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DGM 28 Day Challenge - 12 - BOTP  - Jasdevi  (The same as always - but this time with shotguns)

I was torn between Lavi / Allen  - Marie / Kanda. Then I remembered middle school me was in love with these two

Art prompts/cool things to sketch part one

1. Mermaids 

2. your otp, person A is a lost traveller, person B is a spirit trying to lure them 

3. eyes with landscapes in the iris 

4. your best friend 

5. your family as vampires/the addams family 

6. pastel goth au 

7. a magic forest

8. a drawing of anything, but only using 2-3 colours 

9. one half of your otp dying in the others arms 

10. a pet

11. how someone would look if they lived in the 18th century 

12. steampunk au 

13. dancing in the rain 

14. a mermaid sitting on a rock in the ocean while a storm rages 

15. fairies 

16. the reunion of people who haven’t seen each other in a long time 

17. otp at christmas 

18.otp at halloween 

19. What the star signs would look like in human form 

20. a bride with a bouquet of wildflowers 

21. pirates 

22. yourself in the world of your favourite book 

23. a summery portrait of someone grinning 

24. a perfect place

25. ghosts 

26. coffee shop au 

27. an argument 

28. 80′s fashion 

29. silhouettes and sunsets 

30. its raining and your otp have to share a one person umbrella 

31. beach walks 

32. space 

33. what your pet would look like as a human 

34. classic characters (such as oliver twist) in modern day clothing 

35. punk! 

36. blocks of colour and how they blend

37. a pretty spot in your neighbourhood 

38. what the inside of your mind looks like 

39. autumn leaves 

40. copy from an old polaroid picture 

41. top in each others clothes

42. angel/human relationships 

43. gay anything 

44. hands 

45. your favourite flower 

46. a masked ball 

47. do a blind drawing, then fix the mistakes with a different colour

48. cacti 

49. happy place 

50. view from inside as it rains 

I made a 30 day drawing challenge.

Hey. This is a month long character drawing challenge. I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now so I can finally learn to draw my OCs consistently, but I never got around to it and I thought maybe I’d be a bit more motivated if I made one myself.

I’m probably going to do this for July because it’s the only month I have nothing planned. Feel free to use this, in fact I encourage you to! Also, If you’re willing, I’d really like it if you could link back to this or something because I’d love to see what people do with this.

Thanks for checking this out! Have fun!

Draw a character:

1. Blushing
2. In “formal” clothing
3. Cooking
4. Laughing
5. Working out
6. With/ Without glasses
7. Stargazing
8. Wearing gender/orientation flag shirt
9. Eating their favourite food
10. Crying
11. Singing
12. With a cold
13. Losing (at anything really)
14. Wearing a big hoodie/sweater
15. Playing video games
16. In a different pallete
17. Arrested (or bailing someone out)
18. In a swimsuit/summer clothes
19. As a child
20. In pyjamas
21. Caught in the rain
22. Frightened
23. Wielding a gigantic weapon
24. Bloody/ wounded
25. In an AU
26. Sleeping
27. Playing a sport
28. Wearing horrible 80s fashion
29. In very hot/cold weather
30. Drawing a picture of you


Lighthouse by James Winter
Via Flickr:
One of the three lighthouses on the Isle of May

On 8 June 1778 Robert Stevenson, the noted Scottish civil engineer, was born.

The first of the famous family closely associated with lighthouse engineering for nearly two hundred years. He was born in Glasgow, the son of Alan Stevenson who died prematurely in the West Indies. His step-father and father-in-law Thomas Smith had been appointed Engineer to the Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses in 1787. On joining Smith he was entrusted with the superintendence of the building of the Pentland Skerries light for the Commissioners in 1794, having already had experience at Little Cumbrae with his step-father. Robert Stevenson held the post of sole Engineer until 1842 and was responsible for at least fifteen major lighthouses. 

