27th day of challenge

Phandom Games Dates

8pm EST Thursday, July 27th to 8pm EST Monday, August 7th (11 days). This includes the final challenge which only the top 4 teams will be eligible to compete. Registration will open July 1st and end July 20th.


Song: Yumezora (夢空)
Artist: Royz
Album: Tears
Release Date: February 27th, 2013
Music: Kazuki
Lyrics: Tomoya

366 days song challenge - Day 139

最高。 いつもありがとうございました。

Carry On Countdown: Prompts!

Hello everyone!

In a month from now (November 23rd), the Carry On Countdown will start, and each day there will be a new prompt where you can create something with. This can be a fanfiction, fanart, headcanons, memes, or even moodboards and playlists, so feel free to do whatever you like with it!

Starting from November 23rd, we will be tracking the tag “#carry on countdown“, so be sure to tag your creation with that so we can find it! We are still not sure whether we will be reblogging everything to this blog, but we will be seeing all of them and mostly reblogging them to our own blogs. You can also tag this blog in your post, that way it’s easier for us to find it.

However, make sure you start early enough if you want to join, because making something new every day can be difficult. Definitely don’t feel obligated to do every prompt though, whether you only make one or one every day, we will be happy.

The actual day chapter 61 happened is actually December 24th, but more explanation about that here. Nonetheless, we thought it would be nice to do a snowflakefaces that day, since it’s been a while. More info on that later.

As for the prompts, you can find the list below. You’ll notice that most of them are only one or two words, because we don’t want everyone’s work to look like each other. Interpret the prompt however you like, and let your creation flow!


November 23rd: Coffee Shop AU

★ November 24th: Fifth Year

★ November 25th: Opposite Day

★ November 26th: Punk/Pastel AU

★ November 27th: Spells (+ Eight Year Spell Challenge, more info coming up on @snowflakefaces)

★ November 28th: Early Gen/Next Gen

★ November 29th: Girl Power

★ November 30th: Front Seat’s For People Who Haven’t Been Kidnapped By Fucking Numpties

★ December 1st: Music

★ December 2nd: Youtuber AU

★ December 3rd: Crack

★ December 4th: First Year

★ December 5th: Camping

★ December 6th: Ebb

★ December 7th: Angst

★ December 8th: WLW

★ December 9th: Roast The Mage (Let Him Suffer™)

★ December 10th: Hogwarts AU

★ December 11th: Crossover

★ December 12th: Let It Snow

★ December 13th: Christmas Shopping

★ December 14th: Moms

★ December 15th: Road Trip

★ December 16th: Simom & Dadilton (Parent AU)

★ December 17th: Christmas Baking

★ December 18th: Date Night

★ December 19th: Sports

★ December 20th: Underrated Characters

★ December 21st: Memes

★ December 22nd: Sweater Weather

★ December 23rd: Chapter 61

December 24th: Snowflakefaces (more info later on @snowflakefaces)

As mentioned before, you definitely don’t have to be participating every day, but if everyone in the fandom could at least join one day, it would be really awesome. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an ask.

Thank you and have fun!

March 22 -March 28

This is it folks! This is the big post that will fill you in on most of the big events going on in the fandom. If you have anything you’d like do or host on your blog, feel free to reblog and put it in the comments! Otherwise PLEASE signal boost and spread this like wildfire.

Zevran Arainai Week Announcement Post - contains the basic info. 

Zevran Arainai Appreciation Week Blog (TY tainted-knight ) - This is the hub for all Zevran Week info and where all things tagged ‘zevran week’ will be reblogged. Click over and follow!

Zevran Favourite Fanfic Catalogue Post (TY apollonie ) - This will be circulating for the week. Add your favourite fanfics and at the end of the week we’ll make a master list to circulate!

Zevran Blog Master List Post (TY alwayswhenleastexpected ) -  We want to create a master list of Zevran blogs so this will also circulate for the week and at the end, the info will be compiled into a post for reference. Click over for the guidelines and info on how to get your blog on the list!

Tuesday, March 24th is Zevran GIFset/Edit Day! For all of you creators who make edits, GIFsets, videos, etc. Guidelines and tag info are in the link.

Wednesday, March 25th is Zevran Writing Prompt Challenge Day! All you fanfiction authors are welcome to take part and let your followers know that you’ll be taking Zevran prompts for quick, 30 minute writes. Guidelines and tag info are in the link. (TY a-mahariels-travels)

Thursday, March 26th is Zevran OC LI Day! This is the day we celebrates all of the OCs we romanced Zevran with! Guidelines and tag info are in the link. 

Friday, March 27th is Zevran Drawing Challenge Day! All you fan artists are welcome to take part and let your followers know that you’ll be taking prompts for a 15 minute sketch! Guidelines and info are in the link.

Super talented fan artist eristhenat has volunteered to host a very special event - They will be painting OCs that romanced Zevran and compiling them into one big image!!! This is ridiculously awesome! Get in on the event by checking out the guidelines here

The amazing fereldentrashbag has written and recorded a beautiful song, in Dalish no less, dedicated to Zevran. Listen to it here. 

Please note all the people above who came together to offer help and do a lot of the work involved! Also, special thanks to garretthawke for sparking the whole thing and to antiva-is-for-lovers, bexquisition for helping the idea take shape!

In March, 2016 a participant from this cycle will be chosen to win a book. So everyone who posts a photo in Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar will be entered and I will choose a winner at the end of March. Each month you post is a ballot in the box; if you post in Aug, Oct and Feb, that’s 3 chances you have at winning. If you post a photo all seven months, you’ve got seven chances (also: check out any challenges for extra entries). At the end of the 4th (November) and 8th (March) month I will choose a participant (at random) to win a sticker.

 • Post a photo for Treat Yo Shelf Day on the 27th [of each month].
  • If there’s a challenge try to complete it for two extra giveaway entries.
  • Giveaway time closes at 11AM on the 28th (Toronto time), so be sure to get your photo(s) posted, tagged #TreatYoShelfDay and reblogged by me before then - if you couldn’t, just send me a message - I want to include as many people as possible.
  • Please use #TreatYoShelfDay in the tags of your post (it must be one of the first 4 tags for it to show in my tracked tags), put your first name in the tags as well [if it’s your first time participating/entering] so I can write you down.
  • Mention treatyoshelfday or hugbooks in the caption and I’ll get an email so I definitely can’t miss your post then!

  • You must be following hugbooks and treatyoshelfday
  • You must be comfortable giving me your name and address. Please ask permission if you need to because I don’t want anyone getting in trouble.
  • You must post a photo on the 27th of the month for TYSDay to be entered, if you post a little later (say on the 28th) I won’t leave you out.
  • You will be entered once I’ve reblogged your photo and tagged “NAME is entered in the giveaway”
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Check Book Depository’s list of countries to be sure they will ship to you

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Day 1-7 of the Badass2014 challenge! 27th Oct - 2nd November

Answer these questions to keep you on track. You can answer them any day of the week, now, the end, whenever YOU feel best!

1. What made you decide that this challenge was something you wanted to do?

2. Where are you in your journey? 

3. Out of all of the things you would like to achieve this week, what is the most important to you?

4. NOT A QUESTION: Take a selfie when you feel the most confident and post it with the #badass2014 tag. We wanna see your fabulous self!

5. What is the best meal you have had so far, or if you’re answering this on Day 1 - what is the meal you’re most excited for this week!?