26 pictures for today

Picture from my Instagram (studyspiration)

26.2.2016 // so today I will be working on writing all of my handwritten notes in word format so that by the time I have to do some revision I will print it out and read through them.

Reason why I do this is because usually when I write notes whilst Reading I tend to 1) make a lot of spelling mistakes 2) Writing it Down twice will make me understand better
Do you rewrite notes on PC?


on 31 March 1989, this precious, lovable crybaby with the big voice and even bigger heart was born…

some recent pictures of Kim Bohyung, Spica’s maknae who turns 26 years old today


Bohyung doesn’t always speak up… x

…but when she does, she always serves up the realest shit x

she disses her unnies xx

brings the reality check to the table x

doesn’t care about hiding her weight x

and she asks the most obvious questions x

she can go from classy lady one moment x

to an excited 5yo child the next x

she can turn on the sass like nobody’s business xxxx

her bbeauty makes angels cry x

she posts the best selcas on her instagram, including variations of her trademark turtle face

besides being a part-time turtle, she has many other personas, including a basebbo player x

a flower fairy princess x

a bboss



an actual unicorn

however, her true self is a Hyori sasaeng fan

in between being the cutest person in the entire universe and spending time in the studio, Bohyung finds time to do sweet things for her fans like make handwritten cards lovingly decorated with Care Bear stickers and Disney font for Spica’s third anniversary

this bbirthday spam is getting long enough, time to go x

can’t wait to see more of this precious bb turtle when Spica make their comeback x

we love you too Kim Bohyung!! x