Harmonizers, Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix confession by anonymous

“I’m laughing so hard at Harmonizers reactions to Little Mix being invited to play the Capital FM Summertime Ball for the second year in a row. They were basically begging Capital to invite Fifth Harmony but when LM were confirmed as the last act they started acting like it’s not a big deal and 5H performing for around 27K at Wango Tango is bigger than LM performing for a sold out 80K at the Summertime Ball. So salty.”

Dead at 30

So I’m still trying to process everything…

Yesterday, was running the Toronto Marathon and at 19K (just shy of 10 miles), my heart started to beat rapidly & there was immense chest pains.  This wasn’t an anxiety attack that I’m quite familiar with.  This was something different.

I stopped running immediate and decided to drop out of the race.  I walked to my friend who was cheering at another 6K down.  I took it extremely slow, but my heart was still racing & my chest was in immense pain.  Sadly, there was no medical people around so I had to keep walking until 27K before I could get medical assistance.

They took me to a hospital and it wasn’t until I was there, 3 hours after I stopped running before my chest pains stopped.  They doctors didn’t say it was a heart attack, nor did they say it wasn’t.  They did say that my heart enzymes were extremely high (120 vs the normal 26) from my blood test.  

They did agree that had I not stopped when I did, I would have had a heart attack. 

30, optionally healthy, 7th marathon (incomplete) and a possible heart attack?  Not sure what I should feel right now.

What I do know is that I’m not dead yet.

He woke with a start, snuffling a little as he took in his surroundings. Where’d the pitch go? Where did that damn ball go that was hurtling at his face not two seconds ago? “It was just a dream…” He mumbled satisfied to himself but, just to prove himself right he held his arm out and shook it a few times watching how it cooperated with him. “Ace.” He almost giggled, disgruntling the curly headed sasquatch that was his boyfriend trying to stay asleep on his other arm.

Louis picked up his free hand and ran it through the curls he loved oh so much, exposing a patch of soft skin. Pinning them back gently, he was an inch away lips already puckered the air suddenly got ripped from his lungs and- “Harry! Did you just elbow me in the balls?!” He screeched.

An AU where Louis gets to see what life could be like if he just sucked up the courage and faced his fears about asking Harry such a simple question. But, after meeting two possible additions to their family, will he ever do it?


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