27 weeks



  • Femslash February
  • LGBT History Month (UK)
  • Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week - 19-25 February


  • Trans Comics Month
  • Bisexual Health Awareness Month
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility - 31 March
  • LGBT Health Awareness Week - 27-31 March


  • Day of Silence - 21 April
  • Lesbian Visibility Day - 26 April


  • International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia - 17 May
  • Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day - 24 May


  • LGBT Pride Month
  • Stonewall Riots Aniversary - 28 June


  • Pink Dot SG - 1 July
  • Nonbinary Day - 14 July


  • National Girlfriends Day - 1 August


  • Bisexual Awareness Week
  • Celebrate Bisexuality Day (Bi Visibility Day) - 23 September


  • LGBT History Month (US)
  • National Coming Out Day - 11 October
  • Spirit Day - 19 October
  • Asexual Awareness Week
  • Intersex Awareness Day - 26 October


  • Transgender Awareness Week
  • Intersex Day of Remembrance (Intersex Solidarity Day) - 8 November
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance - 20 November


  • World AIDS Day - 1 December

He Jiaying (何家英), The Ballet. 2006. 

Born in 1957 in the province of Tianjin, He Jiaying studied traditional Chinese painting at the Tianjin Institute of Art and went on to become a council member of the Chinese Artists Association and a lecturer at his alma mater. He’s style combines the precision and realism of gongbi painting with European subject matter such as the art of ballet, and female figures. In The Ballet, He depicts with sharp technique and muted colors the behind-the-scenes of three ballet dancers who are occupied not with dancing, but rather sewing pointe shoes and sipping loose-leaf tea.  


Let’s be milk friend. 🍼
The sequel, namely Milk 2 - Revenge of the Tub by Ryan Ross, starring Gerard Way, featuring special guest Dallon Weekes.
Okay people just remember the boundaries and remain respectful..then enjoy what you enjoy 😁

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Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by English rock band the Beatles. Released on 1 June 1967, it was an immediate commercial and critical success, spending 27 weeks at the top of the albums chart in the United Kingdom and 15 weeks at number one in the United States. Time magazine declared it “a historic departure in the progress of music” and the New Statesman praised its elevation of pop to the level of fine art. It won four Grammy Awards in 1968, including Album of the Year, the first rock LP to receive this honour.

The Winchester Weekly

Here we are, week 28! There are so many wonderful fics and writers out there that deserve some love, and this is what that is for. Go check them out, leave a like or reblog, but show ‘em some appreciation. They’ve earned it.

If you have any fics of your own or know of one you want to share, please tag me in them! I’ll love to read them. You’ll know that I’ve read it or gotten your tag if I like it. (:

PSA: I will not be adding fics onto the list that are pure smut.

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The fisherman told the villagers of outside happenings as they listened in astonishment. Afterwards, each family in turn invited him to dine with them. When the fisherman decided to take leave after a few days, the local villagers told him, ‘Don’t mention us to the outside world.’

The Peach Blossom Spring (桃花源记) by Tao Yuanming (陶渊明). Six dynasties period.

The Peach Blossom Spring is a Chinese fable detailing the existence of a secluded, paradisal land, in which a society living in peaceful harmony discovered by chance by a lone fisherman is completely unaware of the turmoil of the outside world. Penned during a period of violent political disarray, The Peach Blossom Spring represents an ethereal possibility of political and social order. As the isolated villagers explain to the fisherman, their ancestors had escaped the civil unrest of the Qin dynasty and established a utopia undisturbed by the conflicts raging elsewhere. 

Though told to keep his time at the village clandestine, the fisherman marked his exit with signs and divulged the village’s existence to others. All those who sought to locate the paradise ultimately failed. 


Normani and Val’s Cha Cha: Dancing with the Stars WEEK 2 - (27/3)  

The Winchester Weekly

Here we are, week 27! There are so many wonderful fics and writers out there that deserve some love, and this is what that is for. Go check them out, leave a like or reblog, but show ‘em some appreciation. They’ve earned it.

If you have any fics of your own or know of one you want to share, please tag me in them! I’ll love to read them. You’ll know that I’ve read it or gotten your tag if I like it. (:

PSA: I will not be adding fics onto the list that are pure smut.

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Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches Official Timeline

Some people have been asking for a full timeline of the events of the Rivals Series so I’ve decided to finally make one. This will be updated as the series progresses. Also, I am listing the events by calander years (January to December) but the actual skating seasons usually cross from the August of one year to the March of the next so keep that in mind as the fic tends to refer to the skating by season.

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Diego Luna Appreciation Week - Dec 27 → Diego + Gael García bernal

I don’t dare say this kind of thing in front of him – because I can get very sentimental – but I think there is an English saying “He’s the brother I never had.” That is how I feel about Diego. - Gael García Bernal

Hello everyone!

Here are the first dates for the Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation Weeks (followed by the blog hosting the week). Thank you to all hosts!

