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Autumns Splendor by Scott
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The Pemaquid River in Bristol, Me. Nikon N80 camera with 28-105mm lens. 100 speed film.

Nobuyoshi Araki Camera Timeline

Nobuyoshi Araki: My Favorite Cameras (1961-1995)

Source: Eureka: Nobuyoshi Araki Special Issue (Vol. 28-2,  1996)

Note: Book titles in italics denote camera used when applicable.



 Mamiya Press  (Notes:  borrowed from his father, who used it for commemorative photographs of local schools)


35mm SLR: Minolta SR-3  (Sacchin)

35mm: Kowa Wide


35mm Rangefinder: Nikon S2 (Sacchin)

35m Half Frame: Olympus Pen S (Sacchin)


35mm Rangefinder: Nikon SP w/ 28mm lens  (Last Year’s Photographs)

(Notes: This camera was inherited from his father.  Lost after being left on a chair in a bar. It had disappeared by the time Araki returned for it.)


MF SLR: Zenza Bronica S2 w/ 50mm lens  (Yoko, My Love)

LF: Linhoff Technica 4x5


35mm SLR: Topcon RE Super w/ 25mm lens  


35mm SLR: Nikon F  w/ 20mm lens (Sentimental Journey)

35mm Half Frame: Olympus Pen FV (Sentimental Journey: Okinawa Sequel)


35mm SLR: Minolta SRT 101  w/28mm, 35mm, 58mm, 85mm lenses

MF SLR: Pentax 67 w/55mm lens  (Notes: This is his all-time workhorse camera, a model which he still currently uses.)


35mm SLR: Minolta SR-2 w/21mm lens

MF TLR:  Rolleiflex Planar 75mm  (Postwar,  I Tokyo)


35mm SLR: Canon F-1 w/ 50mm Macro lens  (My Mother’s Death)

Minolta SRT Super (I Tokyo)


35mm SLR:   Minolta XE

MF Rangefinder: Ikonta Super Six (Ikonta Story)


35mm SLR: Nikon FE (black) w/ 35mm lens (New York)

35mm Compact: Minolta Himatic SD (Pseudo-Diary)


35mm Compact: Canon Autoboy


35mm Rangefinder: Minolta CLE w/ 40mm lens  (Shashin-ron)

Olympus XA

35mm SLR: Canon A-1 w/ 35-70mm zoom lens

Nikon EM

35mm Compact: Minolta Himatic AF

MF Rangefinder: Super Ikonta (Notes: Gift from photographer Jun Miki)


35mm SLR: Pentax LX w/50mm macro lens (Erotos)

MF SLR: Pentax 645

MF Rangefinder:  Plaubel Makina 6x7, Plaubel Makina W 6x7 (Personal Sentimentalism In Photography, Seoul Story, I-Photographs)

110 subminiature: Pikarri Konica


35mm Compact: Pentax Autoron AF


35mm SLR: Olympus OM4 w/ 40mm lens (Shashin-ron)


35mm Compact: Minolta Himatic AFD (Arachy’s Tokyo Erotic Diary)


35mm Compact: Pentax Zoom 70 Date


35mm Compact: Konica Big Mini  (Winter Journey,  The First Year of Heisei)

(Notes: Araki used both the 200 and 300 series versions of this camera. The magazine did not specify which was used for either book.)


35mm Compact: Nikon Mini II  (A’s Diary)

Konica Hexar (Photo Maniac’s Color Diary)


35mm Rangefinder: Leica M6 w/ 35mm f2, 50mm f2 lenses  (Tokyo Biyori, Kyoto White Sentiment, Love By Leica, Ku)

(Notes: Camera purchased at Lemon-sha in Ginza.)  


35mm SLR: Pentax Z1 w/ 28 - 105mm lens  (Tokyo Love (with Nan Goldin)


35mm Compact: Fujifilm Tiara

Kyocera T Proof (Sentimental May, The Works Of Nobuyoshi Araki - 20)


The timeline in the magazine in which this list was sourced ended with 1995. The following is a (partial) list of cameras Araki has used since then:

35mm Compact Cameras:

Fujifilm Klasse S

Fujifilm Classica Natura (Kaori Sex Diary, 2008)

Minolta TC-1

- - - - - - 

35mm SLRs:   

Pentax MZ-5 (in silver),  Pentax MS-S (in black & silver)

- - - - - -

35mm Rangefinders:

Contax G1 w/21mm lens (Hong Kong Kiss, 1997)

Leica M7 w/ 35mm f1.4 Summilux (chrome) lens & 50mm f2.8 Elmar-M (black) lens  

(Araki Teller Teller Araki 2014, Love By Leica 2006, Tokyo Bondage 2007, Last By Leica, 2016)

(Notes: The black M7 was a gift from Leica. It came with his name engraved on the top plate.)

- - - - - -

Medium Format Rangefinders:

Fujiflm GA645 (Tokyo Travel Diary, 2003,  May, When Even Morphine Has No Effect 2004)

Mamiya 7II (Tokyo Aruki, 2009)

Fujifilm GW690III (69 Erotic Scenes, 2009)

Fujifilm GF670 (Photographs of a Seventy Year Old, 2010)

Fujifilm GF670W (Tombeau Tokyo, 2016)

- - - - - -

Instant Cameras:

Polaroid 680 (Polart)  (Notes: currently using Impossible Project Film )

Central Narcisa 1334

700mm gauge, outside frame Central Narcisa (Caibarien & Moron) Baldwin #53655, 09/1920 Almacenes San Jose Artisans Market, Havana, Cuba

Minolta X700, Vivitar Series 1 28-105mm, Fuji Velvia 50


20160305-DSC_1517.jpg by Daishi Naruse
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, 曽我別所梅林, SOGA BAIRIN BESSHO UME Blossom Forest Garden, , 梅まつり, UME Blossom Festival, . #ODAWARA #UME . NIKON D700 with Ai AF Zoom Nikkor 28-105mm F3.5-4.5D


Light and Lignin by Tim Haynes
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A lovely contrasty interplay of light and shadows on beech trees - a favoured combination of subjects.


No. 1138

Serial number 33067, built by Baldwin in the United States in 1908. Originally the “Obdulio Morales” on the Central Narcisca railway in the province of Sancti Spiritus. Gauge is approximately 27.75 inches.

Havana, Cuba

Minolta X700 35mm SLR, Vivitar Series One 28-105mm, Fuji Velvia 50


Coche Mambi

Railway coach built in 1900 in the US, exported to Cuba in 1912, and used by Cuban presidents for travel and campaigning. Havana, Cuba

Minolta X700, Vivitar Series 1 28-105mm, Fuji Velvia 50


Favorite photos of 2014.

  1. Philip (August 7) | Canon 7D; 28-105mm
  2. Pax (August 6) | Canon 7D; 28-105mm
  3. Bonkers (April 21) | Canon 7D; 60mm
  4. Noah (November 12) | Canon 7D; 50mm
  5. Worf (March 10) | Canon 7D; 60mm
  6. Riker (April 2) | Canon 7D; 60mm
  7. Rorschach (May 27) | Canon 7D; 60mm
  8. Poke [owned by uga-rats] (October 14) | Canon 7D; 28-105mm
  9. Rorschach (July 29) | Canon 7D; 28-105mm
  10. Podrick (August 7) | Canon 7D; 28-105mm