The Labyrinth Chapter 2

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Word count: 2742

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Plot: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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So today I was cooking when I suddenly realized, out of nowhere, that the coolest guy in my former group of friends in uni was actually the creepiest creep who ever creeped. I mean - you know what he did to meet women? Well - our building had a very old elevator, and apparently the thing would stop for a few minutes if you moved around too much, so - whenever he was alone with an attractive girl (and usually they’d be much younger than he was, because he was already a 28-year old researcher when I met him and he’d usually use this trick on first year students who still didn’t know how normal it was for the elevator to stop and take some time to breathe), he’d hop, only just, and the elevator would stop, and of course most people are unnerved by that, which is why he got to play the Nice Guy and more often than not, he’d get a phone number out of that, because, you know, the ‘I had a very scary experience today and thank God this sweet hunk was there to help me’ effect and all that, and I remember how everyone just - accepted that - smiled and laughed and high-fived him whenever he told us about it - and man, I was nineteen and I considered myself woke af and I’d read about every -ism in existence and yet it wasn’t enough, was it, because that’s the toxic combination - attractive person does thing + group acceptance + you’re young and inexperienced = you just go with anything and everything seems cool and fun and not that big of a deal, and it’s only today (and why today?) that I remembered about that and got so angry, because how fucked up is it, really, to deliberately trap someone in an elevator with you, and a girl ten years younger than you at that, and someone who’ll look up to you anyway because you’re a teaching assistant and she’s a nobody - and how fucked up it is that this guy would do that and still consider himself nice and left-wing and a feminist and how fucked up it is that nobody ever called him out on that? 

Man, I’m so glad I walked away from all that crowd. It was so worth it.

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Thoughts on percy and Annabeth and their children (if they have any)?

They got married when they were 23/24 years old (Annabeth was 24, Percy was still 23). Their married life was not much different that their life before their wedding; The biggest difference was on the rings they now wore on their fingers and Annabeth’s new last name; except when it was work related because she would always be Annabeth Chase for her work.

It took them a few years until they decided to start a family. Annabeth was 27 years old when she found out she was pregnant with their first child but was already 28 when Alexandra Jackson was born. Blonde hair, big green eyes, and freckles. She grew up to have her father’s personality and her mother’s intelligence.

Two years later Theo Jackson was born (was supposed to be called Theophilus but Percy refused to name him like that ‘My full name is Perseus, I refuse to let this kid end up with a weird name like I did’ and they ended up compromising in Theo). He had dark curly hair and gray eyes. He was a few months older than Skyler Grace, the daughter of Jason and Piper. 

Five years later after Theo was born, Annabeth realized she was pregnant again and when she was 35 years old Charlotte Jackson was born. Charlotte was a surprise for her parents, who didn’t really expect to have another kid but that didn’t mean they loved her any less. If you take out her dark hair and green eyes, she was almost a copy of Annabeth, but unlike her very loud and hyperactive siblings, little Lottie was shyer and reserved.

Alexandra and Charlotte were the ones who fought the most growing up, the 7 years gap was a huge factor while Theo was the favorite sibling of the sisters. 

The three kids loved their parents so much and they loved the lazy days where the 5 of them were together. At the beginning Percy and Annabeth were afraid of having kids because they didn’t have a paternal figure and maternal figure, respectively, growing up and wery scared they would be bad parents. But Alexandra, Theo and Charlotte were the light of their lives. They loved their kids so much. And after all, they did get their happily ever after.

