26th birthday

Birthday Recap

yesterday(feb 26th) was my 19th birthday and i had a wonderful day!

-woke up w/ Chris by my side and we met up with friends to do long run!

-ran 10 chilly, but sunshine-y miles! (my knee was actually bothering me though and then the last few miles my tail bone started acting up?!? but i pushed through and now it’s still hurting and i can barely walk lol…but still a good run😂)

-went to a vegan restaurant and had a veggie quesadilla😋SO GOOD CASHEW CHEESE ROCKS!

-found our nearest dutch bros @theevergreensoul !!!! and was sooo happy

-relaxed the rest of the day and went to the movies and got sushi for dinna!

overall, had such a nice, relaxing and enjoyable day! here’s to being 19 and growin up(kinda). as i grow older, birthdays become way more sentimental to me as in who i spend them with and who is in my life/i’m grateful for. this was my first birthday away from my family and while i missed them dearly, i was overwhelmed with the love i was shown from them despite the distance as well as hometown friends and my friends/boyfriend here! i am so so thankful for this special life i’m living💕

mono-voicelet-deactivated201702  asked:

Is it alright for fans to make gifts for you? I'm really tempted to make fan music inspired by your art-style, but I'm not sure if you take gifts like that or not.

OHMYGOSH???? go for it!!
tbh I’d die (from happiness) if I ever got anything, that honestly sounds so nice and wonderful and amazing and???? thank you so much for dedicating your time for something like this if you do????