28 days in may

Gwen and Blake Schedule

March 20-April 2: Spring Break

UK Lives April 1-2

April 3: Oklahoma Creativity Ambassadors Gala OKC

April 9: Blake: County Thunder West Florence AZ

April 17-18: The Voice Lives

April 22: Blake: Music and Miracles Festival Auburn AL

April 24-25: The Voice Lives

April 27: Gwen: Keep Memory Alive Power of Love Gala LV

April 29: Blake: Doak Stadium FSU


May 1-2: The Voice Lives

Bush: 4 Dallas, 5 KS, 6 Rogers  AK, 7, Memphis,

May 8-9: The Voice Lives

Bush: 9 Orlando, 10 Atlanta, 11 Indianapolis 13 Somerset WI, 14 Milwaukee,

May 15-16: The Voice Lives

Bush: 15 Chicago, 17, RO MI, 18 Toronto, 19 Columbus, 20 Camden NJ

May 22-23: The Voice Lives

May 26: Kingston’s Birthday (2006)

May 27: Blake Daytona Speed Way, Daytona Beach, FL

May 28: Blake Bayou Country Fest NOLA

May 29: Memorial Day (No School)

Bush: 30 Seattle


Bush: 1 SF, 2 LV, 4 Tempe, 6 Denver, 7 Tulsa, 9 Fairfax, 10 Baltimore,

June 8-11: CMA Fest, Nashville, TN Blake will perform not sure date

June 9: School Out: 

June 18: Blake’s Birthday 

June 20: Blake: Country USA (Oshkosh, WI)

June 22: Blake: Country Fest (Cadott, WI)

June 24: Blake: Country Fest Canal Fulton, OH/Clays Park

June: The Voice Blinds S13??

Bush: 30 Biloxi


Bush: 1 Houston, 2 Austin, 3 San Antonio, 5 Albuquerque, 7 Aspen,

July 6: Blake Country Concert 17, Fort Laramie, OH

July 8: Blake Beaver Stadium Happy Valley Jam Penn State

July 14: Blake Country Thunder, Craven SK

Bush: 15 Anchorage, 21 Louisville, 22 St. Louis


Bush: 4 Wy, 5 Sturgis SD

August 19: Blake: Carolina Kickoff, East Carolina University’s Dowdy-Ficklen NC

August 20 Blake: Country Thunder, Calgary

August 21: Zuma’s Birthday (2008)

August: The Voice Battles and Knockouts S 13??

August 27: Blake: Nashville Concert (email) ??


Bush: UK Tour

September 3: Blake: Red, White and Boom: Lexington KY

September 16: Blake American Kickoff, Colorado Springs 


October 3: Gwen’s Birthday 


Presentation dates:

  • February 21: Renault
  • February 22: Force India VJM10
  • February 22: Sauber
  • February 23: Mercedes W08
  • February 24: McLaren
  • February 24: Ferrari
  • TBA: Haas F1 Team Manor, Red Bull,  Toro Rosso, Williams

Testing dates:

  • February 27-March 2: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • March 7-10: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • April 18-19: Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir 
  • August 1-2:  Hungaroring, Mogyoród
  • November 28-29: Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi


  • March 26: AUSTRALIAN GP - RACE DAY (Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne)
    • March 25: qualification
    • March 24: fp1 & fp2
    • March 23: press day
  • April 9: CHINESE GP - RACE DAY (Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai)
    • April 8: qualification
    • April 7: fp1 & fp2
    • April 6: press day
  • April 16: BAHRAIN GP - RACE DAY (Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir)
    • April 15: qualification
    • April 14: fp1 & fp2
    • April 13: press day
  • April 30: RUSSIAN GP - RACE DAY (Sochi Autodrom, Sochi)
    • April 29: qualification
    • April 28: fp1 & fp2
    • April 27: press day
  • May 14: SPANISH GP - RACE DAY (Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona)
    • May 13: qualification
    • May 12: fp1 & fp2
    • May 11: press day
  • May 28: MONACO GP - RACE DAY (Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo)
    • May 27: qualification
    • May 25: fp1 & fp2
    • May 24: press day
  • June 11: CANADIAN GP - RACE DAY (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal)
    • June 10: qualification
    • June 9: fp1 & fp2
    • June 8: press day
  • June 25: AZERBAIJAN GP - RACE DAY (Baku City Circuit, Baku)
    • June 24: qualification
    • June 23: fp1 & fp2
    • June 22: press day
  • July 9: AUSTRIAN GP - RACE DAY (Red Bull Ring, Spielberg)
    • July 8: qualification
    • July 7: fp1 & fp2
    • July 6: press day 
  • July 16: BRITISH GP - RACE DAY (Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone)
    • July 15: qualification
    • July 14: fp1 & fp2
    • July 13: press day 
  • July 30: HUNGARIAN GP - RACE DAY (Hungaroring, Mogyoród)
    • July 29: qualification
    • July 28: fp1 & fp2
    • July 27: press day
  • August 27: BELGIAN GP - RACE DAY (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot)
    • August 26: qualification
    • August 25: fp1 & fp2
    • August 24: press day
  • September 17: SINGAPORE GP - RACE DAY (Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore)
    • September 16: qualification
    • September 15: fp1 & fp2
    • September 14: press day
  • October 1: MALAYSIAN GP - RACE DAY (Sepang International Circuit, Sepang)
    • September 30: qualification
    • September 29: fp1 & fp2
    • September 28: press day
  • October 8: JAPANESE GP - RACE DAY (Suzuka International Race Course, Suzuka)
    • October 7: qualification
    • October 6: fp1  & fp2
    • October 5: press day
  • October 22: USA GP - RACE DAY (Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas)
    • October 21: qualification
    • October 20: fp1 & fp2
    • October 19: press day
  • October 29: MEXICAN GP - RACE DAY (Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City)
    • October 28: qualification
    • October 27: fp1 & fp2
    • October 26: press day
  • November 12: BRAZILIAN GP - RACE DAY (Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo)
    • November 11: qualification
    • November 10: fp1 & fp2
    • November 9: press day
  • November 26: ABU DHABI GP - RACE DAY (Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi)
    • November 25: qualification
    • November 24: fp1 & fp2
    • November 23: press day
Drabble #286

I: crime scene

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Martin flinched at the sound of his DI’s voice. “Dusting for fingerprints. What was I supposed to be doing?”

She huffed. “Interrogations. I specifically told you to handle those yourself and leave Arthur to hand over to scene of crime. You know what he’s like trying to talk to suspects.”

Arthur poked his head out from under the victim’s couch. “Nothing under here, Sarge. Oh, hi Mum.”

Carolyn frowned. “So—”

“Constable Richardson volunteered to start the interviews,” Martin explained. “At least two of the suspects are ex-girlfriends of his.”

“Oh, God. That’s even worse.”

Marichat May: Day 28 (Hospital Visits)

Marinette sighed as her father fluffed her pillow. Her mom was folding up her dirty clothes to wash up and take home.

“You guys really don’t have to go through so much trouble. The hospital can wash my clothes here!” Marinette urged, a little flustered at her parents’ doting. She loved them a lot, they were probably the most caring people in the world. However, they had the subtlest ways of embarrassing her. Sometimes she wasn’t sure if it was without noticing or if they did it so intentionally.

“Nonesense, there is nothing better than your parents taking care of you. And that includes washing up your clothes instead of having total strangers do so at the hospital.” Sabine smiled, a teasing tone on the edge of every word. Marinette, although she disagreed, couldn’t help but smile back at her mother.

“Besides, do you like the food at the hospital better than that of your own dad’s? Marinette, I thought we had something special!” Tom swooned, covering his hand over his heart. He rested the picnic basket he had brought, filled with Marinette’s favorite sweets, on one of the chairs nearby.

Marinette let out something between a giggle and a groan, “Stop it! I see what you’re doing!”

“And what’s that, darling?” her mother asked as she started to put the folded clothes in the bag she brought.

Marinette crossed her arms and pouted, “That thing you do! Where you trick me into letting you have your way by being nice to me! It’s like when you get me to do my chores more quickly. You’re sneaky and you know it!”

“Well, now you know where you get it from!” Tom laughed. Marinette childishly stuck out her tongue at her dad when a knock was heard by the door.