30 Rules For Discourse On Feminism

1)There’s no critique of feminism you can come up with that has not already been made by a different feminist.
2)Citing this critique will always get interpreted as bad faith.
3)Your assumption that this will happen will be further confirmation that you weren’t hoping for an honest discussion anyway.
4)In 95 percent of normal discussions you have about gender you won’t notice whether or not you’re even arguing with feminists.
5)The feminists you do have normal discussions with get attacked as enablers of some kind.
6)You’re only gonna pay attention to the wacko feminists cos the regular content gets boring and obvious very fast.
7)The longer you read, the less any of it seems practically applicable in life.
8)The most reasonable feminists are the ones you already agree with.
9)You will never remember where to find what they wrote on a particular topic.
10)If you do find it, it will get either interpreted as basic 101 stuff or too academically arcane to allow for a fruitful discussion.
11)Your long posts will always lead to glib one-line replies.
12)Your gotcha criticism will always lead to essays that will take you too long to deconstruct so you just halfheartedly agree, or agree to disagree.
13)The more emotional and vulnerable you are, the harder they will tear into you. 
14)The more harsh and condemning you are, the more gentle souls you’ll encounter who feel genuinely guilty about whatever you’re condemning, making you feel guilty in turn.
15)All papers will be behind paywalls. The moment they aren’t, they’re tl;dr, or didn’t replicate.
16)Nobody knows the original context of the male gaze, gaslighting or emotional labour.
17)Semantic drift makes all of this irrelevant. This won’t stop you from wasting a truckload of time on this.
18)Is sexism always structural? Should you use prejudice for individual or smaller-scale contexts? Who cares, this is all a power play anyway!
19)Same with sex and gender.
20)Everybody in the discussion needs to get laid more, but accuses the other of being unfuckable and/or upholding patriarchical standards by pointing this out.
21)The nature/nurture divide was nature’s greatest mistake.
22)You will encounter some kind of godforsaken hybrid of bad political ideologies. None of them will be able to top the TERFascists.
23)There is always a copypasta to debunk another copypasta hidden in the notes, don’t waste your time writing a new one.
24)Everybody pretends to hate these arguments while secretly loving them. The previous sentence enables rape culture.
25)Nobody can parse sarcasm, everyone will misinterpret it on purpose, but you were using irony as a cover for true beliefs anyway, so it all evens out. 
26)Nobody wastes as much headspace on feminism as those who hate it.
27)An exception to the former is the overtly anxious, and feminists waste too much headspace on them in turn.
28)A feminist already made this list. It was miles funnier. I refuse to credit her so I can make notes of her labour.
29)There are no good and bad masculinities/femininities. There are only toxic versions, but some of them are on different sides. 
30)There are more rules than this, but after 30 their value on the dating market plummets exponentially.

Chris Evans Fic: In Sickness and in Health

‘Chris, you really don’t want to come round. I’m a mess! The place is disgusting, I’m disgusting. Please just stay away and let me get over this flu,’ you begged down the phone. The very last thing you wanted was for Chris, the Greek god you had somehow managed to score a few dates with, to see your sweaty, puffy eyed, red nosed, spluttering self. It was far too early on in whatever this thing was that you had going for him to be anywhere you at the moment.

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Character/outfit designs for the Akatsuki AU

I will be updating this post with data about the characters that will be exclusive of this AU.


This is set on the modern day in Japan on the city of Konoha (which is kind of a huge city), things such as the sharingan and rinnengan still exist, but don’t have much power, Itachi is able to locate sources of energy with his sharingan and sometimes is able to set stuff on fire (like the Amaterasu but it’s normal fire), and Pein is able to use the shinra tensei and the other one where he pushes stuff towards himself (I forgot how it was called). These powers are kinda normal and at most receive surprised looks from people on the street.

Hidan’s immortality is not considered impossible, but almost. So it’s important not to draw attention to it (which he fails miserably)

The building:

It’s a small building owned by Nagato, the rent is pretty cheap so poor college students find it easily affordable, but it’s not very popular since it’s known for having all sorts of weirdos living there (AKA: the akatsuki)

It has two apartments per floor and a penthouse in the top (where Nagato lives), these two apartments are connected by a door, it doesn’t actually have a lock so that leads to neighbors stealing each other’s food and trespassing very often, so it’s almost as if they’re actually sharing an apartment.

Apartment distribution:







The apartment now occupied by Tobi used to be owned by Orochimaru and Kabuto (who didn’t actually live there but he stayed in so often that he might as well have), but they where kicked out after Orochimaru didn’t stop his creepy behavior around Sasuke every time he came to visit and forced himself on Itachi.


-26 years old

-Law student

-He takes everything extremely seriously

-He considers everyone in the complex to be idiots or not trustworthy except for Konan

-Sort of a landlord, he has the power to ban people from the building an order them around a bit, but the real owner of the building is Nagato, though since he never comes out of the room he is kinda like the official boss.

-Pein is a nickname but no one knows (or actually cares) what his real name is except for Konan.

-It is rumoured that he and Konan might actually be in a relationship but no one knows for sure.


