26.2 training


Last night I attended the kick off meeting for my local Fleet Feet’s marathon training program. Our official training starts on the 10th of August; going to the meeting, hearing what our training will include, and meeting our coaches made me all the more excited.

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while probably knows that I am absolutely a product of Fleet Feet training programs. When I first began running, it was through a couch to 5k program called No Boundaries. After that, I joined the 10k training program– Next Steps. And then with my first 10k under my belt, I joined the half marathon training program. I have even gone back and participated in the No Boundaries group as a coach twice, so I know what it’s like from both ends of the spectrum.

Every new distance I’ve trained for and covered has been with one of these groups. I know there are many runners who prefer to take up their training as a lone wolf, using their time out on the road as their “me time,” but something about the group training atmosphere really helps me to thrive. I have loved every second of each group I have been a part of so far, and it almost makes it even more sweet to cross the finish line knowing you’ve got lots of training partners and coaches/mentors that are proud of you. I’ve made some really great friends through these groups, and I will probably continue participating in them even when I’ve got many marathons under my belt.

26.2, I’m still a little terrified– but I’m coming for you.


Nov. 26 2:25am

I train because I want to be strong. I am so soft that most people could probably take advantage of me if they convinced me to. I train because I want to fight. When I was younger, I was timid and weak. I owe it to myself to be able to fight back now…to be able to strengthen my spirit. I do this for me and for those who believe in me. It makes me feel most whole; it fulfills my life. These people who invest their time and faith in me inspire me and convince me that I’m able to do anything I want. This time is what I value more than anything. We are a friends, a team, family.