Wearing long blazer with the new trousers “P01-01”, not sure anyone can fit this in, 15.5 cm with 26oz heavy cotton fabric. #REOMA
Appointment for AW-15 Paris fashion week: info@reoma.co

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Day Two

For breakfast I’m just having a venti green iced tea (no sweetener) and a venti water. I only had time to swing by Starbucks on my way into work. It probably helps that I don’t have any food options there so I’m not really faced with temptations. 🌱😜

For today I brought lots of zero or ten calorie drinks (those Bai drinks are the bomb!!) and some veggie broth. I’m hoping for mostly liquids today, lots of water and keeping my calories super low since most of this job is sitting around and supervising.


Breakfast: 0cal

26oz Iced Green Tea Unsweetened - 0cal
26oz Iced Water - 0cal