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au: you and cam were best friends and did almost everything together. you guys were inseparable, and have been ever since birth. you were both falling hard for each other - everyone could see it but yourselves. cameron was so protective of you around the other boys, scared that you would fall for any one of them, and oblivious to the fact that you only had eyes for him. the fans noticed the endless flirting between you two and shipped you two harder than anything else. your friends also tried to get you two together but you guys were so stubborn. when cameron left for magcon , it was hard for both of you and you both missed each other so much.

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AU: You’ve been gone on vacation in LA for a few weeks and Nash has missed you like crazy. He’s been gushing about you ever since you’ve left and Cam likes to tease him about it. But soon, your flight is scheduled to land at your local airport and Nash convinces his mom and Hayes to tag along with him to pick you up, since you’ve missed them as well, being close with his entire family and all. Post arrival, Nash takes you on a few dates to catch up with you and make up for missed time.


au meme; You and Nash have been dating for a while now. Which means you’re constantly joking around and making fun of each other. But when Nash leaves for meet and greets and other important stuff, you both forget about the joking around and begin to miss each other like never before. The distance is worth it, because whenever you see Nash’s tired and stressed face in the airport, throughout the crowd, everything and everybody else is nowhere in sight. It’s just you and him locked in each other’s arms.

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Cameron finds out you and Taylor are dating, and gets mad because he’s worried that Taylor is just using you and will hurt you. Eventually he comes to his senses and tells you that Taylor is the right guy for you.

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I saw this on Twitter so creds to whoever made it. It made me cry…it was like going great In the beginning but then it became sad and now I’m sad idk:(


tbh papa dallas gives me feels!

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When you get pregnant, Cam is so excited, and that excitement and love grows even more as he watches your daughter age.

fave?? because he’s so cute and he’d be a great dad bye


AU Meme: Breaking up with Cameron. The hate got too much for you to handle, so although you still loved him dearly, you broke up with your boyfriend, Cameron Dallas. Eventually your friends persuaded you to get out of your room that you’ve been locked in, and helped you to move on: which leaved Cameron heartbroken.

Featuring Lucy Hale.

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