“But you don’t look autistic”

1. Sound canceling headband with special interest theme

2. Radiating an aura of awkwardness

3. Same pair of soft jeans every day

4. Sunglasses inside

5. Chew necklace

6. Raptor hands

7. Oversized sweatshirt for comfort and ultimate hand flapping

8. All black/gray because no concept of matching colors

9. Heavy boots for pressure stimming

Image description: a drawing of an agender teen supposedly not looking autistic, despite their appearance which has the characteristics labeled above. It is crudely drawn in pencil and slightly faded.

Eurus: Say hello to the poodle 

Mycroft: I’m not saying hello to a pink poodle! 

Eurus: I said hello to the poodle, you say hello to the poodle

*poodle growls* 

Mycroft: *says hello to the poodle*