Stevenson is generally credited with the design of the famous Bell Rock Lighthouse, and without doubt was resident engineer, but there is debate on who actually designed it, even nowadays some credit another famous Scottish engineer John Rennie the Elder

You might think all lighthouses are much alike but I beg to differ, having looked through Stevenson’s structures I must say the one in the pic, on the Isle of May is his finest, it’s ornate gothic tower on a castellated stone building was designed to resemble a castle, 24 metres (79 ft) high and with accommodation for three light keepers and their families, along with additional space for visiting officials. The new lighthouse started operating on 1 September 1816, and is now a listed building. Nowadays it is automated.

Perhaps the most famous of the Stevenson family is Robert’s’ grandson Robert Louis Stevenson,  can you imagine the adventures being played out in his head as a youngster being taken around all these lighthouses.

grootiez  asked:

Can u do 80, 28, and 1 with Starlord, Gamora and Baby Groot going on a road trip?

1. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” // 28. “Drive safely.” // 80. “Is your seatbelt on?”

omg this one turned out super long, hope you enjoy it!!!

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“Ha! Did’ya see that guy’s face when I hit him over th’head?” Rocket barks out a laugh, looking up at Drax. “He looked so stupid!

“He was not expecting your attack,” Drax replies, just as joyous.

“Oh, oh, or how about when…”

Peter tunes out Rocket and Drax’s conversation as they return to the Milano. Though Rocket’s boasting tends to include exaggerated summaries of the events of their missions, this assignment had proven to be a big win for the team. They’d successfully apprehended some of Thanos’ goons for a bounty placed on them by the planet’s government without any major problems or explosions (Peter is especially grateful for that one) in half the time they’d expected the operation to take.

“An’ now we got all this extra downtime and extra money!” Rocket yells, bringing Peter’s attention back to him and the others.

“I am Groot!” Groot cheers from his place on Rocket’s shoulder.

“We should take advantage of this,” Drax suggests. “It is not often we finish a mission this prosperously.”

“I think we can afford to take a short break,” Gamora agrees, looking to Peter for approval. She’s become something like a second-in-command (or, really, honestly, his co-leader of the team) lately.

Anyway, they’ve been working a little harder than usual lately, trying to get back into the groove of things since everything with Ego and Yondu happened a couple months prior. The idea of some vacation time honestly sounds like a godsend to Peter.

“Alright, let’s take a few days, maybe three or four, tops,” Peter decides, looking at each of his friends. “I think if we stayed on the Milano or the Quadrant any longer, we’d go stir-crazy.”

“I vote we put the extra money to good use at the nearest bar,” Rocket says, lifting his paw.

“You’re going to spend your entire break at a bar?” Gamora raises an eyebrow, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Not the entire break, maybe just a li’l part of every day,” Rocket insists.

“I am Groot!” Groot looks up at everyone hopefully.

“What the hell? No, you cannot come with us to a bar!” Rocket declares, looking at Groot in disbelief. “You’re too young!”

“A bar is not a suitable place for a child,” Drax says solemnly.

“I am Groot…”

“One of us will stay with you while the others go out, stop mopin’, Groot,” Rocket says.

Groot frowns.

“I’ll stay with you, Groot,” Gamora says, crouching down to Rocket’s height. Groot jumps from Rocket’s shoulder to Gamora’s outreached hand, looking up at her. “I, personally, don’t want to spend three days in a row at a bar.”

“Everyone can do whatever they want, so long as it’s legal,” Peter announces, trying to placate everyone. “The bar isn’t mandatory.”

“Suit yourself.” Rocket shrugs. “Drax?”

“I’ll accompany you, creature.”

And that settles things. Within ten minutes, Rocket and Drax exit the Milano in search of the nearest bar. Peter watches them as they leave. Gamora, with Groot sitting on her shoulder, comes to stand beside him.

“You’re not going with them?” she inquires.

“Nah,” he says. “I’m not really in a bar mood. More in a relaxing mood, y’know?”

“This planet is far too beautiful to spend all our time on it inside of a bar,” she says. Though they’ve never traveled here before, Peter’s often heard of its amazing sights, which reminded him of the National Parks like Yosemite back on Earth.

