Republic Day Parade:

This year, the main theme of the Parade will be women’s empowerment. A special feature will be an all-women marching contingent from the armed forces. The Ministry of Women and Child Development will lead the procession of floats with a tableaux themed around “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, which is a key scheme of the Ministry aimed at addressing female foeticide.

US President Obama will be attending the Republic Day Parade this year, and for the first time ever it will be telecast internationally



You have taught us to always believe in ourselves and in what we think it’s the best for us. You have always taught us to use music as our strenght, to be humble, and that to be in some kind of way different to the rule of normal people (lol) it isn’t something bad, that you can be loved equally.

Kim Jaejoong, you have brought to us so many things, so much strenght through your music that I’ll never be able to say thanks properly. But thank you anyway, even when you’d probably never read this, thank you, because I’ve learnt a lot from you, that hard work always pays off, that I can’t give up even in difficult times. That music will always be there when things are falling, when nobody listens. I’m thankful to your parents too, because they raised an amazing person, they taught you well, so be always grateful too to them as you are now.

You have given us always a smile, always caring for your fans, and we all (I’m sure we all) hope you had an awesome birthday, ‘cause you deserve that and more.
Always smile boy, we’ll be here to smile back at you because we love to see you shine.

Happy Birthday.

Fairy Tail Fandom schedule

I`ve decided to make a full schedule for the fandom. with blogs and dates. (just click on them i put the link)

please for every week/day/weekend/month that appears let me know to add it there

deleted weeks who dont have any blog anymore i didn`t add

please reblog it so people can find about them.

January (Character Days, Couple Days, Couple Weeks and Fests)

GRUVIA LOVE FEST (January 11th- January 17th)

LALU WEEK (January 20th- January 26th) (i think this is the link since this blog hosted last year if not let me know)

JURICHIYA DAY (January 8th)

FAIRY TAIL WEEK (January 17th- January 25th)


GAJEVY WEEK (February 14th- February 19th)

FRAXUS LOVE FEST (February 4th- February 10th)  (i think this is the link since this blog hosted last year if not let me know)

LYORAY WEEK (February 15th- February 21st)


LORIES WEEK (March 22nd- March 28th)

LAXANA LOVE FEST (March 14th-March 20)

LUCY DAY (March 9th)

JELLAL DAY (March 29th)


GRUVIA WEEK (April 1st- April 7th)

LUVIA WEEK (April 19th- April 25th)

LYREDY WEEK (April 20th- April 27th)

NATSU DAY (April 11th)

ICHIYA DAY (April 1st)

ERZA DAY (April 10th)

JUVIA DAY (April 18th)

LAXUS DAY (April 25th)

MAVIS DAY (April 30th)

BIXLOW WEEK (April 28th- May 5th)



GRATSU FLUFF WEEK (April 10th-April 17th)

STINGUE WEEKEND ( April 8- April 10th)


JERZA WEEK (May 26th- June 2nd)


STINERVA WEEK (May 11th- May 17th)


CANA DAY (May 15th)

ANGST WEEK (May 1st- May 7th)

FLUFF WEEK (May 13th- May 21st)

ZERVIS FLUFF FEST (May 8th- May 14th)

GRAYLU ANGST WEEK (May 6th- May 12th)


LYVIA WEEK (June 1st- June 7th)

LUCY DAY (June 4th)

LAXANA DAY (June 16th)

GRATSU DAY (June 30th)

ULTEAR DAY (June 19th)

STING DAY (June 10th)

YUKINO DAY (June 13th)

ROGUE WEEKEND (June 26th- June 28th)


NALU WEEK (July 1st- July 7th)

NALI WEEK (July 21st- July 27th)

GRATSU WEEK (July 5th- July 12th)

FRAXUS WEEK (July 15th - July 21st.)

