28 inch waist


Today, October 3rd, is Minto Aizawa’s birthday! So here are 2 more pictures drawn by Satoshi Ishino, including a lingerie version of her cafe uniform XD.


Minto’s measurements are:
Height: 145 cm (4’ 9’’)
Bust: 73 cm (28.5 inches)
Waist: 58 cm (23 inches)
Hips: 75 cm (29.5 inches)

Minto’s favorite foods are French cuisine, scones and tea. Her least favorite food is anything “common” (ex: Fast food, canned food) but she will eat it if she has to.

NO wait!
READY immediately!

This purple and black beauty has been nicknamed “Maleficent.” This fierce new fluke has not been officially released, and has only been created once (so far). Tail has been gently used, there will be NO paint changes or fin upgrades available. One small repair at the waist. Sells AS IS, in practically new condition. No exchanges or trades, all sales final.

Waist: 28 inches
Hips/Butt: 38 inches
Knees: 20 inches

Length: 41 inches

PRICE: $2,500 USD

Shipping available worldwide.
Estimated US Shipping: $150 USD
Estimated International Shipping: $400 USD
Please check your taxes and duties fees if international.

Email finfolkproductions@gmail.com with subject “READY TO PURCHASE”


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I wonder if skinny people commenting on their own pictures as fat actually see themselves that way or think it’s a joke?

Y'all have defined abs and a 28 inch waist. Step off.