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The Chilbolton Glyph and Arecibo (A clever joke?)

In 1974 a group of scientist that included Dr. Frank Drake and Carl Sagan, sent out an interstellar radio message to a cluster of stars (M13 which is 25,000 light years away) in the hopes that extraterrestrial intelligence might receive and decipher it. Some people believe that in 2001 (27 yrs later) we finally got a response.

The message we was called The Arecibo message, and at the time it was the most powerful radio broadcast made by mankind.
Dr. Frank Drake, then at Cornell University and creator of the Drake equation, wrote the message with help from Carl Sagan, among others.

The message consists of seven parts that encode the following (from the top down):

1)The numbers one (1) to ten (10) (white) 
2)The atomic numbers of the elements hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, which make up deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) (purple) 
3)The formulas for the sugars and bases in the nucleotides of DNA (green) 
4)The number of nucleotides in DNA, and a graphic of the double helix structure of DNA (white & blue) 
5)A graphic figure of a human, the dimension (physical height) of an average man, and the human population of Earth (red, blue/white, & white respectively)
6) A graphic of the Solar System indicating which of the planets the message is coming from (yellow)
7)A graphic of the Arecibo radio telescope and the dimension (the physical diameter) of the transmitting antenna dish (purple, white, & blue)

(please note that the original broadcast was not in color, they are added for explanation purposes)

In 2001, a large crop circle appeared on a crop field near UK’s largest telescope and observatory, the Chilbolton. The crop formation looked very much like the Arecibo message (the original pictured on the right). There were of course some changes to the “response” which seemed like they were straight out of alien folklore which leads us to think that this “response” was simply a clever joke.

These were the changes made:

In the section detailing important chemical elements, the main focus is altered from carbon to silicon, and the diagram of DNA is re-scribbled slightly. At the bottom, the pictogram of a human is replaced with a shorter figure with a large, bulbous head. 

Friendly Notes for Jumin Haters

It’s been over a year I played MM and even after that it seems people never get tired to talk about jumin as if he is the only sinner in RFA and the only character who has so many flaws and nothing good; hence he is a bad character and doesn’t deserve forgiveness so does his fans; they are the worst and the whole internet should know about this as if the whole world hasn’t already know about this. It’s been a year yet people still don’t get over it.

Jumin Han tag here on tumblr isn’t even a safe place for jumin and his fans because it always surrounded by hate posts, false accusations, DJHIG meme and people who disregarding his character. So I beg your respect to consider these things below:

It is OK to dislike/hate Jumin Han because he or his route made you feel uncomfortable and triggering your unpleasant experience for whatever reasons no one ever force you to like him or change your opinions; we just want your respect.

  • But it is NOT OK to call him an abuser when clearly he is not one of that. Just because the slightest of his behavior remind you of your abuser doesn’t necessarily means he is one of them. He was having a mental breakdown for mostly 1.5 days for the first time in 27 yrs of his life on his route. Making you feel uncomfortable wasn’t his intentions, that’s why he keep apologizing to you. He is inexperienced of expressing his emotions and he was anxious and insecure. He needs time to go back to being rational and logical jumin again and see after that he is changing and he certainly never do those things again. Is it what an abuser would do? NO!
  • It is NOT OK to spreading false accusations about him and make him looks like some kind of villain/criminal. I saw many people accused him of kidnapping MC when in fact it was not true. MC is consciously want to come to his penthouse and help him on her own will. No one force her into this, not even jumin himself.
  • It is NOT OK to always associate him with his Bad Ending traits/events; Bad Ending traits/events exist because the player encourage him to do so and make him believe it was the right thing to do. Keep pushing him doing bad things but never tell him what is right. That’s why it was called bad ends. It exist for a reason. The truest character’s traits will only show during the good route only (Good End/Normal End). Please don’t disregard his wonderful character development.
  • It is NOT OK to accuse us, jumin fans that we are an abuse apologist for liking jumin or we are ignoring his flaws or problematic behaviors because he is a male and he is so fckn attractive or the like. Also accused us for romanticizing his BE2 and call it was sexy cz this is so fckn wrong and insulting for us.
  • It is NOT OK to play victim and call us rude to make us looks bad yet you are the one who send anon hate and rude commentary in the first place and telling us to stop making positivity contents about jumin and keep coming back as anon to tell us how gross we are for even liking an abuser like him and goes 9763234581 ways to write how jumin is a bad character and how his route make you uncomfortable and even bring him down to level up your bias.
  • It is NOT OK to tag your jumin hate with “Jumin Han” tag and mention his name in the body post without being censored.
  • It is NOT OK to antagonize/attack people who started to like him with anon hate and your tons of bullshits just to seek your own validation and being rude with your insistence and keep coming back to them.

