26th birthday


Team Breezy Wishes Chris Brown A Happy 26th Birthday

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Name: Rimita

Birthday: April 26th

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: straight 

Height: 5′4 

Favorite color: blue

Current date & time: 5/5/15 8:11PM

Last thing googled: “twenty one pilots toronto”

First thing that comes to mind: calum says a lot lmao

Favourite books: ‘”Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell & “The Mortal Instruments Series” by Cassandra Clare 

Favourite movies: The Possession, About Time, The Outsiders, Never Been Kissed & The Swing Kids (that’s all I can think of)

Favorite shows: spongebob, pretty little liars, ahs & i loved eye candy bUT THEY CANCELLED IT UGH

Favourite drink: chocolate milk, water, lemonade & coke 

Alcohol: I like fruity drinks nothing too strong tho since I’m not legal yet lmao

Last movie watched in theaters: If I Stay that was so long ago wow i should go to the movies

Dream holiday: jAPAN !!

Dream Wedding: …lol idk..

Dream job: an actress, a musician or a criminal psychologist

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  1. What’s your favorite season? Fall, probably, or maybe Spring. They’re the chill seasons, like, a happy medium. Little bit of summer, little bit of spring, all the awesome.
  2. When’s your birthday? July 26th! 
  3. Favorite actor/actress? Thomas Brodie-Sangster, hands down.
  4. First fandom you ever joined? Technically Harry Potter, but I’m gonna go with Percy Jackson. That’s 5 years in the making, man.
  5. Play any sports? Well, I Irish Dance, but that’s about it.
  6. If you went to a party where you had to dress up as a fictional character, who would you go as? REYNA AVILA RAMÍREZ-ARELLANO SON, SO SAME
  7. morning person or night owl? Night owl lol.
  8. Least favorite character from your favorite TV show? That’s Parks & Rec, and I guess Sewage Joe was kind of a creep (to put it lighty), but there isn’t really anyone I particularly didn’t like.
  9. What mythical creature would you want as a pet? Easy, a dragon.
  10. Favorite band atm?The Emo Trinity bands and Paramore. I can’t choose between ‘em tbh.

And my 10 new questions:

  • Favorite film released before the year 2000, if any?
  • Favorite character/person from something that’s not your primary fandom? 
  • Opinion on the song Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley?
  • Pepsi or Coke?
  • What song would you want to play in the opening credits of a movie about your life?
  • Favorite book you’ve read this year?
  • Most anticipated movie by you that’s coming out in 2016 or later, if any?
  • Polka dots or stripes?
  • Least favorite subject in school?
  • If you were a superhero, what would your power(s) be?

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✿ fill in the blanks ✿

what’s your name ➔ sofia mcgowan
do you have a nickname ➔ sof…sassy, i dont know
do you have a middle name ➔ elizabeth
do you like your name ➔ yes
do people often mispronounce your name ➔ stupid people tend to write sophia
do you like the meaning of your name ➔ it means wisdom in greek
when is your birthday ➔ october 26th
do you like your age ➔ for now
what’s your zodiac sign ➔ scorpio

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Birthday Video For Chris 26th Birthday 

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Name: -Classified-
Nickname: Jackie or Ten
Birthday: June 26th
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 5′ 9″
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: According to tin-butt i’m really gay.  scarecrows-talk also says i’m gay. I am however straight and will suck anyones dick who says otherwise.
Favorite color: Blue
Time and date: 23:12 5th of May
Average hours of sleep: 7
Lucky number: 10
Last thing I googled: Demo senpai
One thing that makes me happy: IPA
How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 when it’s cold 2
Favorite Fictional Character: Kyuss the Wormgod
Favorite famous person: Demo Senpai
Favorite book: Faces of evil
Favourite Shows: Breaking bad, Trailer park boys, metalocalypse
Favorite musician/ band: No way i can answerthis one, but lets go with Maynard James Keenan
Favorite movie I’ve seen at the cinema: I did see a swedish movie called Play a few years ago with my classmates. It was awful, but 2 weeks after it was the best experience ever.
Dream Holiday: Going off to the states to meet my internet bros.
Dream Job: Bassist and Back up vocals in the heaviest, stoneiest and gloomiest desert rock band ever to walk the earth.
Last book I read: Smoke gets in your eyes.
First things that comes to mind: I should probably reply to that message soon.
Celebrity Crush: I dont have one, i do have two man crushes though.
Last movie I saw in the cinema: I think it was thor the dark world and i was then reminded why i despise the modern film industry.
Wearing right now: Cargo pants and a t-shirt.

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name: eri 

nicknames: technically my name is short enough but some people call me gallagher girl occasionally 

birthday: february 26th

gender: female

sexual orientation: straight

country of origin: america

favorite color: mint blue

time and date: 8:13pm May 5, 2015

average hours of sleep: 7 on a good day, and 5-6 on okay ones and then it just goes downhill from there

lucky number: seven

last thing i googled: so little time 

first word that comes to mind: love

one place that makes me happy: my room 

how many blankets i sleep under: one

favorite fictional characters:  the operatives, lily calloway, zachary goode, w.w. hale the fifth, jonah griggs, richard gansey, peter kavinsky, percy jackson +more but i don’t think i’m allowed to list that many

favorite book: out of sight, out of time and all the other gallagher girls books

favorite animation: 101 Dalmations

favorite tv show: -

favorite beverage: i have a terrible weakness for the green tea frapp at starbucks

last movie seen in theaters: avengers: age of ultron

dream holiday: definitely europe, especially florence and paris, also where my bookish friends all live

dream wedding: haven’t thought about it

dream job: engineer? or if that fails, working at a bakery

i can’t think of ten people right now but tagging ricardoquaresmas, declansivashkov, thebookhangover, malinamarchetta, and halecalloway (unless you’ve already done it that’s cool too)

Made my boyfriend a liquor bouquet for his 26th birthday! Found this idea on pinterest :) 

  • 21 little liquor bottles & 1 big crown bottle (his fav) to make it 26 shots lol not that he’s gonna drink it all tonight.
  • & I got tickets to the Dallas Mavericks game (his fav nba team) Great seats!! Section 113 row C♥
  • & a new mavs shirt & some basketball socks
  • & planned a party w/ his friends tonight & a special steakhouse dinner for just us two for tomorrow!

What do you guys think?

Darren Criss fans organise plane message for star's birthday

Darren Criss had a birthday to remember on Tuesday as his fans hired a plane to fly over the Glee set and send their best wishes to the actor. The star turned 26, but his busy schedule for the hit show meant he was at work on his big day so his loyal followers arranged a special surprise for him.

A plane flew across the Los Angeles set with a banner stating, “Happy 26th Darren Criss, The Sky’s The Limit” - and the actor was overwhelmed by the extravagant gift.

In a video message to fans, he says, “I’ve seen some crazy things in my life, but this is probably one of the craziest, that is insane. That is really an amazing gesture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart all of you who put that together, that’s wild. They let me out from rehearsal just so I could see that with my own eyes. Thank you so very much, I am without words.”

And in a post on his Twitter.com page, he adds, “What an unexpected and unbelievable birthday present. Thank you so much for all who made it happen." He later declared, "To my GLEEonFOX (sic) family, it’s been a really great birthday - big thanks for making it so nice to be at work today.”