Marinette’s eyes widened at the sight of Chat Noir at the doorway. A sheepish grin on his face and a bouquet of flowers in his arms.

“Hello, I’m sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to see how the patient was doing.” Chat said, shifting his eyes around to address everyone in the room. His eyes lingered on Marinette, his smile turning into a grin at her huff.

“You all sound like I’m here for something worse than what it is. It was only my appendix! A minor procedure! No fuss necessary!” Marinette complained.

“Oh sweetie, we only dote on you because we love you so much.” Tom patted his daughter’s chin up, which made Marinette let out a tiny smile at her sweet dad.

“Yeah! - Chat interjected, but quickly cleared his throat. "I mean, of course your parents will dote on you. That’s what parents are supposed to do. Be there for their kids.” He let out, trying to cover up his tense smile with the flowers he held.

Sabine walked over to Chat and took the flowers from him. She patted him kindly on the cheek, which made his smile relax. “That they are. Thank you for bringing these, Chat Noir. Marinette hadn’t mentioned she knew one of our city’s superheroes so personally.”

“I wouldn’t say we know each other personally.” Marinette interrupted, feeling her nerves increase at having her parents in the same room as her partner again. Her secret identity felt extremely compromised at the moment.

“Oh princess, how could you downplay our relationship like this!” Chat feigned distress, placing a hand over his heart. He smiled as she huffed once again, crossing her arms. “She’s helped me out with a couple of situations. So, I decide to pop in for a little visit. It’s the least I could do after a little reporter told me she was in the hospital.”

Marinette hummed. That reported must’ve been Alya, since she had texted her an hour ago about how she’d managed to track Chat Noir down for an interview.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay a while. Unfortunately, me and Tom must be getting back to the bakery. Will you be okay here, sweetie?” Sabine asked her daughter, gently stroking her daughter’s cheek with care.

Marinette smiled, “I’ll be fine. I’ve got one of Paris’ superhero’ keeping me company! Have a good night.” Sabine kissed her forehead, and Tom gave her a hug.

Chat stepped out of the way, expecting her parents to walk past him. Instead, Sabine gave him a big hug which Tom made even bigger as he wrapped his arms around both of them.

“Thank you, Chat Noir. Stop by the bakery any time.” Tom said, slapping the boy on the back as he and his wife exited.

Adrien couldn’t help but grin. He wished he had parents like them.

He turned his eyes back to the person he had come for in the first place. Marinette sat against her pillows, “So, what’s that you’ve got there?”

Adrien felt a little hot suddenly, remembering how he had spotted the flowers as he was on his way here and had thought she would like them.

He stepped closer to her, “Flowers, for you. When Alya told me you got your appendix taken out I wanted to get you something. A small thanks for all the times you’ve helped me. When you look at these, I hope they help you too. Help you smile a little.”

Marinette held the flowers gently in her arms. She didn’t realize her partner could be so sweet and genuine. “Wow, thank you Chat. That’s very thoughtful of you. Here I thought you’d come thinking your presence was gift enough.”

“Nah, I think that’s just an added bonus.” Adrien grinned, leaning against the bed by her feet and flexing his muscles at the same time.

Marinette rolled her eyes but covered it up with a fake giggle, “there’s the Chat Noir I know.”

Chat grunted one last time as he flexed and grinned cheekily at her giggle. Then he stopped, flopped down on the bed by her feet, pressed his hand on his cheek and looked up at her, “So, how long are you in here for?”

“Only a couple days. The procedure was yesterday and I’m only a little sore.”

“That’s good. So, you’ll probably be out of class for the week huh?” Adrien hummed, poking her toes over the sheet that covered them. He laughed quietly as Marinette wiggled her toes as a way of telling him to stop.

She sighed, “Yeah, I hate not going to school. It means I missed out on seeing Adri- my class. And I get behind on my assignments and class work. Yeah.”

Adrien stopped poking her. He raised an eyebrow at Marinette’s faltering words but shrugged it off. He knew she sometimes stuttered and felt it best to move on instead of make her more uncomfortable.

“I know. Well, there’s the benefits of having a private tutor. You don’t have the choice of falling behind.”

“You have a private tutor?”