-26 years old

-She is an Art student but constantly reads and investigates about politics and stuff like that

-Just like Pein, she’s very opinionated about social issues

-Second oldest member of the complex (as in the second one that came to live there).

-Considered by many as ‘the real boss’ because everyone takes her way more seriously than Pein.

-Apart from Pein, she is the only one who has seen Nagato recently, she is actually good friends with him and does his shopping.


-probably 24 or something like that

-Studying botanics

-Sells pot for a living and cultivates it in his room.

-He has a skin condition in which he looses pigments, for some reason it never extended further than his left half.

-He can often be found in the roof basking under the sun (or making photosynthesis) and smoking pot

-rumor has it that he has eaten human meat

-Goes on the deep web very often and has a lot of customers in there, constantly having to protect himself of hackers has made him very good with computers


-25 years old

-He isn’t actually studying anything

-He refuses to take off his mask, everyone kinda leaves him be at this point

-One of the most annoying and hyperactive members of the complex, but surprisingly, the one who has broken less stuff

-He has a strange obsession with annoying Deidara, which often results in stuff being thrown at him and being lit on fire at least once.

-Very mysterious, always maintains anything he does a secret

-His doors and windows are always locked and blocked so no one has really seen what his room looks like for more than a couple of seconds.


-28 years old

-He isn’t studying anything, but he is a professional surfer.

-He also has a mildly popular gaming channel and is a fan of videogames.

-He comes from a tribe on a tropical island who held a special respect for sharks and had multiple rituals to “gain their strength”, this is why he has multiple tattoos resembling gills and his teeth are carved to be pointy.

-May or may not have a slight crush on Itachi

-The thing he hates the most in life is liars

-He is very loyal once he decides that he agrees with something or establishes a bond with someone

-Even though he had a nice and fun childhood, his teenage years where hell, his tribe had lots of traditions that where not morally correct and he didn’t really agree with, all the rites that you had to go through after being initiated as a “man of the tribe” where to remain in absolute secrecy, breaking this rule could be punished by exile or death. Kisame didn’t actually know about any of this (just as the rest of his friends) until he was 15, so he felt scared and lied to. Kisame and a few other children where chosen as protectors of the tribe because they where good fighters, and they had to go through an extreme sort of training that ended with them fighting each other to see who was the best; he started to  think about leaving the place after when he won against one of his partners and the instructor told him that he should just kill him to end his shame on being won against, and since he was going to be thrown out of the training, might as well make sure he wouldn’t divulge information; Kisame didn’t do it and he was severely punished. He finally escaped when he was eighteen when his best friend was killed before his eyes for suspicion of having divulged part of the rituals to his girlfriend (who was killed too).


-22 years old


-no matter how bad his mood is he will always smile and say yes when offered dango.

-Law student, he wants to make the world a better place

-A little bit of a hipster, he loves going to Starbucks and traditional Japanese coffee houses.

-He comes from a shadowy background, the Uchihas used to be known as a sort of huge Yakuza family, but on the brink of a massive attack that would give them the control over the city, when they where all together finishng the plans, a fire of mysterious origins started and everyone died since the doors where locked. Itachi was a major suspect of causing the fire but they couldn’t prosecute him for lack of evidence. Only he and his brother survived.

- He used to have a best friend named Shisui, but he commited suicide after failing to convince the heads of the Uchiha not to go through with the attack and being accused of treason to the clan.

-Has his fair share of money inherited from his family, but he uses most of it on his studies and prefers not to use it unless he has to (or unless he’s going to a café).


-19 years old

-Art student with an obsession for explosions

-He has the biggest debt out of all of the members of the complex because of the amount of stuff he’s blown up

-He has absolutely no sense of fashion, his wardrobe consists of strong colors and weird stuff he found cool, he just puts on what first grabs his attention with no regard whatsoever of color combination. His clothes range from ancient t-shirts with holes found at thrift stores to expensive crop tops found at the women’s section of forever 21. Whenever anyone makes a remark about his choice of clothing he just replies with “it’s okay, I’m an artist, hm”.

-he ran away from home when he was 16 and has been in prison two times because of supposed terrorism after some of his “art” exploded, but has been arrested lots of times apart from that. He arrived at the complex when he was 17 and has been living there ever since. How he got the money to survive on his own is still a mystery.