I think that’s all from me. If you want to be respected; please respect mine too. I don’t want any of this pointless discourse to continue in the future. Don’t you get tired already? I don’t know what your aim, but it’s been a year and you keep talking about his flaws endlessly. It’s not even a week since his birthday gdi. I just want peace and love jumin in peacefulness without someone telling me bullshits.


I won’t respond to any kind of offensive/rude commentary. I hope people would take this with level-headed manner, if you disagree just keep it to yourself. I do my business, you do yours. Everyone has different opinions and point of views. I only demand your respect.

Thank you.

taylor sapphirestump’s i needed to do something to feel productive masterpost, seven ish hours after finally giving in to the anons asking for a second one !! have fun kids ok, remember to tag this as food and bookmark for rainy days !!

movies (be sure to check their imdb page for smth that may be triggering)

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Keef just wants to be a Hippo
  • 5 yr old Keith: When I grow up, I wanna be a hippo!
  • Shiro: That's nice Keith
  • 11 yr old Keith: When I grow up, I wanna be a hippo!
  • Shiro: Heh.. That's funny..
  • 17 yr old Keith: When I grow up, I wanna be a hippo!
  • Shiro: Keith omg you have to sTOP DOING THIS
  • 27 yr old Keith: When I grow up, I wanna-

Tonight my mom went to a gay bar and made friends w this cute 27 yr old guy and basically he told her that he has an abusive ex and needs to move out of their apartment. so my mom goes with him to his apt and moves all of his shit out and into a temporary home… afterwards he told her that he is the manager of our local cookie shop and that any time we can come in and ask for him, and he’ll get us whatever we want

Long story short my mom should go out clubbing all the time because this time she came home with unlimited free cookies

Reincarnation concept

I’m not a big fan of fluffy Pennywise but I had this idea so here you go

Soon after Pennywise awakened for the first time he took an interest in a certain human. He kept his distance for the year but as he was getting ready for his long rest he decided he didn’t want them to continue with their life if he wasn’t around

so he ate them

Years later he awakens and finds that the person’s soul has been reincarnated and now belongs to the body of a 27 yr old. This time he does not keep his distance and instead strikes up a friendship but keeps his identity a secret. Once again when it is time for his long rest he can’t bear the thought of them continuing life…

So he eats them

During the next cycle of reincarnation all memories of the friendship made are remembered after Pennywise’s introduction. Things go a little farther and a relationship starts

Penny has no idea why this person’s soul is special and will not move on but now he is worried that if he doesn’t eat them every 28 years the cycle will be broken and the person will age and their soul will be lost to him forever

The cycle continues on and on through the ages. Awakening, introduction, remembering the previous lives, a year of happiness, consumption and sleep

Until one year when a group of losers decide to end his cycle before he can finish it

finding out about team voltron’s Confirmed ages and heritages and then remembering that the shaladongs are going to be Extra smug abt keith being “legal”


Happy Valentine’s Day Papi 😗😗. You have been my heart and soul for 27 yrs and I couldn’t imagine a day without you 💓💓
Happy Valentine’s Day as well to our amazing followers. May you day be filled with love and Sexy booties 😗😗
#me Mrs Connect4FandT

anonymous asked:

So I'm a 27 yr male and I'm currently deployed just found out my girl of 1 yr cheated on me with a dude and she got herpes....wat should I do when I return she is 21 yr she said it was a mistake and she loves me and only me....but she keep in going back over his house even after that saying there just friends and she went to see another friend cause he has roommates. We talked about married and having a baby together before this all happen. Now I can't even look at her. Help please?

Deployments hard enough but knowing you gotta return to this shit when you get home…damn dude. Honestly, break it off with her. She clearly isn’t loyal. There are plenty of other girls dying to get with a military man, trust me ;P

- Rebel

anonymous asked:

But isn't that what every actor wants and dreams to be? indispensable? lol i don't understand why do you make it sound so bad, literally EVERY single one of the actors in the industry is working towards that same position and goal, to be indispensable. And, its not like they didn't work their butts off to reach where they are, they have been in the industry for more than 27 yrs now, i mean, you gotta get what you earned.

Whenever we get to this point in the conversation, I can’t help but laugh (and cry a little) at how obvious it is that so many of you guys know nothing of famous actors anywhere outside of Bollywood. Like, as if the greed these three men show is somehow applicable to actors everywhere, and the ONLY way (and apparently the natural way?) to do things is the way Bollywood does them. 