“Had. Not anymore.”

Marinette locked that little fact in the back of her mind. “Hm. Well, I’m probably gonna have Alya bring me any notes from class that I missed. If she can get away from babysitting her sisters that is.”

“If you want I could get them for you.” Adrien winced at himself. He had a small habit of jumping to Marinette’s rescue when she needed help. How would he pull of bringing her notes while keeping his secret identity?

Marinette laughed at her partner’s eagerness, “And how would you do that? It’s not like we’re in the same class.”

Adrien rubbed the back of his neck. “Haha yeah that’s ridiculous, totally. But, I could transform, meet up with Alya so she could give me the notes and then bring them to you.”

Marinette snorted at his proposal, “That sounds a little complicated, doesn’t it? Would you really transform just to meet Alya and bring me my homework?”

“Anything for a friend.” Adrien replied, a small voice in the back of his head (probably Plagg) telling him that what he actually meant to say was ‘anything for you.’

Marinette gently fisted one of her hands on her sheets, the other still holding her flowers, “T-that’s nice of you to offer, Chat. But probably not a good idea. You’d get mobbed at school if you went to go pick up my things”

Chat scratched the back of his neck once again, Marinette mused that the action seemed very similar. “You’re probably right. Maybe there’s someone else in your class that could bring you those notes?”

Marinette looked down at her sheets, a familiar blush beginning to adorn her cheeks, “M-maybe, maybe … maybe Adrien could.”

Adrien let out a sigh, happy that he didn’t have to gently beat around the bush for her to think of him as an option. “That Agreste kid? He has a chauffeur right? I bet he could get those notes to you with no trouble at all.”

“Butwouldhewantto” Marinette ranted nervously, pulling at one of her pigtails now, and letting the flowers rest on her lap.


“Would he want to? I mean, he’s got such a busy schedule. Would he really want to stop by for me? No, it’s too much trouble he probably wouldn’t. He’d probably be annoyed at me for even asking him to take the time off his schedule.” She continued, pressing her hands on her cheeks.

“Whoa, whoa! Marinette, isn’t he your friend? Why wouldn’t he want to help you?” Adrien asked, confused as to why Marinette was exaggerating a simple favor between friends.

“I-I guess. Sorry, I just get a little nervous about him.”

“Oh, why’s that?” Adrien leaned forward. Very curious to know what it was about him that caught Marinette so off guard.

Marinette noticed his proximity and pushed him with her foot so that he was leaning back on the edge of the bed again, “That’s … personal. We all have our secrets, right?”

Adrien was disappointed but shot her a smile anyways, “You’re right. Sorry for the intrusion. I best be on my way.” He stood up and gave her a salute. Marinette bit her lip as he turned around.

“Chat, wait!” Adrien looked back at Marinette. She patted the hospital bed, gesturing him to come sit down near to her.

He sad down with hesitance, much closer to her than before (and at a distance she still felt the need to push him away from). He felt a little nervous as she sat up straighter and leaned towards him. He was certain she was aiming for his cheek, which made him clam up a little. That all disappeared when she closed the gap between them to scratch the bottom of his chin with her fingers. He purred quietly, a content smile adorning his features right away.

“Thank you for coming. The flowers are beautiful.” Marinette told him, slowly halting her ministrations as he leaned his face into the hold of her affectionate hand.

Adrien opened his eyes, his eyes meeting Marinette’s warm gaze as the pleasure finally cleared. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it, “It was no problem at all.”

MariChat May Day 28: Hospital Visits

He already visited her as Adrien in the day but he just couldn’t sleep, too worried for his princess, and ended up visiting her again during the night.

Agh. I’m late again. There’s actually an upcoming comic of this one since inspiration hit me so I hope you’ll look forward to it. I might do it while doing Day 29.

*drawing as many fan arts as possible since June is coming*

Two Weeks

Words: 1591 this is my longest till now guys

Pairing. Aaron Burr x Alexander Hamilton

Warnings: death mention, angst

a/n: 2 imagines in one day whaaaaaaatttttt?!?! It’s 2am excuse all mistakes. also, this is for you @hamlltvn

May 28 was a particularly bad day for Aaron Burr. It was the day his wife died. And the day he had to explain that his wife died to his daughter. A particularly bad day.  Aaron didn’t bother to go to work that day. Or the day after. Or the day after the day after.  In fact he didn’t go to work for two weeks.

