27 october 2012

ok nice so because halloween is in less than a week i thought i would compile ALL of dan and phils spooky themed videos over the years for spooky fun so YEAH here it is!


spooky cupcakes (2014) // brownie graveyard (2012)


ghost story game (ft dan) // the abduction (ft dan) // z-day (ft dan) // phil and dan get down (bleeding llama dance party) // phillipa // the basket (just generally creepy phil wtf)


my greatest fear // what halloween costume are you? (interactive quiz!!) 


kristen stewart smiling omfg // bloody mary 

+ full series 1 & 2 playlist (because theyve all got viewer spooky happenings) 


the dan and phil show - 10/27/2013 //   real or not real (halloweenish) //  internet takeover - 11/03/2014 // also this questionable set of clips i found of vyou1 (?) 


PHILLOWEEN - october 26, 2013  //  dan halloween special - october 30, 2012 //  philoween - october 27, 2012  // some dan clips from oct 28 2014  (i cant find the full liveshow ;/)

🎃 SPOOKY WEEK 2014 + OTHER HORROR GAMES 🎃 (*trigger warning for jumpscares, dan and phil shouting/screaming/swearing, and general creepiness) 

// slender // fnaf 1 // fnaf 2 // fnaf 3 // fnaf 4 // sonic.exe // outlast // 


🎃 SPOOKY WEEK 2015 🎃 (not here yet but get #hyped)

uh so yeah i think thats all so YEAH ENJOY !!  🎃 🎃 funfunfun

“Malika Browne’s father, Stephen Browne, far right, in Rishikesh, northern India. Also present, left to right: George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, John Lennon, Nick Nugent and music teacher Ajit Singh.” - The Guardian, 27 October 2012

This fan story took place during The Beatles’ 1968 stay in Rishikesh, India, and is posted courtesy of The Guardian:

“Snapshot: My father and the Beatles

This is a picture of my father, Stephen Browne (far right), taken in Rishikesh in northern India with John Lennon, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in 1968. He was on a gap year, teaching at two schools, before going to university.

The Beatles were in Rishikesh for much of that year, learning Transcendental Meditation with their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and experimenting for their next album, which by my calculations might have been Abbey Road [sic - The Beatles, aka the White Album].

My father took up the dilruba (half sarangi, half sitar) while he was in India. On the day this was taken, his dilruba teacher had asked my father and his friend, Nick Nugent, whether they would like to come along to present an instrument to Pattie Boyd for her birthday. The picture was probably taken by the Beatles’ official photographer.

This photograph is a prized family possession and is tinged with bittersweet emotion. A few years ago, when we lived in New York, my parents, siblings and I trudged through the snow to Kinko’s copy shop on Christmas Eve to photocopy and scan the picture for safekeeping, and so that we could each have a copy.

Nobody remembers who was responsible for removing the original from the photocopying machine – but whoever it was forgot.

We returned to Kinko’s on 78th Street many times over the next few days in the vain hope that somebody would hand it in, as they might have in the snowy, Christmassy New York of the movies, but they never did.

At least we’re left with this facsimile. The dilruba is still in the attic.

Malika Browne” - The Guardian, 27 October 2012 [x]

adam young in scene newspaper; london ontario
september 27 - october 10 2012