“Yeah.” Peter sighs. “I heard there’s a nice beach only a couple hours away from here, too. If only we had…”

Gamora looks up at him in an are-you-serious way.

“Wait. We do have time!”

“You did declare time for a vacation for the team,” she reminds him.

“Right, right…Okay, it’s settled.” Peter nods. “Road trip, first thing tomorrow!”

As he celebrates the idea with a loud, “Wooohooo!”, Gamora looks to Groot and asks, “What’s a road trip?”

“Please don’t kill Groot with your driving,” is Rocket’s way of seeing them off the next morning.

“Gee, how about a ‘drive safely,’ or, ‘I’ll miss you guys,’ or, ‘can’t wait until you come back,’?” Peter retorts, rolling his eyes as he finishes packing. He slings his backpack over his shoulders.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, that was impolite of me,” Rocket says, though Peter knows not to expect much from his tone. “What I meant was please feel free not to come back for a week so we can have a longer break.”

“I am Groot,” Groot insists from where he’s sitting on Gamora’s bag, off to the side.

“I would not get lonely!” Rocket insists.

“I am Groot.”

“Y’know what? I take it back. Quill, please kill Groot with your driving.”

“No one’s killing anyone with their driving,” Gamora says as she enters the room, holding up her communication device. “I’ll have this with me so you and Drax can contact us in case anything happens.”

“Nothing’s gonna happen,” Rocket insists.

“The last time you said that, something blew up,” Peter says.

“That was one time!” Rocket protests.

“You nearly got into a fight at the bar last night,” Drax recalls. “You told a man his head was shaped like a fruit, and then he—“

“Ugh, fine, we’ll be good!” Rocket cuts him off. “Now just leave already, ya two love birds.”

“Gladly,” Peter says, picking up Groot, who climbs up onto his shoulder. Gamora picks up her bag and comes to stand beside him.

Please stay out of trouble, seriously,” she practically begs Drax and Rocket. “And call us if anything—“

“—happens, yes, I know, I’ll let ya know if Ronan comes back from the flarkin’ dead to get revenge,” Rocket says, rolling his eyes. “Drive safe, or whatever.”

“Drive safely,” Drax echoes more earnestly, placing a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“Yeah, uh, thanks,” Peter says, nodding. “We should be back in two days.”

The cars on this planet remind Peter of the ones back on Earth, but more hi-tech. Though he never learned how to drive there (his sixteenth birthday was spent very far away from Earth, after all), he’s learned enough from his time on different planets over the years.

So after about five minutes of bickering over who has more driving experience, which led to asking Groot to choose who should drive for them, they’re on the road, Peter behind the wheel and Gamora in the passenger seat with Groot perched on her shoulder, mesmerized while watching the quickly passing scenery out the window.

A new song comes on the car’s stereo from his Zune, which Peter had managed to hook up via a cord he found lying around the Milano (this must be what everyone on Earth uses to play music now in the car, he thinks).

Gamora looks over at him. “What’s this song?”

“’Tiny Dancer,’ Elton John, 1971,” Peter recites. “My mom and I didn’t listen to it much, but it’s a pretty cool song.”

It fits their current setting, in a way. Something about the song just fits with driving on what’s basically a freeway.

“Back on Terra, we’d drive to get everywhere,” he suddenly says, thinking of the days spent just driving down the rural roads of Missouri with his mom, singing along to every song on the radio. Though she’d be driving, she often danced, too, which isn’t the safest thing to do when driving (well, technically, you shouldn’t be doing anything else besides driving while driving, Peter figures), but the roads never had too much traffic for it to be a problem. “Everyone would learn to drive when they’re a teenager. Or, well, that part of life when you aren’t quite an adult, but you’re not a kid anymore, either.”

“Which is why you never properly learned.”

“Learn by doing, as they say.”

She smiles at that, looking out at the road in front of them. “I didn’t travel much as a child,” she says. “On my home planet, everything we needed was in walking distance.”

“I’m jealous,” he admits. “I’d much rather have walked to school than take the bus every day. It was basically this really big car that could fit a bunch of kids, so it would pick up all the kids at different places to take us all to school. Kids on there could really be assholes.”