Alexander Hamilton, his enemy, sitting in his office started to worry about him on the 15th day he didn’t came to work. Why? He didn’t have a clue.

“Alexander?” CEO Washington entered Alexander’s office holding a cup of coffee. “Would you mind checking in on Burr when you go home? I can’t get him on the phone and he hasn’t been here for two weeks now.” “No I don’t mind.” Alexander answered while staring out of the window. Washington was a bit confused. “Why did you agree on that? I thought you hate Burr?”

“Yeah I guess I do.” Alexander turned around in his swivel chair to face Washington. “I’ve found myself worrying over Burr during the last few days. I feel weird when I think of him. It’s not hate. It#s something different but I can’t define it and it drives me insane.”

Washington took a sip from his coffee. “Would you mind if I go checking on him now?” “No I don’t mind. Just make sure you finish those papers later.” “Thank you George.” Alexander grabbed his bag and rushed out of his office.

Meanwhile, Washington leaned against Alexander’s desk, smirking, believe to know what Alexander felt.

When Hamilton arrived at the building where Burr lived he wasn’t too sure anymore if he should really check in on him.  To his known, Burr still hates him. He couldn’t even remember why the two men despised each other so much. Eventually Alexander decided to just knock. He couldn’t receive more than a fuck off.

It took a few seconds but when Aaron opened the door, Alexander froze for a moment. Aaron had bags under his eyes, bigger than Alexander’s own.  He wore sweat pants and an oversized hoodie which looked fairly adorable on him, but that was not the point, he also looked like he lost some weight.

“Burr…” Alex started. “Alexander, if you’re here to mock me, I ask you to leave again. I am not in the condition right now to put up with your shit.” His voice was merely a whisper.

“No I didn’t came here to mock you. Washington sent me to check in on you. We were worried about you not coming to work for two weeks straight and George sad he couldn’t-“ Burr cut Alexander off. “My wife died.” Hamilton froze again. “Theodosia died and I am sorry but I haven’t left our flat since. My daughter is with ma mother. I haven’t slept or eaten in two weeks and I really am not oaky.”

Alexander stepped inside Aarons flat, closing the door behind him, navigating Aaron to his couch. He sat down, Alex next to him, staring at his hands. “I’m sorry to hear that.” Alex managed to say, not knowing what to say instead.

“She wasn’t sick or anything was she?” “No she was perfectly healthy. I woke up next to my dead wife, who had died due to heart failure somehow during the night.  I woke up next to my dead Wife Alexander.” Alexander moved closer to Aaron and put an arm around him. “No one should experience something like that. I am so sorry.”

Aaron collapsed onto Alexander’s and started sobbing uncontrollably. Alexander didn’t know what to do. His enemy, crying, on his lap. Eventually Alexander wrapped his arms around Aarons shaking body and hugged him tight. That’s what Aaron needed. A hug.

Alexander found himself being really comfortable like this. He started to think the feeling he had towards Aaron the last few months, was the exact opposite of hate. Alex smiled to himself and placed a small kiss on Aaron’s head, which he immediately regretted.

“Did you just…” Aaron sat up again in confusion. “I guess I did.” Alexander muttered. “But why…” “I don’t know Aaron. In fact I’ve felt strange towards you for quiet a time now. And it’s not hate, Aaron.  I think it’s the opposite. I think its love.” It was Alexander’s turn to look down at his hands. “Alexander…” “I’ll go now. I’m sorry I told you this. It was not the right time.” Alexander was about to stand up but Aaron grabbed his wrist and hold him back.

“Please don’t leave.” Aaron whispered, looking at Alexander with pleading eyes. So he sat down next to Aaron again and Aaron rested his head against Alexander’s chest. Eventually the two men fell asleep like this.

When Aaron’s mom dropped off Theodosia the next morning she found her dad cuddled up against a man who was a stranger to her on their couch. She tapped her dad on his shoulder. “Daddy wake up!” Aaron slowly opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings. Him, cuddled up next to Alexander, who was still asleep and his daughter in front of him. He carefully stood up to not wake up Alexander.