May 1 to May 7: MEA Appreciation Week (general) - @heleusdaily
May 8 to May 14: Ryder Appreciation Week - @everythingryder
May 15 to May 21: Krogan Appreciation Week - @that-lizard-hunch
May 22 to May 28:  /
May 29 to June 4: Drack Appreciation Week - @nakmordrackweek
June 5 to June 11:
June 12 to June 18: Cora Appreciation Week - @coraappreciationweek
June 19 to June 25: Vetra Appreciation Week - @continuousspec
June 26 to July 2: Reyes Appreciation Week - @right-in-the-andromeda
July 3 to July 9:  Gil Appreciation Week - @gilbroody
July 10 to July 16: Sloane Appreciation Week - @omegastation
July 17 to July 23: Liam Appreciation Week - @peebeeandgay
July 24 to July 30: Jaal Appreciation Week - @magicrobins
July 31 to August 6: Angara Appreciation Week - @feralsaarebas
August 7 to August 13: Nexus Leader & Personnel Week - @14months-stillnotoiletpaper
August 14 to August 20: Suvi Appreciation Week - @omegastation
August 21 to August 27: Lexi Appreciation Week - @forensicdaffodil
August 28 to September 3: Kallo Appreciation Week - @kalloappreciationweek
September 4 to September 10: LGBTQIA+ Characters Week - @continuousspec
September 11 to September 17: Pathfinders Appreciation Week - @pathfinder-helius
September 18 to September 24: Peebee Appreciation Week -@heckyeahpeanutbutter

Other Appreciation weeks (such as Ryders of Color Week) will have dates confirmed soon!


Saving Face dir. Alice Wu (伍思薇). 2004. 

A romantic comedy-drama film, Saving Face stars Michelle Krusiec as Wilhelmina Pang (”Wil”), a young Chinese-American surgeon hiding her sexuality from her mother, Gao Huilang, played by Joan Chen; and Lynn Chen as Vivian Shing, the ballerina daughter of a recently divorced friend of Gao’s. Wil and Vivian are instantly drawn to each other and begin a tumultuous relationship complicated by Wil’s familial issues. As Wil struggles to care for her mother, who is enduring her own romantic plight amidst an unexpected pregnancy out of wedlock, and navigate the new fields of committed romance with Vivian while still working long hours at the hospital, she slowly uncovers the importance of honesty in identity and dedication. 

Saving Face is a commentary on the transforming ideal of love and its changing traditions—the stark differences between different generations’ expectations for passion and its role in career and family choices are highlighted through complex interpersonal relationships. As the film develops, its characters begin to disentangle themselves from social customs in pursuit of personal satisfaction through romance.

Director Alice Wu is a Chinese-American filmmaker and screenwriter, born and raised in the Bay Area of California. She initially graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in computer science, but left her burgeoning career at Microsoft to turn her feature script for Saving Face into a movie. Saving Face is inspired by Wu’s own experiences in coming out as a lesbian to a heavily traditional Chinese American community and received the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment screenwriting award in 2001. 

chapter one complete!

WE DID IT! After 3.5 months and 33 non-stop pages our first chapter is finally complete. Will Frisk make it back home, or will Chara succeed in taking their soul? And what the heck is Asriel doing there?

Now that chapter one is nicely buttoned up, we are taking a short  breather to get ahead on pages and sort out some blog business. However, we aren’t going dark! To accommodate our prep time while keeping the blog active, Caretaker-AU will undergo a temporary schedule change.

Ah! Wow! Woah! Here’s the next month:

Next week (Feb 20-26): One week of quiet. No major updates!

The following 3 weeks (Feb 27 - Mar 17): Weekly updates on Mondays. That’s one page per week for the 3-page Interlude.

After that we will resume the usual 2 pages per week schedule.

Why the schedule change?

Quite a few reasons actually! While the blog will be quieter, us mods will still be frantically working behind the scenes to prep the next section. We’ll be using this month to…

Get ahead! Despite tons of unforeseen obstacles, we’ve managed to never miss an update day… barely. These interruptions ate up our backlog and lately we’ve been working up until the last second every week. In order to spare ourselves, we’ll be using this time to work ahead so we don’t suffer deadline fatigue.

Fix the blog! We have a new theme in the works that should be easier to navigate and hopefully work around the mobile app issues.

Open commissions! We’ll draw what you want for the right price! Since we will be working around the main comic schedule, commission slots will be limited to just a few a month. Keep an eye out for the announcement!

Secret stuff! We’ve got some other blog stuff we need to finish up, but you’ll find out about that later… it’s a surprise!

Finally sleep? Nah, probably not.

And of course, we will continue to answer asks and post fanwork as usual! :D

“Interlude?” What’s that?

In our grand plan, we are using the space between main chapters to share mini-chapters we are calling “Interludes.” These short one-shots will provide insight and backstory related to Caretaker, and are a part of the overarching story.

Will you do this every time?

According to our script, Chapter 01 is the longest chapter in the story. Because of this, we may not need to change the schedule at every chapter break. It will all depend on our workload! Interlude segments will always be between main chapter breaks.

Interlude starts on February 27
Chapter 02 starts on March 20

Have an awesome day!

