Hayes Grier AU 

Anon requested: “Can you do a Hayes au where he’s on tour and he flies you in”


Okay i don't know why its glitching in the fourth one and this is super crappy quality :/ but i tried. much love guys! xx

Nightmares- Cameron Dallas Imagine

Request: could you maybe possibly do a Cameron imagine where he has a nightmare and wakes you up and like wants to cuddle or something? -Anonymous xx

Cam and you had an argument before you had both went to sleep, it was a stupid argument and you both had not resolved it.

Though you both were mad at each other you could not bring yourself to sleep in different rooms.

You guys resorted to your opposite sides on the bed, making sure you were nowhere near touching.

But you missed Cam, you missed his warm hands when they held you closely, protecting you. Cam missed you by his side but would not speak and say something.

You both drifted off to sleep, you somehow managing to fall asleep, Cam on the other hand did not sleep very well.

When he fell asleep he had a terrible nightmare, he woke up his arms searching for you on the bed, freaking out more when he could not find you next to him.

His heart thumped loudly as he realized you were not in his hands, his eyes opened fast, taking time to adjust to the darkness.

When he saw your body curled up as far away from him as possible. His heart fell knowing that he had messed up.

With the images from the nightmare haunting him he scooted closer to your side pulling you close to him into the middle.

“Baby?” he whispered shaking you ever so slightly.

You opened your eyes, due to the fact that you were a pretty light sleeper.

“What is it baby?” you said with a warm tone but then realized you were supposed to be mad at him, but how could you when he was holding you so close?

“I’m so sorry about the fight, I promise to clean up after myself next time, please forgive me? I just really need you right now” he rushed out in one breath his fingers tracing circles right above your hipbone.

“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have yelled at you, now what’s wrong?” you asked in a hushed tone.

“I-I I had this n-nightmare and we were fighting, then you walked outside angrily a-a-and” his words choked up in his throat, he took a deep breath before continuing “y-you g-got hit by a truck, and it was my entire fault, I-“he didn’t even finish the sentence before he sobbed quietly.

Stunned, you wrapped you arms around him allowing him to hide his face in your neck. You gladly held him, comforting him as he cried.

After taking a deep breath he murmured into your neck, “Can we cuddle now?”

You giggled at the tickling sensation from his lips “Of course baby, you alright now?” you asked him while pulling up the blankets over both of you.

He held you close in his arms as you both cuddled, his warm hands held you close to him, your legs tangled, your breaths mingling as you held one another close together. You were like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

“I’m always alright when you’re next to me”


I do not know if anyone paid any attention, but I think it’s quite important. Nash, Cameron with Kian and Jc video filmed in the old days yet (my favorite) and falls in it quite interesting text which corresponds to an even more interesting text. Nash said, “Let me suck your cock” 18 second cutscene, Cameron looked at him and he did not know whether to laugh or not, he did just wow, just when the guys started laughing he also began. 5 seconds later made a serious face and said, “I’m gay”. Nobody did not react as if the video was cut and it is not known if anyone replied to this thing or not.
Was it a coincidence? Cameron said, “I’m gay” just moments before when Nash said, “Let me suck your cock”? Is it that there is nothing to do with this? For me, it’s obvious that it has, because it suddenly would not say especially those two.

If you want to see for themselves that such words were, you can do it by watching this video.
Let Cash, be with you!