Ze tag game (:


Rule 1:Post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

I was tagged by nonamesareleft.

1. What the fuck?


2. What’s the top 3 most played listened to songs on your itunes?

#1 Dear you, by Jenna Anne #2 Impatience by Jenna Anne… and oh god #3 Frisky by Tinie Tempah. That’s back when my friend and I were trying to memorize it haha

3. Did that question make any sense?

The second one did… first one? not so much.

4. What did you have for dinner today?

I didn’t eat yet but I think chinese food yum (:

5. What did you have for dinner yesterday?

Chicken parm and ziti, it was orgasmic.

6. What’s your favorite movie about?

I can never decide on my favorite movie. But one of my favorites is about this guy who cuts school and goes into the city the whole day with his friend and his girlfriend. If you know what this movie is, then give yourself a high five. 

7. If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would you chose?


8. Who would you definitely not chose?

I don’t know. But probably not Sarah Jessica Parker.

9. Would you ever dye your hair pink?

No, I’ve never dyed my hair and if I did I don’t think it’d be pink, sorry.

10. Do you like Noel Gallagher?


11. Noel Gallagher is God. (this is not a question but w/e)

Oh awkward.

My Questions:

1. What color are the walls in your room?

2. What is your dream pet?

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

4. Did your school ever have any legendary senior pranks?

5. What’s the last text that you got?

6. Mint chocolate chip or fudge brownie ice cream?

7. What were you doing before you got on tumblr?

8. Favorite drink at starbucks?

9. Who was the all time sexiest president in the United States.

10. Have your ever tried to find out how many licks does it really take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? If so, how many did it take? If not… what’s wrong with your childhood.

11. If you could have sex with any superhero, who would it be? Any particular reason? 

tiderays asked:

#98 and #96, good luck!

thanks, and sorry for my late answer! :/

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