-He has a burn mark in his right arm and a hearing aid on his left ear (which he usually covers with his hair). Both of them where acquired after an experiment that exploded a little bit too close and destroyed one of the walls in his apartment.


- Even though he is already 28 he still looks like a 15 year old dermatologists hate him

- He is an art student obsessed with puppets, he makes a living by making customized prosthesis (he made the ones in his arm and leg himself).

-When he was eight, he was in a car crash with his parents, it was late at night in a small road that had almost no traffic and it was raining heavily, which was very uncommon since he lived in an almost desertic place. The car swerved off the road when a huge truck hit it, the truck came out unscathed and didn’t stop to check their car. His parents died instantly since the front of the car had been almost completely destroyed. Sasori was sleeping at the moment of the crash and due to him being in a weird position, his left arm and right leg where crushed. He spent almost an hour screaming for help, it is unknown how he managed to do it, but he cut his arm and leg off and crawled to the road where after waiting another twenty minutes for someone to go by, he managed to get them to stop and call the police. The guy who hit them was never found.

-The experience scarred him mentally and for almost a year he believed that his parents where still alive and that they where only on a long trip.

-He went to live with his grandmother after that, and because she worked as a nurse with amputees, she was the one who took care of his therapy.

-He became obsessed with puppets since his grandmother had them as a hobby and made puppets of his parents, his grandma didn’t know how to deal with his obsessions and his belief that his parents weren’t dead and unknowingly made them worse. Finally, it was his school who sent him to a psychologist.

-Since then he has an intense hatred for waiting.


-He is 30 years old

-He is the one in charge of the money, he used to know Nagato before so he trusts him with collecting everyone’s debts and managing the expenses.

-Formerly studying economics, but then he decided to study medicine since “he would make more money that way”. He turned out to be extremely good at it, but since he cared more about the money than the patients, he started forging consents for organ donation and selling them off to other families or to the black market. He was caught and fired, then he got out of jail by paying bail and currently conducts illegal operations in an unknown location, he is extremely talented at them and the price is relatively cheap in comparison to regular hospitals. Rarely anyone dies so people trust him, but if someone does die, he sells the organs to the black market.

-He has a notebook with everyone’s debts at the complex and reminds them weekly about them

-He actually lost count of how many times he has stitched Hidan together

-Has imposed the task of figuring out how Hidan’s body works on himself and also wants to figure out what happened on all those years he doesn’t remember.


-He is pretty sure that he is 22 or something like that, but he’s not sure

-One of the most mysterious members of the complex due to no one, not even himself knowing anything about his past before being found wandering in an empty road covered in blood.

-He says he is part of the Jashinist cult, but no one has ever heard about it before and they haven’t seen or heard of another member.

-If he isn’t doing anything and no one talks to him for a while he spaces out, sometimes for hours

-He is immortal, no one knows for sure why but they’re not convinced by his explanation on Jashin-sama giving him immortality.

-for some reason no hair grows on his body besides the one in his head, eyelashes and eyebrows, again, no one knows why.

-Kakuzu has conducted several experiments on him in exchange for food, he hasn’t been able to explain much which according to Hidan means that Jashin is real.

-When he was found, he spent a year in prison, but since they didn’t know what to do with him they put him in the complex since it was pretty close and one of the policemen was friends with Nagato (who owed said policeman a huge favor), he offered a room for Hidan as long as he somehow paid the rent.

-When Hidan arrived he didn’t know much, as if he hadn’t ever been to school past first grade; he barely knew how to read and had a very poor vocabulary (that on a great part consisted on insults and curses learned on prison).

-He is also pretty strong and very flexible, that way he manages to escape easily if the police are coming after him.

-sometimes he goes out at night and doesn’t return for a day or two, Kakuzu followed him once and discovered that he found random people on the streets, beat them unconcious, took some of their blood and painted a sign on the floor, later he stabbed himself and lay on the sign, after some hours he just left. When questioned about it, he said it was a ritual for Jashin-sama.


-26 years old

-He is on a wheelchair and doesn’t really go out because he needs medicine constantly.

-He became bound to the wheelchair after he went to a protest with Pein and Konan, the protest got out of hand and by accident he got run over by one of those gigantic trucks that shoot water. The injuries left him with breathing problems and made his legs useless.

-Konan often checks on him and gets his groceries, she also helps him cut his hair.

