It really does seem like everything revolving Harry’s new album somehow comes down to the number 28. So, I just wanted to put this little timeline together to let it sink in how much he loves the number 28:

  • March 25th (3+25 = 28) - Harry changes all his social media layouts to white squares. Harry’s first advent video appears during a commercial break for The Voice UK semifinals
  • March 28th - Harry changes all layouts on social media promo is new album. It is announced that Harry will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on April 15th
  • April 7th (4+7+17 = 28) - Harry’s first single called Sign of the Times is released
  • April 15th - Harry sings track 2 (Sign of the Times) and track 8 (Ever Since New York) on Saturday Night Live
  • April 28th - Harry releases his tour dates
  • May 2nd  - Harry releases Sweet Creature
  • May 8th - Harry releases the music video for Sign of the Times
  • May 6th (5+6+17 = 28) - Harry posts link to Twitter for the Sign of the Times music video preview