Writing Challenge #280

Write a short story by including these three characters and their roles, below.

Protagonist: A skeptic workaholic who gets abducted by aliens.

Antagonist: An alien overlord who is afraid of bees.

Ally and/or Lover: A nature-focused beekeeper who has Alienophobia (fear of aliens, UFOs, and/or getting abducted). 

so after 4547545 years your resident salt summoner finally made a proper follow forever!! also i recently hit 4.7k followers which is just?? what i’ve gained in a little over a year (after i fell into the grisha hellhole and remade my entire blog) and it’s still so shocking to me that people actually want to know me and like my edits and fics and it’s just?? completely mind-blowing and overwhelming but i am so eternally grateful for every single one of you and believe me when i say this: i wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that love and support so THANK YOU <3
also there are so many mutuals and blogs i want to leave a special thanks to but i really don’t think words can describe the warm feeling in my chest so instead i’m gonna leave a cute lil star next to the ones who i either know personally or am extremely, absurdly, eternally in debt to (inej style) for making me laugh and happy and urging me to, well, be and do me.

p.s. i’ll list them down below but a huuuuge shoutout to the @alarklingnetwork fam for being so amazing and wonderful. y’all are made of stars :’)

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