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The Moon and Jupiter at Dusk - April 10, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Coral Towers Observatory with a Canon 5DS R and 28-300 mm lens in Auto-HDR Mode. Two shots: 28 mm for scenery; 300 mm for moon.

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"I'm never going to leave you." Hey there o/ Everything okay? I hope so. Have an amazing week and thank you for blessing us with your words... ♡ your number one fan ♡

Vernon, “I’m never going to leave you.” 

“Don’t let go—”

“I told you I’m not—”

“I swear to God if I die you’re coming down with me.” 

A squeal escaped her lips when the water around her felt uncomfortably empty, flailing her arms around to reach for Vernon’s body. She glared at the goofy grin that took over his features as he pretended to back farther and farther away from her, the light ripples bouncing beneath his glistening bare chest. With a particularly ungraceful push of her limbs, she  gripped his shoulders and wound her legs around his lithe torso. 

“Geez, babe. You’re like a koala.” he chuckled, water droplets falling off his golden bangs like liquid honey. “How am I going to swim us back to shore if you’re holding onto me like this?”

“I don’t know but you better figure it out soon!” she sighed dramatically, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Please, please don’t let go again.” 

“I’m sorry, I was just teasing.” he pouted slightly in apology, tightening his hold in response. With a little bit of squirming they managed to get her on his back, making it easier for them to get back to the beach house. 

“I know you were teasing,” she grumbled against his shoulder, loosening her grip so she could help kick her legs along with him. “But it was still scary.”

“Don’t worry,” he mumbled, glad she was facing the back of his head. The water was cool enough to smother his blush. “I’m never going to leave you.”

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Venus at Dawn 1 - April 28, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Coral Towers Observatory with a Canon 5DS R and 28-300 mm lens in Auto-HDR Mode. Single shot.


Somewhere around Hofheim-Wildsachsen in Hessen, Central Germany


Venus and the Crescent Moon - April 6, 2016 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken with a Canon 5D Mk II and 28-300 mm lens.

Pesenbachtal by Bernd Thaller
Via Flickr:
The valley of the Pesenbach in Upper Austria’s region Mühlviertel is a nature preserve and recreational area close to the the third largest Austrian city Linz. This image is actually a vertical “panorama” composed of two photos. (The only lens I carried along on this hike was the Nikon 28-300 mm zoom.)

Preference #7 : The other boys find scratches/bruises.

Michael : Let’s just say that between Michael and you, it’s always been quite steamy and caliente when it came down to the party in the bedroom. You liked to mark your territory right on his body just as much as he did. And sometimes, things get a little bit out of control. "Mikey oh my god what happened to your back ? Where’d all those scratches come from ?“ asked Luke innocently as Michael continued to eat his cereal, a grin installing on his face as a nice vivid crimson color appeared on your cheeks. "Well judging by the nice looking dozens of hickeys on (Y/N)’s neck, I’d say we found the culprit.” responded Ashton chuckling. You blushed even more as Mikey laughed. You punched his arm jokingly. “You’re not even gonna try to argue with them, are you ?” you asked as he turned to you. “Babe, it’s no secret you’re not so innocent anymore so why hide it. By the way look at that art, almost looks like a heart, that’s some hard work right there young lady.” He said gesturing to the form the hickeys he made on your neck took. You couldn’t help but laugh at his stupid grin. He was so proud of himself.

Luke : The boys knew you guys already had some ‘intimate time’ together because Luke couldn’t hide it. Every time you guys would have sex, the next morning he was always so goddamn happy, you could just read it on his face. But that particular morning, that wasn’t what gave it away. Let’s just say that Luke got a little carried away the night before and gave your neck a nice purple color all the way down to your chest and between your breasts. As you woke up and saw part of it, you tried to hide it with a scarf as best as you could before you went down to get some breakfast. As you entered the kitchen, the three other boys greeted you with a large smile before Calum started the conversation. “Uhm (Y/N), the scarf was a nice touch but you know Luke went a little farther than just your neck.” You looked down and discovered brand new hickeys you hadn’t seen on your chest before. You didn’t even try to cover up because it was too late. You turned bright red as Luke entered the room and gave you a hug from behind, pacing a gentle kiss on your cheek. “Nice work.” said Michael, nodding towards you. Luke stared down at you until he finally saw what Michael was talking about and a giant stupid grin appeared on his face as he nodded back to the boys. “Yup thanks, pretty proud of myself on that one.” You gave him a little nidge in the ribs as he faked being in extreme pain. “You deserved that one Hemmings.” You said as you went to sit down at the kitchen table. Surely enough, the boys didn’t quite stop teasing you about it during breakfast.