NALU DAY (July 26th)

NATSU DAY (July 2nd)

FAIRY TAIL MONTH (July 6th- August 2nd)


LEVY DAY (August 1st)

NAVIA WEEK (August 1st- August 8th)

LOLU WEEK (August 11th- August 17th)

GRAYZA WEEK (August 18th- August 25th)

GAJEVY LOVE FEST (August 22th- August 28th)

BROTP WEEK (August 25th- August 31st)

MIRAFREED DAY (August 28th)


GRAYLU WEEK (September 1st- September 7th)

JURICHIYA WEEK ( September 1st-September 7th)

GRUVIA DAY(September 10th)

GRAY DAY (September 1st)

ZERVIS WEEK (September 14th- September 20th)

NALU FLUFF WEEK (September 8th- September 14th)

GRAYLU DAY (September 6th)

MIRAXUS LOVE FEST (September 26th- October 2nd)


BIXANNA WEEK (October 1st- October 8th)

JUVIA DAY (October 2nd)

NALU LOVE FEST (October 19th- October 25th)

STINGLU WEEK (October 7th- October 13th)

JUVANA WEEK (October 14th- October 20th)

ZEREF DAY (October 15th)

TEAM NATSU WEEK (October 11th- October 18th)

JERZA LOVE FEST (October 27th- November 2nd)


FRAXUS DAY (November 5th)

LAXANA WEEK (November 19th- November 25th)

STINGUE WEEK (November 11th- November 15th)

MIRAXUS DAY (November 8th)

ROLU WEEK (November 3rd- November 9th)

WENDY DAY (November 9th)

FREED WEEKEND (November 17th- November 18th)


GRUVIA FLUFF FEST (December 8th- December 14th)

MIRAXUS WEEK (December 14th- December 20th)

STINGYU WEEK (December 1st- December 7th)

Oh, 26th January. Australia Day.
The day we commemorate European settlers rocking up to Sydney Cove and doing what European settlers do best - fucking over the indigenous population.
Traditionally celebrated by people getting drunk and sunburnt at a barbeque, and then going to watch the fireworks while placing bets on whether it’s going to rain or not.
Other activities include the annual ‘should we move Australia Day?’ debate, completely ignoring the Australian of the Year awards on television, the annual 'should Australia be a republic?’ debate, Triple J’s Hottest 100, aggressive racism, the procurement of green and gold pool toys, and the hysterical singing of the national anthem.
On this, our gloriously problematic national holiday, let us remember what we were, we are, what we could be, and how we need to be better.
We have to be better than we are now.
I love this stupid sunburnt country - and loving something means acknowledging when it’s shit.
Also, remember to slip, slop, slap.  

Happy Australia Day.

It's officially Australia day (12:16am)


But in all seriousness, have a safe, enjoyable day and remember it is okay to be patriotic, but it isn’t okay to be a racist prick.

Legit, I’m just excited for triple J top 100 & excessive amounts of Lamingtons & fairy bread

Please enjoy reading my tags of some of the many Australian slang!

On d eve of 63rd REPUBLIC DAY, lets salute & remember d soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation.

Feel the patriotism and dedications of those sacrifice that our freedom fighters made, here are some of the wishes that will enlighten this spirit in you

Saare Jahaan Se Accha Hindustaan Hamaara
Ham Bulbulain Hai Is Ki, Yeh Gulsitaan Hamaara

sujalaam suphlaam malayajashiitalaam
shasya shyaamalaam maataram
vande mana bharatadesam

Republic Day is celebrated in India on January 26 every year. This day is one of the most important national events in the Indian calendar as years back on January 26, 1950 the Constitution of India came into being.
this is a proud day for every Indian as Republic Day marks the establishment of a Sovereign Democratic Republic India. On this day people unite irrespective of their economical, social and religious backgrounds
to commemorate the day they became a republic nation.
All over the country celebrations of Republic Day take place, especially in the capital at Rajghat, where the common man gathers to see the march past by the armed forces and the various cultural events organized
on this day. The highlight is the jet planes of the Indian Air Force that fly in the air leaving streaks of the Indian
Tri colour.

One Nation, One Vision, One Identity
“No Nation is Perfect, it needs to be made perfect.”
Meri Pehchaan Mera India
Happy Republic Day


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