You know what’s amazing? Fangirls. We are fucking amazing; we live, breathe fandom and love the shit out of our chosen fandom. We spend hours writing fan fiction, making gifs, photo sets, videos, and artwork amongst other things. We pick a character(s) and research their past and dig deep into their characterization. We buy the merch, we go see the movies, watch the shows; anything that has to do with our favorite character/fandom we are there. And we get shit for it. “Oh, you only like Captain America because you think Chris Evans is hot.” Well no shit he’s hot. And so what if we haven’t read all the Captain America comics (or maybe we have), who gives a flying fuck. Guess what? Fangirls are at the conventions, at the premieres, motherfuckers we are everywhere and we are going nowhere SON. NOWHERE.

We’re not just any girls, we’re FUCKING FANGIRLS.

Be proud. 

anonymous asked:

Have you seen that Phantom will come to Göteborg this fall?! Jag dööör jag är så glad!

I would be thrilled, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is the Finnish non-replica version they get at the Gothenburg Opera. Like, my least favourite non-replica production ever. The one looking like this: 

I’m not convinced I need this in my life…

who am I kidding i’m totally gonna go and see it but for all the wrong reasons

only Norwegians will understand this reference: Finsk fjernsynsteater