To our precious and wonderful Angel, Xia(h) Junsu, I wish a happy birthday.

Candy, Orange-Junsu, Angel, Xia(h), Junsu… So many nicknames, so many stories. So many memories. And just a man.
I can’t believe you’re 27 now. You still look as cute as you did when TVXQ! made its debut. I still have this image of you, posing cutely in front of the camera. And look at yourself now, all manly and handsome. This childish look on your face, these sparkles on your eyes… The world stops when you smile.

You’re a gift from Heaven to us, Kim Junsu. I hold my breath when you dance and time freezes when you sing. Everything becomes beautiful and harmonious, simple and natural. This unique and particular voice of yours, I can’t really describe how I feel when you sing. You touched my heart and my soul with your voice and your smile. I’ll never be able to thank you, for everything that you did for me. You made me smile, you made me cry. You made me laugh, you gave me hope.

I learnt how to smile and be humble, looking at you, listening to you. You’re an angel, in its purest form. Everything about you in angelic. Your soft and sweet words, your melodious voice and your graceful dance moves. I smiled to your special jokes and to how you’ve been ‘bullied’ by the other members. I hope you’ll never stop doing what makes you happy, and this is how you give us happiness. You’re an angel, shining bright upon our heads. You’ll forever be glowing in the W, and I’ll forever keep an eye on you.

Keep on smiling, keep on laughing. Never stop singing, never give up. Cry if you need to cry and we’ll wipe your tears away. We’ll always be here by your side. I’d give so much for you to be happy. You deserve all the best in this world, little angel. You helped so many people. Yet I can repay it back to you, I’m so sorry…

I truly admire you for the amazing person and the wonderful artist that you are. You’re not just a singer. You’re a gift from Heaven. How can you be so sweet? Ah, I love you Kim Junsu. I sincerely do, from the bottom of my heart. I love you when you’re cute, when you’re young. When you’re handsome, when you grow up. I even love you when you’re creepy, and when you try to be funny. I love you for what you are, I fell for Xiah, and now I love Kim Junsu.

I wish that you are happy right now, and that you’ll forever be happy.
Once again, happy birthday, Junsu-ssi.

We love you. So much.


#27thXiahDay Junsu

I feel that, I’m not like jaejoong hyung who knows how to use beautiful vocabulary.

Not like yoochun who knows how to use suave wordings.

Or not even like changmin who has a wide range of thinking.

That’s why I wrote a letter to fans
Mmm… To me… No.. Should be to TVXQ, cassiopea exits in this form..
Sometimes, it’s a determined defender
Sometimes, it’s a…. supporter whom u can trust anytime
Sometimes it’s a.. friend who knows what your heart is thinking and a friend that will last forever.

But sometimes, it feels hard to be close to everyone(fans)
Mmm.. I had times like this.
Afraid that you will be hurt, thats why didnt get close to you all. That’s why keep going circles around your sides…

I don’t know if anyone still remember a phrase like this.

“In this world, the most difficult thing is to get to know each others’ heart.
But everyone of us looks different, that’s why our hearts will be different too.
In one moment, we can have thousands of thoughts. To stop that heart which is like a wind, it’s a very difficult thing.”

When I was young, I read that in the book,“The Little Prince”
When I was in high school, I chance upon this phrase again… That time I feel that this phrase is really good.
But when I was playing computer games that time, I saw this phrase again… Really, it’s like long time no see!

But… really.. that’s like us… like TVXQ… we have read the sentence alot of times…

Now… People who are with me… TVXQ members… I’m a blissful person..

And… We will always stand here…

So… I believe… Our hearts won’t change.
I believe if our hearts didn’t change, everyone’s heart won’t change too.

I will cherish this special night. It’s precious not because it’s special but because of the time that I had spend with everyone….

A memorable time.. And memories that are kept inside the brain, could be forgotten easily.

But if its to keep inside the heart, I could see it sooner.

The eyes that look at us, TVXQ and me, Xiah Junsu, I will always remember!!!

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