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Grand Admiral Thrawn - Pride and Joy

“Such perfect little feet! And you have four! Well done!”

I know they don’t intend to animate the ysalamiri in Star Wars Rebels, but hear me out, he has pet space lizards anyway: this one’s name is Admiral Snoots. He once attacked Tarkin’s slippers and tried to eat Pryce’s hair.

People call him a menace but he is Thrawn’s best boy.

Congratulations to the girls! They weren’t all perfect, but the they reached their important finals and that’s what was most important :) Wang Yan and Luo Huan could have been better on floor and beam respectively, but hey noone is perfect. Good luck in finals! 加油!

Wang Yan: 14.400/14.700 (5th), 13,400, 11.266, 13.366, 52.432 (16th)
Luo Huan: 14.566 (8th), 12.466
Fan Yilin: 15.000 (3rd)
Liu Tingting: 13.233 (7th)

Source: Piibunina