“Good morning sweetie! How are feeling?” “I’m okay. I’m hungry though. Can we eat breakfast?” “Sure hun. But please be quiet “Aaron looked at Alexander “I don’t want him to wake up.” Theo nodded. Aaron lifted her up and walked over to the kitchen and sat her down on the kitchen table.

Who is the man on our couch daddy?” “A good friend of mine.”  Aaron replied while taking out three cups out of the cupboard. “What’s his name?” “It’s Alexander Hamilton.” “Why did he sleep on our couch with you daddy?”  “Well, I haven’t been feeling any good since your mother passed and I really didn’t wanted you to see me like that so I brought you to your grandma. I didn’t go to work the last two weeks because I didn’t felt well and yesterday evening Alexander came over because he was worried about me. Well and then we cuddled and fell asleep like that.”

“Are you in love with Alexander?”  “W- what?” Aaron turned around, looking at his daughter in confusion. “W-why would I be in love with Alexander?” “You never cuddle with Thomas or James nut you used to cuddle with mom.” Theo It’s been a week.” “That doesn’t mean that you can’t be in love with Alexander.” “Theodosia it has been two weeks since your mother died and you ask me if I am in love with the man who came here just because he was worried about me and stayed and who is so generously nice to me when I didn’t even think he knew my first name?  You really think I love that man who just told me that he doesn’t hate me anymore but… oh.”

Theo smiled and Aaron realized that he maybe liked Alexander a bit too much. “Theo would you please go to your room I need to talk to Alexander.” “But I haven’t eaten anything yet!”

“We’ll get something later princess.” Theo seemed to be okay with that, stood up and went to her room, while Aaron went into the living room to wake Alexander.

Once he was finally up, Aaron started to ramble about things Alex couldn’t fully comprehend due to just being woken.

“You’re confusing me, Alexander Hamilton. I thought you are the person I despise the most on this planet. I was wrong. But I am confused because it’s been two weeks since my wife died and I never felt something for a guy before and this goes somehow really quick and…” Aaron sat down next to Alexander. “I’d like to try a thing.” He whispered while leaning forward. “Go on.” Alexander whispered and shortly after that, they connected their lips to a, rather sweet first kiss.

“I’ve never kissed a guy before.” Aaron grinned as they parted. “You’re a great kisser though.” Alex grinned as well. “What are we now Aaron?” “I’d like to give us a try. I probably need some time to get over Theodosia, but if you’re willing to wait for me then I’d like to give us a try.” “Take as much time as you need. I will wait for you.” Aaron leaned in for a kiss again.

“I told you that you love him daddy!” Alex and Aaron hectically broke their kiss. “Oh shit.” Alex mumbled. “Will she be okay with you dating a guy?” Alex whispered into Aaron’s ear. “I don’t know.” A small silence crept into the room. “Come here princess.”  Aaron pointed to his lap. Theo walked over to him and took a place on his lap. She looked at him with wide eyes. Then at Alexander.

“Theo do you…” “I don’t care whether you with a woman or a man. I have a friend who has two daddies and they really love her. I just care if you’re happy.” She hugged her dad. “And you” she pointed to Alexander. “If you hurt my daddy I’ll personally haunt you.”  Alex looked at her perplexed but eventually she hugged him after a few more seconds. She turned to her dad again.

“Mum would’ve wanted you to be happy.” Aaron was trying to fight back his tears so hard. Alex noticed, grabbed his hand and smiled at him.

“I love you Theo.” Aaron said, but looking at Alexander. And Alexander knew that the I love you was directed to him as well.

Occupational Hazard

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“This is undignified,” Alya complains.

“That’s what you get for not looking where you’re going while you’re filming,” Marinette says.  People stare as they walk by.  “You’re just lucky Chat caught you.”

“By landing on me,” Chat says.

“You got hit by a truck once and walked away,” Marinette says.  “Stop whining, kitty.”  Her phone vibrates; she takes it out, glances at the message briefly, and replaces it in her pocket.

“I swear to god, if you don’t put me down I’ll put ass pics all over the Ladyblog,” Alya warns.  “I’ve got a perfect angle here.”