“I struck fear into bullies’ hearts,” she says proudly.

He rolls his eyes. “Of course you did.”

Their conversation mainly consists of childhood memories and discourse on whatever song came on via his Zune’s shuffle. Some they’d recognize instantly, and brought to mind specific memories of time spent with the Guardians, while others are judged for whether or not they’d dance to it.

(More often than not, the answer is yes.)

“I like this U2,” Gamora says after another U2 song finishes.

“Yeah, they were just getting big around the time Yondu picked me up,” Peter says, checking over his shoulder before changing lanes. “I wonder whatever happened to them.”

She studies him for a moment. “Have you ever thought about returning to Terra?”

He’s caught off guard by her question. Of course, it’d crossed his mind more often than not over the years, especially in the time just after Yondu first grabbed him. But, as time faded, and the grief over his mother’s death set in more permanently within him, he found himself preferring outer space.

“I used to a lot when I was a kid,” he finally answers. “Not so much anymore. It just kinda pales in comparison to other planets, y’know?”

“Even though it’s your heritage?”

Months ago, he would’ve gotten defensive over questioning like this coming from anyone, even Gamora. But now?

He glances over at her, meeting her eyes for a moment. There’s no judgment there—after all, he actually has a home planet to go back to, while he’s well aware of the state of Gamora’s former home and lack of life left on it, so it’d make sense for Gamora to envy him or just feel hostile toward him, in a way. But there’s none of that; she’s simply curious, in a way that he knows is out of her own concern for him.

He turns his eyes back to the road ahead of them with a shrug. “It’s still my heritage, but shit happened there that just kinda spoiled it forever. I mean, maybe I’ll change my mind and return someday, but for now…”

She nods, accepting his answer. “I’ll support you either way.”

Of course she will, because she’s Gamora. Peter smiles at her. “Thanks.”

She points to a place where they can exit the road ahead. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while. We should be halfway there by now.”

Following her gaze, he spots what appears to be the equivalent of a freeway exit, with a rest stop and a place to eat. “You sure? I can keep driving, I don’t mind.”

“I am Groot,” Groot says before Gamora can reply. His eyes are on the front windshield now, rather than the passenger side window, and he points a finger toward the exit.

“You’re hungry?” Peter asks for confirmation. “Still don’t understand how trees get hungry…or can digest food.”

Groot nods.

“Well, guess we’re stopping either way.”

Stomachs filled, they pile back into the car, this time with Gamora behind the wheel and Peter in the passenger seat. Groot settles into his usual spot on Peter’s shoulder.

“If you get tired you can sit on my leg,” Peter reminds Groot, making eye contact with him in the side mirror. “Or the cup holder, I guess.”

“I am Groot.”

“Okay, no cup holder then, that’s fine.”

“Is your seatbelt on?” Gamora asks absentmindedly while buckling in herself.

“Was that directed at me or Groot?” Peter jokes.


“Yes, ma’am.” He buckles in.

“Good.” She starts driving then, pulling out of the parking lot.

“T-minus two hours until we get to our destination,” Peter announces, plugging his Zune back in and scrolling through the songs. “Any music requests?”

“You pick,” she says, picking up speed as they’re back on the freeway-road-thing.

He smirks, halting his scrolling as he comes across just the right song. He clicks on it, and as the familiar chords fill the car, Gamora actually laughs and Peter’s convinced it’s the most precious thing he’s ever heard.

“Are you trying to tell me something with this song, Star-Lord?” she teases.

“What can I say?” he says, all too casually. “I fooled around and fell in love, after all.”

I wanted to add in some team fam love by having rocket and drax say “drive safely” and gamora partially directing “is your seatbelt on?” to groot ;))) also, snuck in a reference to my fav band in there, heh

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30 Day Abs and Squat Challenge.

Day 1: 10 sit ups, 10 crunches & 25 squats. 

Day 2: 20 sit ups, 15 crunches & 20 squats.

Day 3: 5 sit ups, 20 crunches & 35 squats.

