26 days project

September 24 - 30 is Green Day Week!

So what is Green Day Week? Green Day week is a week where we will all make cool, original Green Day creations based on daily prompts. Why? Well, to show appreciation for our favorite punk band! Duh!

Rules are Simple:

  • All types of posts are allowed. This includes: art, song covers, playlists, videos / video edits, mood boards, cosplays, original photo edits and gifs and anything you can possibly think of!
  • Posts must be new! The whole purpose of this week is to encourage others to create new Green Day related content.
  • Work must be original. No reposting. And if editing someone’s photograph please provide proper credit.
  • Tag your creations as #greendayweek
  • Have Fun!


9/24: Favorite Green Day Song / Lyrics

9/25: Favorite Green Day Album / Era

9/26: Green Day Side Projects (The Network, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Frustrators, Armstrongs, Billie & Norah, American Idiot: The Musical, Billie’s acting performances etc.)

9/27: Old Green Day (and or) New Green Day

9/28: Green Day Characters (St. Jimmy, Whatsername, Jesus of Suburbia, Christian, Gloria or any other characters from their songs like X-kid, Misery or music videos etc.)

9/29: Favorite Green Day Member (includes any touring members)

9/30: Fans (Post a picture of yourself with any of the Green Day members, you wearing Green Day merch, you at a Green Day Show, you and your Green Day tattoo etc!)

This is the very first Green Day week. I hope you all participate if you can! Reblog this post to spread the word and have fun creating!! Please don’t forget to tag everything as #greendayweek so everyone can see! 

Colloquialisms in Muunfel

Heavenly Forge - The sun. It is long believed that the goddess of the sun uses it as a forge when she creates some of the toughest metalworks known to mortals. Sunforged Steel takes its name from this colloquial term.

Leleurya’s Sweet Sleeping Earth - The planet. This refers to the fact that everything in creation was made by Leleurya singing a lullaby to put energy to sleep.

Sing that to the Gods - “Take it to the bank”. Basically, you can count on it.

The Vexing Door - The gate to the afterlife. Named for Wiavex, the goddess of souls.

Gods’ Ire - A milder, psuedo-polite version of godsdamn.

Fairy Playground - A creepy place. It earns its name from the way non-fae can become so lost within the vast forests of the Faekind. Fairy magic makes mapping such regions impossible. A place that gives a sense of lost direction often earns this descriptor.

Vayla Forget - “Heaven forbid”. An oath most commonly used in the east. It laments an event and expresses wishful thinking, that is wishing Valya (goddess of time and memory) would forget an event so that it never happened.

Writing Update: Camp NaNoWriMo Day 26

Project: Colorweaver (2nd draft of book 1)
Word count/time for the day: About 3 hours. I really need to keep better track of this.
Progress: Despite finding myself distracted a lot, I got a bunch done that I really liked! I finished editing a chapter that needed an extra scene on the end, then I wrote an entire chapter from scratch. My total of new words was 2312, which is pretty awesome!

Feelings: Despite feeling some burn out yesterday from my story, I was enthusiastic about it today and found myself laughing as I was writing it. I really need to team Adair up with Sol more often for maximum comedic potential lol.

Goals: Keep chugging along! Tomorrow I’d like to edit a scene that’s already rewritten (I feel like it probably doesn’t match anymore), do a tiny bit of editing to a chapter that follows that one (for the same reason, but I feel like this chapter is probably pretty close to what it needs to be), and then… write the scene where I left off with my rewrite a few months ago! I’ve reached the point where I’m going to be going off the map because these chapters have never been written before. The last half (third, maybe?) of my story has completely changed since the first draft! I have a pretty complete outline, though, so fingers crossed!

Dork status: Oh Addy and Sol. You’re both so hopeless. I have no idea why your plan worked, but somehow you got your wagon back from the jerks who carjacked it. I feel like this chapter really showed how much Adair values his friendship with Sol because I don’t think anyone else could have convinced him to climb the roof of the wagon lol.

Favorite line/excerpt of the day:
Adair sniffed. Over the aroma of Sol’s usual fire mixed with the trash they’d swam in, there was a better smell that piqued his interest. “What’s that smell? Was I cooking before we went dumpster diving?”

Sol placed the bellows on his work table and started pulling out drawers. Adair had to dodge out of the way when bits of previously-claimed trash went flying over Sol’s shoulder. “You’re always cooking. So yeah. Probably.”

Adair sniffed again. Whatever he’d cooked was too tempting to ignore and worth braving Sol’s poor aim to reach it.

(Poor Adair has some memory loss thanks to being hit with Firedrake’s magic earlier.)


26 days of vegan food challenge: day 26..

Vegan Omelette.

So this concludes my little food challenge… at least I think this should be my 26th recipe…

There have been many recipes in between but, again, I only felt like sharing the really special ones.  I will continue to post whatever great vegan food I happen to be making, however, I think I’m done tracking things.  I’m horrible at tracking progress.

What I did gain: more boldness in trying new recipes.  This one, I had actually tried a year ago, but wasn’t happy with my own execution so I just forgot about it and felt like it was a waste of time and ingredients…  but after seeing my sister make omelette after omelette this whole month… I had to get back on the horse and try out the vegan omelette again.  

It’s not perfect yet, and there are things I need to work on (like making sure the “egg” is entirely cooked, it was a bit soft inside, so I’m thinking broiling it before adding ingredients would be a good solution) but it’s delicious, and today was already an improvement on what I did yesterday, it was a mess yesterday.


26 days of vegan food, day 24:  "seafood" pasta



-oyster mushrooms, sauteed

-Victoria’s Vegan Alfredo sauce with artichoke

Ok, so I used a canned sauce this time, but I love trying new vegan items and I was too lazy to make a sauce myself.  The canned stuff did not disappoint, it was everything I’d hoped for in an Alfredo sauce.  I give Victoria’s a thumbs up.

*notes, the bacon donuts i made a few days ago, I listed them as day 24, when really, they were day 23.   Yeah, well, I was supposed to finish this “challenge” a while ago, but you know, life happens.