US Congress Passes Constitutional Amendment on Prohibition

The text of the amendment, as signed by Speaker Champ Clark and Vice President Thomas Marshall.

December 18 1917, Washington–The temperance movement had already been active and powerful in the United States before the war, and American entry only strengthened their case.  The wasting of grain for alcohol production and the deleterious effects of alcohol on industrial productivity during wartime made powerful arguments, as they had in Russia and other belligerent powers (though none had gone so far as to completely ban alcohol).  Furthermore, 28 states had already enacted prohibition within their borders, so a nationwide ban was not such a drastic step.

On December 18, the Senate approved the text of what would become the 18th Amendment, following a House vote the previous day.  Both chambers approved the amendment with the requisite two-thirds majority; members of both parties approved the measure by similar margins.

To go into effect, the amendment would have to be ratified by three-quarters of the states–at the time, this was 36 states, eight more than had already passed prohibition.  Due to the often-infrequent meetings of state legislatures, however, this would take some time.  By the end of the war, only fourteen states had ratified the amendment.  The amendment was the first to put a time limit on ratification (at seven years), though prohibition advocate William Jennings Bryan correctly predicted it would take no more than three.  Opponents, however, warned of the consequences, with representative Julius Kahn telling the press: “You cannot curb intemperance by law, but you make sneaks, liars, and hypocrites of men when you attempt to put in force laws of this kind.”

Today in 1916: Wilson Attempts to Elicit Peace Feelers
Today in 1915: Woodrow Wilson Remarries
Today in 1914: Scandinavian Kings Meet at Malmö

MariChat May Day 28: Hospital Visits

He already visited her as Adrien in the day but he just couldn’t sleep, too worried for his princess, and ended up visiting her again during the night.

Agh. I’m late again. There’s actually an upcoming comic of this one since inspiration hit me so I hope you’ll look forward to it. I might do it while doing Day 29.

*drawing as many fan arts as possible since June is coming*

My book on Theon Greyjoy is now available on amazon.
It includes a psychological analysis of Theon and his relationships with the important people in his life: Robb, Asha, Ned, Ramsay… the main thread throughout his arc (and therefor obviously throughout this analysis) is his identity and the importance of his name. I analysed according to the stages in his life: the pariah (about his childhood with his own family), the hostage (about his childhood and adulthood as the stark’s hostage), the turncloak (about his “betrayal” of his captors), Reek (about his time as Ramsay Bolton’s captive) and Theon (about how he solves his identity crisis)
There is also a short literary and philosophical analysis included and a chapter by chapter analysis to support my claims.

amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016S9MHIY?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016S9MHIY?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

If there’s any trouble in getting it, or you don’t have a kindle (like me) let me know and we can figure it out together :) If enough people are interested in a print version I could probably figure out a way to do that. If it’s just a few people who want one I can get it printed at a printing shop and send it over. But that would probably be really expensive because when I printed and sent it over it was already about 28 euros. Still, if you want it, I’m open for it.

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Tenipuri ask meme: 1, 9, 24, 28


1. Favourite character(s)?

My favorite character would be Momoshiro Takeshi. He’s probably the realest character in this series lol. In the PoT world, He’s the boundary between the impossible and possible..(but leaning towards possible). I am always drawn in by his natural charm and easy and understandable personality. TBH he’s someone who gets along well with anyone. I look up to him a lot. Momo likes math, food, taking care of people younger than him, appreciates girls, good at strategies and reading people…what more could you ask for? I don’t find him boring at all. I want to see more of my peach son.

I just want him to become a super idol weatherman in the future y’know.

Questions 9, 24, 28 have already been answered here


even so i will not back down. lol

9. Most amusing tenipuri scene(s)/moment(s)/running joke(s)?

In the manga I like the time when tezuka and oishi psyched kaidoh, momoshiro and echizen into developing their techniques without outside help. This captain and vice-captain combi were sneaky as fuck.  Also this is one of the chapters that shows that tezuka always do things with ulterior motives. pls dont trust him all the time

24. …go on a date (or just list your ships, whatever suits you)

Lately I want to see gakuto and kamio skateboarding. Gakuto’s really into the hobby and I hope he drags kamio with him into it somehow.

28.  A headcanon you love?

Tezuka has probably opened Pinnacle of Hard Work when he was in the 6th grade. I made a meta of that before but it was so bad so I have to remake it.