Day 4:10 sit ups, 25 crunches & 40 squats.

Day 5: 5 sit ups, 10 crunches 20 squats.

Day 6: 15 sit ups, 30 crunches & 50 squats.

Day 7: 20 sit ups, 35 crunches & 55 squats.

Day 8: 30 sit ups, 40 crunches & 60 squats.

Day 9: REST DAY.

Day 10: 10 sit ups, 10 crunches & 60 squats.

Day 11: 40 sit ups, 10 crunches & 25 squats.

Day 12: 45 sit ups, 60 crunches & 70 squats.

Day 13: 5 sit ups, 5 crunches & 5 squats.

Day 14: 10 sit ups, 10 crunches & 10 squats.

Day 15: 20 sit ups, 30 crunches & 20 squats.

Day 16: 25 sit ups, 30 crunches & 45 squats.

Day 17: 40 sit ups, 30 crunches & 45 squats.

Day 18: REST DAY.

Day 19: 5 sit ups, 5 crunches & 5 squats.

Day 20: 10 sit ups, 10 crunches & 25 squats.

Day 21: 20 sit ups, 15 crunches & 35 squats.

Day 22: 20 sit ups, 25 crunches & 45 squats.

Day 23: 10 sit ups, 40 crunches & 55 squats.

Day 24: 10 sit ups, 50 crunches & 65 squats.

Day 25: 15 diet ups, 60 crunches & 65 squats.

Day 26: 20 sit ups, 70 crunches &85 squats.

Day 27: REST DAY.

Day 28: 25 sit ups, 80 crunches & 95 squats.

Day 29: 30 sit ups, 90 crunches &95 squats.

Day 30: 40 sit ups, 90 crunches & 100 squats. 

“Take Your Whiskey Home” by Van Halen

Top Metal Songs of the 80′s - #28

Some goes to women, some goes to Jesus,
Though I’m absolutely certain both’s all right
But it takes me at least halfway to the label
‘Fore I can even make it through the night

Aside from being about whiskey, I’ve always thought this was one of the best VH songs because of the diversity of Eddie’s playing. Granted, diversity is a vague term, but in this case the acoustic guitar at the beginning is amazing because it’s much more than the campfire sing-along strumming many other metal bands adopted. Of course, the rest of the song is absolutely classic Van Halen, and in the midst of them experimenting with various effects and sounds (don’t get me started on what a waste of space “Sunday Afternoon in the Park” was), experimenting with an acoustic intro was a good, albeit safe, change of pace.

outraging-purple  asked:

Huum. 28, 42, 57, 80, 93 aaand.. 97!

28) What makes you feel the happiest?
- When I accomplice things, like cosplays. Getting comments on fanfics and cosplays. Friends.

42) What kind of music to you listen to?
- Gaming soundtracks/scores, movie soundtracks/scores, pop, rock, some country

57) What’s the habit you’re proudest of breaking?
- I’m not sure tbh

80) Are there any causes you strongly believe in?
- Equality, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights: eps the inclusion of ace/aro and bi people

93) Do you have any pets?
- Two cats; mother and daughter. Cuddly when they want to (often demandingly so), entertaining, adorable despite waking me up early in the morning when they want something.

97) Is there anything you’re really passionate about?
- Cosplay, gaming, friends

Thank you!

thefaerie  asked:

I was just wondering but what brushes do you mainly use when drawing on photoshop?

Hi bb! Here are my ultimate favorite brushes to use:

The first brush — the size 175 one — I use to do almost everything, from sketching to rendering to detailing. The second brush (25) is a soft round brush that I use to soften out unwanted hard edges left by the first brush.

The middle batch of brushes (700; 28; 80; 93) I use as substitutes when I get tired of using the above two brushes. The last batch (491; 430; 771) are versatile cloud brushes that I like to use when finishing up.

I believe most if not all of them come from concept art diety Jaime Jones’ set, which you can download here. <3


The Unsolved Case of Julie Weflen

Julie Weflen had an uncommon job for a woman in the 80s. At 28, she worked as an operator for the Bonneville Power Administration, and even though she’d faced some sexism at first, her male coworkers had learned to respect her commitment and efficiency. 

