far as the price goes, my insurance covered it. Most insurances will cover it as long as you meet certain criteria. Your BMI will definitely make you a candidate, so then after that as long as you follow their laid out steps you should be fine. My insurance required two qualifying criteria as far as starting the program. A BMI of a certain weight and some type of medical necessity. I had pcos and asthma so that was my medical necessity.

Once you’re in the program, wherever you have it, there will be criteria you have to meet. Everywhere is different, but I had to lose 10 lbs on my own, do 6 consecutive months of seeing a nutritionist, see a psychologist, and take 3 educational classes (offered by the program).

It’s fairly easy as far as what you need to do, the biggest challenge is just the time it takes getting it all done.

Having gastric bypass before transitioning was such a good decision for me. First of all, it helped me start connecting with my body before I even started hormones or anything. Second, I learned how to really take care of myself and when you love and take care of yourself, it makes you feel good in general. And also it’s easier to bind and pass.

If you want I can go into how difficult the actual surgery itself was and recovery, but this post is long so if you want that info too, just let me know. 🙂

Here’s a problem involving heat transfer by conduction. We’ve got a room in a house somewhere. Inside it’s 22 degrees C, but outside it’s -6 degrees. The exterior wall of the room is 0.12 m thick and has a thermal conductivity of 1.2 W/mK. We’ll assume that this is a steady-state situation - all the parameters are steady. How much heat are we loosing through the wall?

The equation we want here is Fourier’s Law:

If we plug in the numbers, we get a heat flux of 280 W/m^2. (Note that, because a degree Celsius is the same change in temperature as a degree Kelvin, we didn’t have to convert temperature here.)

This gives us the heat lost per unit area of wall. A more useful measurement for us is probably the heat rate in this instance, which is just rate at which we’re losing energy. We’ll say the wall has a cross-sectional area of 5 square meters. In this case, we’re losing about 1400 W.