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people saying that yuri reacted the way he did to viktor crying because he thought those were happy tears is the biggest fucking reach i’ve ever seen in this fandom (and ive seen a lot). there’s NOTHING in that scene that would suggest this. yuri knew those were angry/sad tears before he lifted up viktor’s hair. 

viktor says this in a CLEARLY upset tone

yuri’s not 12, he knew what was going on because these were literally the first words viktor says after the whole ‘lets end this’ speech. he knew what he was doing. stop babying this motherfucker. He disregarded viktor’s and his own feelings because he didn’t want to kill viktor as a competitive skater (yuri says this in the episode) by having him coach him another year. vik is already 28. yuri was trying to appear selfish while being selfless. He was putting his foot down and that’s why he came across cold because he knew viktor wasn't going to leave him otherwise.

ur favs can be assholes sometimes, its okay, its not the end of the world lmao 

just like when viktor tried to light a fire under yuri’s ass in ep.7 by trying to emotionally manipulate him into getting motivated to win. characters are meant to grow and learn from their wrongs. yall trying to soften this is so annoying, especially when the scene and the entire series has been crystal clear about what’s going on in yuri’s head on and off the ice and reaching to these conclusions are baffling to me.

as a queer person who’s already 28, let me just tell you how huge the difference feels to me with series’ like steven universe, the foxhole court, sense8, cucumber or eyewitness that have canoncally queer characters that dont die, arent stereotypes, arent white, go through coming to terms with their identity in realistic ways and not interpreted through the hetersexual lense, who have mental health issues and face other problems besides being queer in a heterosexist world and WHO ACTUALLY KISS and/or FUCK in canon.

like 12-15 years ago when i was figuring stuff out, there was NOTHING like that. what i had was bad lesbian porn on the internet (when internet wasnt also that available), yaoi or yuri trash that was often bad porn, queerbating bullshit, or some random sidecharaters that died or villains who were gay. and probably also died. 

I can feel there’s a rift going on. And i dont think it’s gonna stop. I’m excited for whats coming the next 5 years. 

AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT cuz even now i just want representation so shows dont bore the fuck out of me, but imagine how different things must be for teens watching these shows. I hope you feel all loved and supported cuz you are!!!

baker family hcs if eveline didnt take them over pt 1

because they are pure and i want them to be happy

Jack Baker
- he would probably be the guy who makes dad jokes
- “ya know why the sun doesn’t have to go to college??”
“dad no”
“cause it already has 28 million degrees!”
“dad oml”
- he scares Lucas’s friends a lot for shits in giggles
- probably gets his axe and say “here’s jacky!!”
- while his friends are screaming and Jack is laughing so fuckin hard and Lucas is just like “dad please only I’m allowed to do this stop”
- he loves marguriete’s cooking! he likes her pancakes
- honestly he loves his wife so much asdfghjkl
- he hates his house
- it’s so fucking big he just wants to go to the bathroom
- ??? y u hate mansion Jack?
- if he ever got a daughter he would spoil her so hardd
- “jack ur spoiling her too much”
“marguriete she is precious”
“oml Jack”
- probably picks up his wife a lot
- then picks up lucas
- and just marches around the kitchen
- Lucas being like “dad let me go!!” and marguriete “jack!!” while laughing
- TL;DR: he’s basically a fucking dad
- when he firsts meet Ethan and Mia, he’s like
- “oml Zoe has friends??” ( let’s pretend in this au, Zoe made friends with Ethan and Mia )
- he shows them his fake props to scare his son and his friends
- ( he would never scare marguriete too hard, hell just sneak up behind her )
- “y u torture ur son and his friends??” “it’s very funny to see them scared, it’ll never cease to please me”
- he lets Ethan and Mia join one of his scare pranks and once they’re done they’re just laughing while Lucas wants to d i e
- oml Jack likes cooking??
- yes he likes cooking and its fucking great
- it’s a lil burnt but that’s fine
- u can say anything to him but say anything about his family or Ethan and Mia and ull be seeing a lot of aggressive verbal yelling
- but in all seriousness Jack is a man who should never actually hurt anyone even if he was force to because he’s just a sweet old man he doesn’t want to hurt anyone violence gets u no where in life
- he forgets rooms exists sometimes
- “oh damn there’s a basement??? and a safe house?? marguriete did u know this??”
“yes dear, u just forgot about them.”
“it’s not a cave sweetheart it’s a runaway tunnel just in case
if dangerous people came”

oh man there’s so much more but tbh that’ll be too much so see ya!!

Next: Marguriete Baker!

General vs General Print
General Leia vs. General Hux All profits from this print will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Save the World, save the Galaxy. Price is for one 8.5x11in print.

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Even if you can’t buy a print, I would appreciate a signal boost so I can raise more money. It’s for a good cause. I will not make money off this print. The rest of my Etsy shop is for personal business. (The store is very much under construction while I figure out the Etsy app on my phone.)


“I think the direction in which I walk will become a path, you have to build your own road. Nobody could make that for me and even if they do, the choice is up to me.” -Xiumim, EX’ACT Monster Interview

Happy birthday to our baby-faced hyung! Thank you for taking care of the members and watching them quietly. I don’t wanna get sulky about the fact that you’re enlisting soon.You’ve proven to us how you can develop as a person and come out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry about not having a permanent ‘position’ in EXO because we can already see how well rounded you are as an artist and performer! Elsas will always be here for you, even if all the snow has gone and melted. We love you 김민석!

ScriptX Family Weekly Update


Dang, has it already been three weeks? And what do you know, it’s the last Weekly Update of the year. Ah well, onto the good stuff.


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Originally posted by spacetalin

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The Official ScriptX Family Food

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The Desires of a Man’s Heart

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A Lost World of Devices

Technology and Magic: most of the time, these are thought of as separate. Even when they exist in the same world, magic is often lost to technology. What if instead technology was lost to magic? What kind of tech would be easy to lose? @script-a-world is here for that answer.

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“whatever you believe, this man, this thing is not an angel!” yeah I changed the word on purpose to suit it!

I’m going to sleep… 5:28 am already.. But! I wanted to post this first, why the hell I didn’t post it with my sign on twitter? I’m falling asleep, my brain’s not working how it’s supposed to! So.. , this was inspired by @ceejles Phantom of the opera AU.. Why can’t I tag? I have no clue… Anyway! Since she drew an amazing Adrien/Phantom and Marinette/Christine, I had the thought at midnight of… What if.. Nathaniel=Raoul? So… That’s what happened! I’m not good I know but I tried! So, here’s my version of Nathaniel = Raoul!!

P. S…. I might change the cross once I wake up..

'The Simpsons' Breaks Episodic TV Record With Two-Season Renewal at Fox
The renewal means the animated comedy will break the record for most episodes of a scripted series ever.

Fox Animation’s everlasting The Simpsons sets its sights on 669 episodes by the end of its 30th season — a potentially huge record for the show. The current record-holder for most episodes of a scripted television series is Gunsmoke, who ended its 20-year run in 1975 with 635 episodes. 

“Take that Gunsmoke!“ lead character Homer Simpson said in a statement. "You lost a race you didn’t even know you were running!” (via The Hollywood Reporter)

With 28 seasons already, The Simpsons already holds the record for longest-running scripted TV show. 

- Courtney (harmonicacave)