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Lead Me On; Part Six.

A/N: Aaah, I’m SO sorry for the long wait. I’ve meant to upload this sooner but I haven’t gotten around writing it. Nonetheless, it’s here and I hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Fuckboy!Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff, Romance, AU

Warnings in this chapter: ABUSE, panic attack, sexual scenes.

Words: 3,265

Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | to be continued…

Disclaimer: I in no way, promote abuse or try to romanticize it. Abuse is wrong. This story touches the subject of abuse. I am in NO WAY passing any existing person in is off as an abuser because they are not an abuser. If you are a victim of abuse, you can always message me. I am willing to help you or simply talk about it. I care. So do so many other people. Please reach out to someone if you are a victim of abuse. You are not alone.

Please give me feedback! I want to improve my writing!

If perfection existed, the universe wouldn’t.

You’re realizing that there is no utopia. To create utopia, all things need to be perfect. To create utopia, everything, literally everything has to be perfected. You’ve realized long ago that it is impossible to perfect everything. You’ve accepted that humans live in a constant state of dystopia. Even if it’s barely noticeable. It was a fact. A fact you have acknowledged and accepted. Simply because there is no other alternative.

Not the kind of dystopia you’d read in science-fiction books. Corrupt governments, rebelling groups, war.

Or do you?

At least, these last three weeks of Chanyeol being your boyfriend felt utopic.

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