28 06 2013


Já faz um tempo
desde a última vez que escrevi pra você
Mas não se preocupe,
Eu só estava um pouco triste.
Desculpe pelo sangue no papel
eu não to me sentindo bem
o médico disse pra tomar remédios
mas eu duvido que ajudem
continuam me perguntando
sobre quando você morreu
e dói lembrar,
que eu ainda te amo, sabe
eu sinto sua falta mais
que tudo
ta difícil de terminar
porque tem sangue
em todo lugar…
Eu to indo te ver
Por favor abre a porta.

28-06-2013 Flo & Jill Barkley à Glastonbury 2013

Jill Barkley lost her sight as a result of diabetes at the age of nineteen.

“I’ve met all kinds of cool people, but Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine was brilliant. When I asked her for a picture she put her arms round me and I said: “This is great, everyone will think we’re friends,” and she said: “We are friends, darling” and proceeded to hug me every time we bumped into one another.“ (Jill Barkley)


This is a list of pretty much all the Arashi-related translations I’ve done over the years over at say_it_again on LJ, from 2005 to present. They are divided into several sections and further listed in (mostly) chronological order unless they were parts to the same article/translation.

Please note that the further you go back the more likely there will be mistakes or awkward sentences! (Also, a few of these translations are incomplete as I never got around to finishing them…)

Last updated: 2014/11/18

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