26th birthday


A fan used 13,000 dominoes to wish Taylor a Happy 26th Birthday and to celebrate her achievements (X)

Made my boyfriend a liquor bouquet for his 26th birthday! Found this idea on pinterest :) 

  • 21 little liquor bottles & 1 big crown bottle (his fav) to make it 26 shots lol not that he’s gonna drink it all tonight.
  • & I got tickets to the Dallas Mavericks game (his fav nba team) Great seats!! Section 113 row C♥
  • & a new mavs shirt & some basketball socks
  • & planned a party w/ his friends tonight & a special steakhouse dinner for just us two for tomorrow!

What do you guys think?


So, I think I’ll wear it at the end

11th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Wondering what Eren gifted Levi? You’ll discover it in the upcoming updates!

Merry christmas guys! This update came with a bonus part of the @snkartists holiday challenge. Originally it was intended to focus on Eren’s gift for Levi but the ugly sweaters’ prompt came to fit perfectly with it.

I would have liked to draw more but I got pseudo artblocked I think so doing this was already a war agains’t my hand haha. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Also, I think this will be the last update from the uni au of the year. Seriously I need to thank you guys for the support since I started it, I never expected that a lot of people could have liked it so it makes me happy and willing to continue it.

Stay tuned in 2016!