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Most ridiculous/funny/hilariously wrong thing you've heard from a Real Madrid hater?

I was really thinking about what I should answer because these eyes have read A LOT, but I remembered I literally have a collection of the best tweets by antimadridistas on my phone, most of them have already gone down in the history of football Twitter lmao, they’re in spanish so I’ll translate them and write the dates (DD/MM/YY) to give context,  here we go:

“The day Zidane becomes Real Madrid’s manager they won’t even qualify to Europa League” -@marcoreusATM (Colchonero) 28/04/14

“Real Madrid will pay 35 million euros plus other 7 for Modric, 42 millions is crazy, I think Real Madrid has been swindled” -@_Futbolero_ (One of the main Culé accounts on Twitter) 27/08/12

“We have to say Cesc is 26 and Modric 28. I mean Fabregas has 2 years less and he has already surpassed Modric in everything” -@_Futbolero_ 16/02/14

“There’s no way I would ever exchange Luca Modric for Miguel De Las Cuevas” -@antonmeana (Colchonero journalist) 05/04/11

“Benitez has been sacked. He is substituted by a manager that yesterday didn’t win against La Roda” -@isaacfouto (COPE journalist) 04/01/16

“In Madrid they are celebrating the arrival of Zidane like they just won a title. Right now it’s the only thing they can celebrate” -@SPORT_Lmascaro (SPORT journalist) 06/01/16

“Hope all of you have a good week… including those that want to win the UCL with Lucas Vazquez, Casimiro, Jesé, Nacho, Kavacevic, Arbeloa” -@cristobalsoria (El Chiringuito “journalist”) 21/03/16

“Madridistas, 11 years since winning your last UCL, how does it feel like?” -@Caarla1903 (Colchonera, the same girl that wrote a letter to madridistas lmaooo how ironical) 15/05/13

“Varane will be Madrid’s fourth signing, has anyone seen him play? In that case, is he better than (Alberto) Botía? Thanks.” -@GarciaCuervo (MARCA journalist) 21/06/11

“It would be beautiful if Barca wins the league, Atletico the UCL and Zidane’s infernal machine ZERO” -@AS_Manolete (AS journalist) 24/04/17

“They tought they had already won the league… Barca is leader. They thought Barca was already eliminated… Barca is in quarter-finals. Madridismo has their ass broken” -@_Futbolero_ 09/03/17

“If Cristiano were smart he’d accept China’s offer, he’ll never get a better one… and even less with his current performances” -@quimdomenech (El Chiringuito “journalist”) 29/12/16

“There’s no difference between Benitez’s Madrid and Zidane’s Madrid, except for the hugs and empathy” -@jjbrotons (Spanish journalist) 18/02/16

And my favorite one: “Messi has renewed his contract until 2018. RM can forget of winning titles until 2019. And Cristiano will retire without another Ballon D’or” -@SPORT_Lmascaro (SPORT journalist) 07/02/13. This one’s particularly funny because since that tweet was written Real Madrid has won THREE UCLs and Cristiano is on his way of winning his FOURTH Ballon d’Or.


sweet jealous biscuits - part 1 Mitsu here!!! (Peru 27/08/2015 12:25 a.m.) and… 

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This comic is based on the description of Himaruya about England where says his culinary skills are improving. When England said he cooked for Italy, is that time he was captured by America. 

(sorry, I used google translate for some parts, sorry u.u )