28 hours of tetris


After 28 hours of game play, those blocks begin unlocking the answers to life’s great questions. And you start stinking pretty badly.

10 Life Lessons That ‘Tetris’ Can Teach You

#10. It Doesn’t Stop Until You Die

That’s pretty harsh, but it is so obviously the most important lesson that can be learned about Tetris that it deserves to be mentioned first. When you clear a line, it disappears, leaving you room to clear another. And another. The pieces never stop coming. They even get faster, which is I think a metaphor for how our reactions slow down with age.

In Tetris, the cruelty of life is laid bare. Work or die. Even worse, and especially familiar to anyone who’s been the most competent person in their workplace, any success you achieve will immediately be rewarded with more work.

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