quick fic rec

aka short and quick list of fics you’re kidding yourself by not reading (these all get the black queer fangirl seal of approval so none of that fuck shit is present):  

A Dangerous Lifestyle  [SamBucky. WIP. E. 12k+] 

They’re fugitives, on the run from not one but several of the most powerful and dangerous organizations in the world. And that’s not even what’s going to be the death of Sam.

(It’s Bucky. Bucky is going to be the death of Sam.)

that’s what you get for dreaming aloud [SamSteveBucky. WIP. E. 55k+]

Steve likes Bucky (duh.) Bucky likes Steve (double-duh.) Sam likes Steve (kinda duh.) Steve likes Sam (who wouldn’t?) Bucky likes Sam (wat)

Sam…likes Bucky? (stop the madness)

Slow-ish burn. Occasional angst. Much kissing ensues. Maybe more also ensues.

The Best of Men [SamBucky. Complete. E. 14k+] 

Steve and Peggy are getting married, and Steve wants his two best friends by his side. The only problem? They kind of hate each other.

The Favor of the King [SamT'Challa. Complete. E. 18k+] 

T'Challa – King T'Challa of Wakanda, the Black Panther, Guy Who Dresses Up Like a Cat to Fight Crime or Possibly for Other Reasons, Who the Fuck Knows – T'Challa corners Sam during one of their visits to check in on Bucky and says, in a mild voice that should not sound as threatening as it does, “We need to talk.”

“We do, huh,” Sam says, looking him up and down. He’s just a king and a superhero and a genius inventor and possibly the richest man alive, looking way too fine and wearing the hell out of a tailored three-piece suit; Sam can hold his own against this guy.

I Was Afraid That You Would Not Insist [SamBucky. Complete. E. 4k+] 

The first time Sam and Bucky try to have sex it’s completely and utterly disastrous, but neither of them are perfect, and Sam still thinks Bucky is the hottest thing on two muscled legs.

**obligatory self promo: Dreadnought [SamSteveBucky. WIP. E. 27k+]

It’s 2015. So when a Nazi organization bags and kidnaps a bisexual black man to be their next asset, he guesses they’re trying their hand at this whole progressive thing, too.


i wrote a thing: 3.5k, very very nsfw. dream pack ot5

[“Glad you didn’t miss the show,” Kavinsky says, appearing in the doorway. Swan’s eyes go dark.

“The show?” Skov says, and tries to ignore the way his stomach clenches. Anticipation. Fear. Desperation. Everything at once.

“Yeah man,” says Kavinsky, stretching his words. “You’re the star.” He waltzes closer, draping himself half over Skov, too heavy. His eyes are bright with something chemical.]