On September 16th, 1987, Julie was working on site at Spokane County, in Washington. She was supposed to be back home at 5 pm, when she would get a call from her husband Mike, who was working painting a house in another town. Mike called their house repeatedly, but he couldn’t contact Julie. At first he didn’t get worried, until he went back to his motel room that night and found a message from the local police, telling him his wife had been kidnapped.

Indeed, Julie had vanished at some time after 3:30 pm, when she had the last contact with one of her coworkers. She was going to check on one of the transformers that was low on nitrogen near Riverside State Park. Her work truck was found with its door and back hatch open. Her purse was inside the vehicle, and on the ground next to it they found her toolbox, hard hat and sunglasses. The gravel of the area showed signs of struggle, and authorities even theorized she could have been overpowered by two people.

It’s been almost 30 years and Julie’s fate has never been discovered. Police has cleared one person of interest, and had another unnamed suspect that failed a polygraph, but has since died. She has also been connected, although not officially, to the disappearance of two other women in the region: Debbie Swanson, who vanished on March 1986, and Sally Anne Stone, who went missing exactly 4 months before Julie. However, it’s more likely that she was taken by someone who knew her and had been watching her movements for a while.

pinkislouder  asked:

9, 27, 28, 52, 80, 99

well that’s a lot of them kjfdskskl

9. Tattoos I want

I want opening and closing quotation marks on both my wrists (I thought of it first, Tomlinson, fuck off) to remind myself that I hold all the stories I want to write in my own hands as well as the fact that writing will always be there for me, the moon cycle down my spine (but not big, very small so it stays minimalist hahah I’m that dickhead, I don’t wanna say why on Tumblr, it’s very personal, but it means a lot to me ), now I want the coordinates to London too, either on my collarbone or my ankle? But I have a lot more that I’d like, these are just ones I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t get sick of. If I’ll ever get them is another question

27. First celebrity you think of when someone says attractive:

Luke Pasqualino hOLY MOTHER OF GOD (my first thought was actually Louis and Perrie but……… how predictable)

28. Favourite icecream?

Lemon, straciatella, chocolate with vanilla (always together please) or Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough

52. Have you ever kissed a picture?

jkdflsklklsdkdslklsdkl YE S…… my friend and I did a photoshoot for fun as teenagers and we got so giddy and annoying that I ended up taking a picture of me kissing a lifesized Taylor Lautner poster jfkdsllksdkldsklsd

80. Have you ever sang in the shower?

I always sing in the shower, I even dance in the shower, I’m a superstar in the shower and always pretend I’m on stage HOW LAME

99. Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem real?

The model I interviewed, this one girl at Urban Outfitters who said ‘here you go’ and I said ‘yes please’ kfsddssjdksskkskld ??????? @ me cHILL. There was also a guy in uni who was everything I ever dreamed of and every time we talked I’d just. Everything about him, killed me. also, again, Louis and Perrie 

Pray for Korea and the victims, please.

I don’t know if a lot of people would read this but it is a really dark time in Korea. 

About three days ago, the cruise ship Sewol, with about 350 high school students who were on their way to a field trip, sank. 

The ship’s maximum boarding limit was 900 people. Only 476 people were on that boat but they could only rescue 80 people. 28 are dead, 11 of them are the Danwon High School students. and 268 are now missing. It’s been three fucking days and they say that the 250 missing kids are unlikely to be alive. 

The Ship’s captain was a 69 year old man who ordered a 26 year old new comer to steer the ship while he took a nap. When they started sinking, he told all the students to stay where they were and wait.


The ship started to sink around 9am and it took about two hours until the ship flipped over to the side. The crew members, however, apparently announced them to stay put while some of them managed to get on life boats or the chopper. 

Funny thing is, the one who called the sink in wasn’t the captain or a crew member. IT WAS A PARENT who received messages from his kid who told him that the boat was starting to tip and water started flooding in. 