When you look at the most celebrated actors in the world, you’ll find people who will willingly take a reduced paycheck for a project they believe in. You’ll find men who will champion their female costars’ demands. Men who produce films about important subjects featuring underrepresented groups, whether they’re “female-centric” or focus on black/LGBT/ethnic minorities’ issues. Hollywood is misogynistic as well and far from perfect, but do you really think George Clooney or Brad Pitt would cringe at the idea of working with a woman over 40? Probably not, considering most of Hollywood’s biggest stars are over 40. Or that those women, like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, who are lucky enough to have enough power to produce their own films don’t turn around and make vanity projects where they’re paired opposite a guy with a six pack 20 years younger than them, but instead use their power to back stories they believe in? Does it surprise you that so many of the top actors around the world care at least as much about the films they’re making as they do about appearing younger or padding their own pockets without giving back to the industry?

Most actors want to build a legacy. Most people who achieve the type of power that the Khans have feel at least a little responsibility to contribute to the industry, not just their own bank accounts. They care, at least a little bit, about changing the landscape of cinema, even in small ways. And they may not be above acting with whatever hot young actress is big at the time, but that doesn’t mean their entire career after the age of 40 will look like that. 

This is not the audience’s fault. Don’t shift blame to people who have NO choice about what is made. That’s like saying there are no dark skinned actresses because of the audience, there are no chubby/fat actresses because of the audience, there is no X, Y, or Z representation because of the audience. It’s total bullshit, the audience doesn’t make the films. They’re given VERY little choice about what to watch, but these men could make anything in the world and you see what they decide to put out (and who they decide to cast). 

These self-absorbed, greedy multimillionaires don’t need you to defend their right to maintain the status quo, but it genuinely makes me sad that you think there’s not a viable, more ethical way to do things and that there aren’t powerful men in the world who can and are willing to do better for the sake of the industry they’re in.

anonymous asked:

Can we talk about that lack of female protection? I feel like for all our talk of sisterhood , it is severely lacking. Especially when it comes to defending our girls. I've seen more black women readily call our babies "fast" and "hoochies" rather than admit that the men around them are predators and pedophiles grooming these girls.

Glory!!! We absolutely CAN talk about it. Because the black community is riddled with women who would rather coddle men and absolve them of all wrongdoing than to admit that there is a serious issue with pedophilia in the black community. They’d rather call little black girls fast than to talk about the 27 yr old that’s out here grooming 14 yr old girls. When a black girl was being raped on Facebook Live in Chicago, I saw black women laughing and sharing the post while the little girl was being raped LIVE. I saw black women calling her all types of thots and hoes. So yes, we absolutely need to talk about the lack of female protection in the black community.

Prime example:

Something needs to be said about these DBR trash ass bitches as well. They’re out here setting these little girls up for the slaughter because their mammy asses would rather pander to black men and their dysfunction than to speak on the fact that the black community is filled with R.Kellys. And speaking of R.Kelly, when he has a show, which demographic is his audience mainly comprised of? Older black women who are raising daughters who they’ll probably kick out of the house if she ends up pregnant by the neighborhood pedo and sons who they’ll probably defend if he rapes a little girl. 

Prime example #2:

I’m sick of this “fast black girls” narrative. Let’s be honest, most black neighborhoods aren't’ comfortable sanctuaries where little black girls can actually be carefree girls and don’t have to worry about being accosted by a grown ass, grey-haired man or by the neighborhood’s 25 yr old drug dealer that already have 3 baby-mommas in high school. But if you ask a lot of black women to speak on this, they’ll just blame the girl and it is sickening. 

okay now that i’m calmer and have the time to sit down and type this out, i just wanna take a minute to do that. 

if the negative things i’m saying in this post don’t apply to you, i wasn’t talking about you to begin with. you’re fine.

now, like i’ve said a million times, you can ship what you want. i wasn’t coming for anyone who stays in their lane and does things respectfully. my problem is with people who make unnecessary comments on other people’s posts, think up and write full fledged conspiracy theories based around dismantling all the pieces of a 27 yr old woman’s life in order to prove that she’s a lesbian and in a secret relationship with another woman for no reason other than that you’ve become obsessed with the concept, and treat others like shit. 

instead of asking what i meant, or listening to me when i clarified what i meant… y’all attacked me. in one night in the span of like, an hour and a half i had someone call me white, someone misgender me, someone insinuate i was straight, and various people say vile things to me in defense of their being kaylors, because an incredibly vague and totally un-insulting post i made (literally ‘why are kaylors like that’, which isn’t an attack or anything) upset them. i’m sorry it did. but what y’all did to me was uncalled for. 

what you’re doing isn’t respectful to anyone. not to the two women in question, not to those around you whose posts you feel the need to make often incredibly lewd comments on. that’s why i have a problem. i also have a problem with how black and white a lot of you seem to see things. there’s a lot of erasure going on, because it seems like someone can only be gay or straight and all i ever see is how every male taylor has ever been with was a beard because she only truly likes women. when y’all can start at least acknowledging the fact that a person can be attracted to more than one gender/sex, come see me. 

you’re not helping yourselves by proving my point, but thank you for doing so.