A Demonic Sky chapter 19

Summary: AU, I must have been out of my mind to make a contract with a demon, Reborn thought as he stared at the creature across him, Really Stupid. And it just has to be one that enjoys messing with him. Though he couldn’t help but admit that having Tsuna around him made his missions so much easier. R27/27R, Demon!Tsuna Hunter!Reborn, All27/27All

Chapter 19 : Mission 7 part 4 here

I’m planning on doing a major edit of this story along with ‘Contract’ and 'The Unexplainable’. The latter I’ve already started and I’m up to chapter 14 at this current point of time.

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May I ask for a fluffy fluffy R27/27R or 8027/2780 as a fic request?

A.N - Less shippy and more platonic, but here you go, anon.

Reborn wakes slowly, feeling like he’s being drowned in molasses. The room is still dark, saturated with the muggy feeling of content Sky Flames. He rolls over and stretches, groaning quietly as all his muscles - adult again! - groan and pop and ache in the right ways. He settles back against the bed just in time for the lump of bedding next to him to shift and wriggle. 

A moment later, Tsuna’s head appears, bleary-eyed, his bedhead atrocious as usual, a bit of drool on the corner of his mouth. “S’time for school?”

“Don’t mumble,” Reborn tells him, and reaches out to smooth his hair down. Tsuna blinks several times, trying to clear the crust out of his eyes and be a little more alert. Reborn has to resist the urge to tell him he’s adorable like this, all mellow and quiet. “No. It’s only–” He glances over at the clock, and has to squint to see it, the room’s that dark. “Four-fourteen in the morning. You can go back to sleep.” He probably won’t, but then again he’s been asleep for nearly twelve hours now. Yesterday was… rigorous, to say the least.

He still can’t believe his body’s back, that he’s not on the chopping block anymore. That none of them are. In a handful of days, this brat beside him has managed to break what none of them thought they could. It feels surreal, and he keeps pinching himself, expecting to wake up and find it all a terrible, awful dream brought on by hope.

“No, I’m up,” Tsuna cracks a yawn and shoves himself out of bed, clumsily climbing over Reborn as he goes. He yawns again and stretches, and this time Reborn hears his body pop, much harder and in more places. “Ugh, I’m still sore. Coffee?”


Tsuna nods and goes downstairs. Reborn gives himself a few minutes to bask in the silence before he goes to follow his student down. The kitchen lights aren’t on - Tsuna knows his way around too well to really need them - and Reborn seats himself while Tsuna scoops the correct amount of coffee into the machine, followed by the water, and turns the whole thing on. 

There’s a cool breeze wafting in from outside. It makes the whole thing feel pleasant, and Reborn lets himself relax for the first time in a long while. 

“You doin’ okay?” Tsuna asks, after a few minutes. He’s got his head down in a cradle of his arms, but his eyes are on Reborn. “With the whole body thing?”

“Mmhm,” Reborn answers. 


It’s amazing, the hitman thinks. Most people he knows wouldn’t be content with a simple noise for an answer. But Tsuna trusts him, trusts his judgement over himself and others. It’s…touching. He likes it.

“Thank you,” he says, before the filter between his brain and his mouth can catch it. “For saving my life.”

When he glances over, it looks like Tsuna’s fallen back asleep. But there’s a pink tint to his cheeks, and something that looks suspiciously like a smile on his lips. 

“You brat,” he whispers in the quiet, and closes his eyes again. 

He’ll let Tsuna have this one, he decides.

Payback Oneshot preview

Summary: Tsuna, sick and tired of Reborn’s games on his mind, decides to take advantage of Reborn’s hormonal teenage state as revenge. 27R


Tsuna peered down at the obvious weakness in Reborn’s form, never really seeing it before due to the ex-Arcobaleno’s personality. Swallowing, he reached over and pressed his hands harder into the back, immediately feeling the hitman stiffen against him once more. Those eyes snapped to him in question, watching his every move like a hawk, before turning his attention away into the pillow. The brunet continued his slow massage over the spinal cord, listening as the other let out a small shaky moan, and watched Reborn further bury his face into the comfortable pillow.

I really enjoyed writing this one XD

Vampire Knight Lala DX Special Chapter December 2015 Re-Post

Ok, as much as I’m uneasy about doing this, I’ve been getting way too many asks for my translation. It’s too much for me to keep up with, and I honestly thought that the fandom wouldn’t be as interested in my translation because I know that a section of the Zeki shippers said that they were going to do a scanlation for the chapter. From my knowledge, there’s no scanlation from them yet. 

I’ve also been getting asks as to how I was able to translate the chapter. No, I did not use the Chinese scans to translate; I have my own Japanese RAWS whom my best friend, living in Japan, was able to get for me. And no, I won’t be posting my copy; it’s too much of a risk for me to do. 

The Chinese RAWS have been posted before, but as far as I know, there’s no English version of the scans yet. So with this, I’ve decided to re-post my translation; the hate that I received from a month ago has mostly died down, so I’m not as uncomfortable about posting my work again.

In the grand scheme of things, after all, a second chance doesn’t hurt, and I’ve received so many supportive messages throughout my ordeal with this fandom. ^^ This is the least I could do. 




With this, enjoy!

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