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How would US & SF Papyrus's react to an S/O who has ADD and dyslexia, but loves to read and write stories for them?


He likes listening to you reading him things. Anything is fine to him, but your stories are the best. He likes it when you read for him while he’s working on something, or doing a simpler task. Multitasking is something he’s very good at, and let’s just say that taxes are a hell of a lot easier to get through with your reading in the background. He’s actually always had problems with reading words and also spelling them, but he never thought much about it. Until he met you and you told him about your dyslexia. Basically, he’s got a small case of it himself. And he’s happy to know that it wasn’t from all his smoking, the not cigarette smoking. At least now he knows that glasses wont help him. And you’re both on the same page. Makes listening to you read even better.


He loves listening to you. Cuddle sessions where his head is on your stomach and you’re reading him the newest thing you’ve written are his favorite thing. It’s amazing and you’re so talented. He’s very patient if you’re having trouble reading certain words. He’ll help you if you want him to, but most of the time he prefers to just wait until you’ve got it. 

There’s just something so relaxing and intimate with the whole ordeal. You’re showing him something you’ve written. Sometimes things you’ve written to him. He can’t believe that you’d do that for someone like him. 

Rihanna Earns Landmark 30th Top 10 Hit on Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

2/21/2017 by Gary Trust

With “Love on the Brain,” Rihanna joins Madonna (38) and The Beatles (34) as the only acts with at least 30 Hot 100 top 10s all time.

As previously reported, Rihanna rumbles 13-8 on the Billboard Hot 100 (dated March 4) with “Love on the Brain,” marking her milestone 30th top 10. Dating to the chart’s Aug. 4, 1958, inception, only Madonna, with 38, and The Beatles, with 34, boast more.

Rihanna breaks a tie for third place with Michael Jackson, who’s tallied 29 top 10s, as a soloist.

Notably, Rihanna sports the second-fastest accumulation of 30 Hot 100 top 10s (from an act’s first-ever week in the region to the first week in the tier with its 30th). Having first hit the top 10 with “Pon De Replay” on the July 16, 2005-dated chart, she needed 10 years, seven months and two weeks to tally 30 top 10s. Only The Beatles hit the landmark more quickly, from “I Want to Hold Your Hand” to “Something,” over a span of just five years, nine months and two weeks (Jan. 25, 1964-Nov. 8, 1969).

While she’s the leader for the most Hot 100 top 10s, Madonna took 12 years, eight months and two weeks from her first top 10, “Borderline,” to her 30th, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” (June 16, 1984-March 1, 1997; thus, with the latest Hot 100 dated March 4, 2017, we last celebrated an act reaching 30 top 10 hits 20 years ago to the week).

Here’s a recap of Rihanna’s 30 Hot 100 top 10s (with 25 in a lead role).

Rihanna’s 30 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10s

Title, Peak Pos. Peak Date

“Pon De Replay,” No. 2, 7/30/2005“SOS,” No. 1 (three weeks), 5/13/2006
“Unfaithful,” No. 6, 7/22/2006
“Break It Off” (with Sean Paul), No. 9, 3/17/2007
“Umbrella” (feat. Jay Z), No. 1 (seven weeks), 6/9/2007
“Hate That I Love You” (feat. Ne-Yo), No. 7, 12/22/2007
“Don’t Stop the Music,” No. 3, 2/16/2008
“Take a Bow,” No. 1 (one week), 5/24/2008
“Disturbia,” No. 1 (two weeks), 8/23/2008
“Live Your Life” (T.I. feat. Rihanna), No. 1 (six weeks), 10/18/2008
“Run This Town” (with Jay Z & Kanye West), No. 2, 10/3/2009
“Russian Roulette,” No. 9, 11/21/2009
“Hard” (feat. Jeezy), No. 8, 1/30/2010
“Rude Boy,” No. 1 (five weeks), 3/27/2010
“Love the Way You Lie” (Eminem feat. Rihanna), No. 1 (seven weeks), 7/31/2010
“Only Girl (In the World),” No. 1 (one week), 12/4/2010

“What’s My Name?,” (feat. Drake), No. 1 (one week), 11/20/2010
“S&M” (feat. Britney Spears), No. 1 (one week), 4/30/2011
“Cheers (Drink to That),” No. 7, 10/8/2011
“We Found Love”, No. 1 (10 weeks), 11/12/2011
“Take Care” (Drake feat. Rihanna), No. 7, 3/24/2012
“Where Have You Been,” No. 5, 7/7/2012
“Diamonds,” No. 1 (three weeks), 12/1/2012
“Stay” (feat. Mikky Ekko), No. 3, 3/2/2013
“The Monster” (Eminem feat. Rihanna), No. 1 (four weeks), 12/21/2013
“FourFiveSeconds” (with Kanye West & Paul McCartney), No. 4, 2/28/2015
“Work” (feat. Drake), No. 1 (nine weeks), 3/5/2016
“Needed Me,” No. 7, 7/2/2016

“This Is What You Came For” (Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna), No. 3, 8/6/2016
“Love on the Brain,” No. 8 (to date), ¾/2017