The Human and I are going to go see a movie! Sunstorm is very upset that he doesn’t get to go, he’s always very protective of me. But he’s too small! We argued about it for quite a while. I tried to explain to him this movie is PG13… no one under 13 is allowed in! I even went as far as showing him he is only 4cm tall! No where near the required 13cm! He’ll just have to sit this one out… 

Waiting for the medics to finish mending my wings. Can’t have anything go wrong during the mission… it’s so boring though. At least I have something to read in the meantime?

The Human tells me we’re going to meet a celebrity? She says we’ll get his autograph… I hope I can get some new toys.


Greetings Tumblr! I would like to apologize for my long absence… ruling this territory is a taxing matter! And it has NOTHING to do with the fact my Human finally bought me a copy of Pokemon Black 2! 

My Human also recently acquired a new communications device, with a second camera mount. I have been attempting to learn it’s ways to liberate myself from my dependency on the Human to make posts. Everything on this planet is a challenge!

This handsome little devil followed Sunny up to our base one day, and has made himself comfortable ever since! I’ve been trying to capture the other Kreon that have infested my base and at least document them, but they are wily little creatures! They’ll sit still for hours playing my DS, but the moment I try to grab them they scamper off!