Even after the initial report, it took the coastal guards an hour to check it out, not to rescue, but to see what was going on. After that, the whole navy seal, UDT, divers were on there way.

The ship turned over to its side and caused many of the kids who were still inside to injure themselves. The exits were blocked and unreachable and i believe many of the students did not make it out of the ship. Some people say that the kids inside could still be alive through air pockets but its been almost 72 hours since the sink and the most likely situation is that they are dead. 

The one thing that pisses me off the most is the vile approach of the media and the social network services right now. News Networks are reporting unconfirmed facts to have “exclusive” news reports, confusing the entire nation about the current situation. Facebook and Twitter is full of bullshit government conspiracy theories, and some idiot fucks are making fake fb messages or posts from the victims still inside the ship. The SNS is also spreading vicious lies/unconfirmed facts about the sink and deliberately tricking many of us. I can’t believe anything right now because they report something one moment and then they apologize for it because it turns out that most of the facts were fake. What the fuck is wrong with this country. Reporters and journalists are badgering the survivors, survivors who barely made it alive and who suffer from extreme trauma. Their friends are DEAD and some dumb fucks want to traumatize them even further for a story.

Now honestly, I find it extremely hard to firmly believe that the missing 250 students are alive. It’s been three days, a storm hit the site, the water was freezing, The students who might have been able to make it out alive would not have survived the freezing sea. 

I am frustrated because the ship, the captain and the crew members did a shitty job. They did not provide any safety announcements, and instead of calmly guiding and leading the students to safety, they were the first ones to escape. Leaving hundreds of 16, 17 year old high schools students to die. 

It’s just too painful for me to watch the news right now. Some of my acquaintances have children who were on the boat and some of them still missing. I can’t imagine and never can understand the pain and frustration the parents might be feeling. 

I can only pray for the safe return of the students or at least the recovery of all their bodies while they are still intact.

Please pray for us. Pray for the Students and the people still missing. Pray for the parents of the victims. Pray for our nation, Pray for Korea because it is a devastating time for all of us 

UPDATE: I’ve seen some people saying that the numbers are wrong. for some of the numbers, they are approximations of the total people and some of them are not the exact numbers. 

To clarify, 476 people were on board. However, the numbers change frequently because the Sewol Ferry company did a shitty job in keeping their list of people on board. About 2~3 people may be added or subtracted from this number.

And please remember, i am not a journalist nor someone who has direct sources to the sink (but honestly, no one does right now.) The information here is CONFIRMED facts and none of those unconfirmed/made up bull shit. 

I didn’t mention the people rescued so here is the current, death/missing/save count. 


DEAD: 29


UPDATE: The Vice Principal was rescued from this whole disaster but he committed suicide yesterday. It is a tragedy and all of our thoughts and prayers goes to him, Danwon High School, and Korea. 



DEAD: 104


Welcome to AH City (WIP)

Based off of Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series. (Currently only assorted episodes 1-100)

Buildings Include:

  • Downtown Achievement City (Geoff, Ray, Gavin, Michael, Jack, and Ryan’s houses, Kerry’s basement/Team Nice Dynamite hall WIP)
  • King’s Court (Top Right)
  • Spring Harvest Farm (ep. 93, West of King’s Court)
  • Goeff’s Farming & Mercantile Supply (Ep. 93, South of the Farm)
  • Hospital (ep. 87, North of Downtown)
  • Royal Bank of Geoff (ep. 95, West of Goeff’s)
  • Altar of Pimps (ep. 19 & 100, Top Left)
  • Thunderdome (ep 43, Bottom Left)
  • Birch Bunker (ep. 64, South of the Altar of Pimps)
  • Wool Collecting House (ep. 31-32, West of Downtown)
  • Shopping List House (ep. 52-53, West of Geoff’s House, South of Wool House)
  • Petting Zoo (ep. 76, East of Downtown)
  • No/Dark Petting Zoo (ep. 41-42, 64, North of Petting Zoo, South of Goeff’s)
  • Bay of Pimps/Jamboree Campground (ep. 28 & 80, Bottom Right)