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MariChat May Day 28: Hospital Visits

He already visited her as Adrien in the day but he just couldn’t sleep, too worried for his princess, and ended up visiting her again during the night.

Agh. I’m late again. There’s actually an upcoming comic of this one since inspiration hit me so I hope you’ll look forward to it. I might do it while doing Day 29.

*drawing as many fan arts as possible since June is coming*


More grown up OC’s which is Katie (by ladykalliste), Jamie (by luleo) and Sid (by me). 
“Jävla krull” is a running joke we have with Jamie because he stops caring about his very curly hair for a while and wants to be cool but it’s in the way and it translates to “fucking curls” or “curly piece of shit”.

Last picture is Katie (28) and Sid (20). Already when Sid is 15 he has grown past the others tho, but he’s done growing at 20 uwu/



Burke is the surname of a pure-blood wizarding family, and one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. They may be the co-owners of the Knockturn Alley shop Borgin and Burkes, which specializes in Dark artefacts. Notable family members of this family are Caractacus Burke — one of the original founders of Borgin and Burkes and Elizabeth Burke — a witch with a portrait in the Slytherin Dungeon of Hogwarts Castle who encourages Slytherin students to be “mean to Mudbloods”. (x)

as a queer person who’s already 28, let me just tell you how huge the difference feels to me with series’ like steven universe, the foxhole court, sense8, cucumber or eyewitness that have canoncally queer characters that dont die, arent stereotypes, arent white, go through coming to terms with their identity in realistic ways and not interpreted through the hetersexual lense, who have mental health issues and face other problems besides being queer in a heterosexist world and WHO ACTUALLY KISS and/or FUCK in canon.

like 12-15 years ago when i was figuring stuff out, there was NOTHING like that. what i had was bad lesbian porn on the internet (when internet wasnt also that available), yaoi or yuri trash that was often bad porn, queerbating bullshit, or some random sidecharaters that died or villains who were gay. and probably also died. 

I can feel there’s a rift going on. And i dont think it’s gonna stop. I’m excited for whats coming the next 5 years. 

AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT cuz even now i just want representation so shows dont bore the fuck out of me, but imagine how different things must be for teens watching these shows. I hope you feel all loved and supported cuz you are!!!