Ashton : Before you and Ashton ever got down to actually being intimate with each other, you always thought of Ashton as the classy gentleman who’d take all his time to make you feel comfortable and good in your own skin before taking you right there and then. And he was when he wanted to. But as it turns out, he could get a little freaky from time to time. Especially when last night you got home a little intoxicated in a short skinny black dress that so beautifully captured all of your curves and surprised him, horny as ever, in bed as he was only in his boxers. So the next morning when you got down to the kitchen to have some breakfast, a little hungover and sore from the night before, you didn’t really think of covering yourself up. As you walked into the kitchen, you were welcomed by the other boys whistling at you. “Damn girl, Ashton worked you good, didn’t he ? Your poor little thighs.” Michael exclaimed. You looked down and at the hem of your shorts you could see little bruises forming the fingertips of Ashton’s fingers. You blushed instantly and ran to sit on one of the chair as Luke passed you coffee. A few minutes later, Ashton came down and the first thing you saw were the marks of your nails anchered in his chest. “You beasts.” Calum simply said as Ashton smiled widely, giving you a sweet peck on the lips. “Keep it in your pants Irwin. Look at what you’ve done to that poor girl.” He added. “Oh she puts up a fight alright. Believe me.” “Oh we believe you.” Luke answered quickly as you burried yourself in your hands. How those boys could make you feel embarassed in two seconds was fascinating, really.

Calum : Calum’s a cheeky yet sweet sweet guy. He’d always have the most delicate attentions towards you however when it came right down to it, he’d straight up become a beast in the bedroom. And you were actually so glad about that. Sex between the both of you was just so infuriating yet liberating. Every time he made you feel a whole new way and you couldn’t quite describe how good he made you feel. And sometimes, just sometimes, things would get just a tiny bit out of hand and flesh would get scratched right off and bruises would start to appear all over your bodies. This morning you got up extra early and decided to go for a run. As you came home, you heard laughter coming from the living room. “Wow, she didn’t miss you, did she ? She’s one fierce little one.” You heard Luke say as the other boys laughed. “She sure puts up a fight.” Calum responded as you entered the room. “So you guys just typically talk about your sexual exploits in the morning, is that it ?” You said with a smirk. You actually didn’t really care. You had such a close relationship with all of the guys, they had accepted you as one of their own and quite frankly, you never saw what part of having sex and enjoying it anyone had to be embarassed about. Calum blushed as he thought you’d be pissed off about it but you just gave him a nudge. “That’s classy.” you added laughing as the other boys joined in. “Alright boys, I’m off to take a shower because I, for one, actually got up early and did something.” You added with a forced wink to Luke, Michael and Ashton. You leaned towards Calum and whispered in his ear. “If you want any more of those scratches on your back, come join me, I’ll be waiting for you.” You grinned widely as you made your way to the bathroom. Surely enough a few minutes later, you weren’t alone in the shower.

A/N : I honestly don’t know what happened with Ashton and Calum, I swear I wanted for this to be sweet and short but I just got carried away as I always do. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the first preference I wrote in quite some time. I have to admit I had a hard time finding a subject I liked and then it just kinda popped into my mind and I got to typing. Anyway I hope you enjoyed, if you did some feedback would be highly appreciated as I don’t really know what you guys like to see on here. Tomorrow I want to write a shitload of content so send me stuff you want me to write, I’ll stockpile everything I wrote and publish all of them tomorrow night. Also I am 28 followers away from 300 and that’s crazy to me, oh love you guys so much and I’ll try and come up with something a little special to do when and if I do hit 300 followers. Alright so, I love you guys so much and stay beautiful, you little cutiepies.

I’m trying to make sense of Killian’s timeline with everything we know about him so far and…?

I’ll go under the assumption that his physical age more or less matches Colin’s, so 30 at least, 35 at the very most

  • Childhood/Enchanted forest #1: His father Blackbeard abandons him
  • Neverland #1: Lieutenant years, Killian is speculated to be 17 at that time, since it matches Emma’s flashbacks
  • Meets Milah:  bby!Bae looks 7 at most
  • Milah’s death: Bae is 14 when he falls down the portal. Rumple doesn’t seem to live in his castle quite yet, so not much time much have passed.
  • Neverland #2: He goes there shortly after Milah’s death, stays for a little less than 300 years according to Rumple’s age
  • Back to Enchanted Forest: He seems to have been here for a while in 3x21-22 (long enough to know who Midas is). Roland is already born, which makes the events less than 3 years (Roland’s 4 in 3x03 according to Robin) before Regina casts the curse. Which gives him plenty of time to learn about Belle/work for Regina/find Cora in Wonderland
  • Frozen time under the curse: 28 years (you’ll meet the savior!)
  • Enchanted forest #3: Henry is 11 when they find Neal in NY, which means barely a year has passed since the pilot
  • Storybrooke #1: A couple of weeks at most
  • Neverland #3: A week
  • Year Without Emma: Well, yeah, a year
  • Storybrooke #2 + past: Here again, two weeks at most

So we’ve got:

17  + (time slot of Milah-free pirate years) + 7 (Milah years) + 300 + 3 + 28 + 1 + 1 = 357 year old – 29 physically

I’ll give him 4 years of piracy without Milah, which makes him 361/33