Chat rolls his eyes and readjusts Alya’s position on his shoulder.  “I’m a model,” he says.  “You really think that’s a threat?”

“No antagonizing the reporter, kitty,” Marinette says.  “Alya, you can’t even put weight on your leg, and stop wriggling.”

“This is still undignified,” Alya pouts.

“Hush,” Marinette says.  “We’re here.”

They get more looks and whispers as they enter the emergency room.  Chat lowers Alya as gently as he can into one of the seats; she hisses momentarily in pain as some of her weight shifts onto her leg. Marinette walks up to the front desk, where the nurse on duty is staring at Chat with no small amount of surprise.

“Hi!” Marinette says cheerily.  “One broken leg.”

Half an hour later, Nino bursts through the doors and is immediately tackled by two security guards.

“Babe!” he sobs as Chat darts forwards and tries to reassure them that, no, he’s not some crazed murderer, he just gets like this sometimes.  “Babe, I’m here!  I’m here!”

“Oh my god, Nino,” Alya groans.

anonymous asked:

My period is all over the place sometimes it's every 35 days instead of 28 is that ok or should I be looking at my health and diet? Thanks 😊

There is a HUGE misconception that all menstrual cycles should be 28 days long with ovulation falling on day 14. This is a big fat myth! A healthy menstrual cycle can be anywhere between 24-40 days. As long as your cycle is consistently around the same amount of days, that is all that matters e.g. My cycle is ALWAYS roughly 35 days, give or take a day or 2. That is still perfectly normal and healthy.

If yours is sometimes 35 days and sometimes 28 then yes that may be a problem. But if yours is almost always 35 and you’re concerned that it’s not the “normal” 28 day length, then you actually have nothing to worry about x


This accidentally went on forever. MariChat May Day 28: Hospital Visits

Sequel to “Accidents Happen” and prequel to “Everything But the Truth.”


Marinette was scheduled to go home the next day, but Chat brought her flowers anyway. She acknowledged them with a quiet, distant thanks, and avoided his gaze. His heart sank. 

She’d been withdrawn ever since he’d called her “my Lady” shortly after she woke up. Her head had jerked up, a horrified expression on her face that turned his happiness into matching panic, and then she shut down on him completely. He wasn’t sure if the flowers were meant as an apology, a token of his love, or a gesture of peace and goodwill.

It didn’t help that doctors, nurses, and lawyers kept swinging by in addition to her family and friends. There was no peace in a hospital. At least Alya had noticed the odd tension between them and left them alone.

Marinette stared at her hands, folded in her lap. Chat sighed and turned toward the window. It was clear she had no intention of talking to him. “Guess I’ll head out then,” he said, not even trying to disguise his disappointment.


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March 11,


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Anonymous asked: Heyy so to figure out when b would have “conceived” you go by the due date. Brett told everyone on ig that she was due on feb 4. That means she would have conceived on or a few days before or after may 14th. so she would have been at most 2.5 weeks pregnant by the Eli thing and that’s seriously crazy for her to have known she was pregnant for sure by then let alone to have already told louis for him to fly there and be all happy. He’d be freaking out, not setting up chimp dates.


HAHAHHA exactly. if we’re assuming her last period started April 30 (which is what that dial indicates would be likely for that conception date of may 14), she wouldn’t have even known her period was late until May 28ish (assuming a 28 day cycle give or take a bit).  when you factor in doing a pregnancy test, etc. that’s a pretty quick timeline for louis to be doing eli dates just a few days later! 

(i think they fucked up in this regard and assumed fandom would be too young or stupid to realize you don’t instantly know you’re pregnant (i.e., there are no real symptoms at first). Her missed period would be the most likely “symptom” but given the timeline…she wouldn’t have been likely to miss it until the end of the month. the only other way would be to be doing pregnancy tests. The earliest would be around 7 days after conception which would put it towards the 21ish but then you’d have to ask yourself WHY she would be doing a test before she’d even missed a period.  


Here we go once again with the familiar Larrie faux naivety. Could Briana have been aware she had unprotected sex, @bromanceshomance? And just maybe, maybe, taken a pregnancy test because of that?