Tenipuri Ask Meme  

Fandom Ask Meme

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What are some of your all time favourite clexa fics? also ps your blog is everything

Thank you for liking my blog! <3 Since I don’t have an Ao3 account it’s hard to keep track of the things I’ve read. But here are a few of my favorites that have stuck with me  (you’ve probably read or heard of most of these):

my worst enemy, my sweetest addiction by IllyriatheSmurf7 
Complete Post s2: This a post season 2 Clexa reunion full of angst and will have your heart pumping so fast and breaking just a quick. I cried REALLY hard reading this. I remember details from this fic SO vividly.  Seriously a must read imho. 

i built a home for you, for me (held on as tightly as you held onto me) by coat 
Complete AU:  Clarke is homeless and Lexa takes her in, along with Clarke’s dog. They become friends and things develop. Clarke goes AWOL a few times and Lexa gets really sad and I suck at synopsis, just know that it is good.  

Bare My Soul by Tanagariel 
Complete AU: Lexa is a stripper trying to pay the bills, but she doesn’t let people demean her…she is not her profession. This fic hurt my soul, like my heart felt like it was dying at a point. It was breaking for both Clarke and Lexa individually.  

Strangers on the Phone + Strangers Don’t Write (Love) Letters by rochke11 
Complete AU: Lexa is basically a Taylor Swift level singer who receives a phone call from Clarke and then they start chit chatting and they become close. YOU MUST read the sequel to it though…or else you will feel like punching a wall. 

Help, I Need Somebody (Not Just Anybody) by thesummerofrain 
On Going AU: Lexa is such a self-hating tragic little bean and Clarke is an angel. I have reread this fic SO MANY times and I am blown away every reread I do. Plus, the Ranya vibes are strong and the library group dynamic it is HILARIOUS! 

Love Me Like You Mean It by Faithangel_3 
On Going AU: Clarke and Lexa broke up. Lexa has moved back to her hometown where Clarke is a doctor. Honestly, this fic is amazing and is SUCH a slow burn. I’m kind of thankful that I didn’t start reading this until there were already 28 chapters written. IT IS SOOOOO good though! One of the best clexa break-up and finding love again Au’s. 

i just want you to do me no good (and you look like you could) by theprettiestbroom 
On Going: This fic seriously had me OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO-ing!!!! (if any of you read this you know what part I’m talking about). So basically Clarke and Lexa are neighbors that meet in an elevator when it breaks and things develop from there. 

Artists Love Better by cissarego
Complete AU: Clarke is a painter and Lexa is a photographer. They kind of hate each other due to an unfortunate run-in (pun intended) in the beginning, but then they become friends and things develop from there. 

blood rush in the hazy glow by firetestsgold
On Going AU: Bar Au where Clarke come into a bar that Lexa’s crew hangs out in. Clarke is introduced to Lexa’s world and Lexa is protective of Clarke but still keeping her distance. And i suck at synopsis…but it’s good okay? 

Summer Is Over (But I Found You) by snowtamale 
Complete AU: High school reunion after Clarke had a summer fling with Lexa who was kind of a social outcast. “Just physical” turns into something more. 

this heart, fossilized and silent (once was tender and once was violent) by Chrmdpoet
Complete Post s2: I mean you all know this one. It is the ‘Clexa Season 3 Bible’ basically. 

as a queer person who’s already 28, let me just tell you how huge the difference feels to me with series’ like steven universe, the foxhole court, sense8, cucumber or eyewitness that have canoncally queer characters that dont die, arent stereotypes, arent white, go through coming to terms with their identity in realistic ways and not interpreted through the hetersexual lense, who have mental health issues and face other problems besides being queer in a heterosexist world and WHO ACTUALLY KISS and/or FUCK in canon.

like 12-15 years ago when i was figuring stuff out, there was NOTHING like that. what i had was bad lesbian porn on the internet (when internet wasnt also that available), yaoi or yuri trash that was often bad porn, queerbating bullshit, or some random sidecharaters that died or villains who were gay. and probably also died. 

I can feel there’s a rift going on. And i dont think it’s gonna stop. I’m excited for whats coming the next 5 years. 

AND I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT cuz even now i just want representation so shows dont bore the fuck out of me, but imagine how different things must be for teens watching these shows. I hope you feel all loved and supported cuz you are!!!