26 days project


26 days of vegan food challenge: day 26..

Vegan Omelette.

So this concludes my little food challenge… at least I think this should be my 26th recipe…

There have been many recipes in between but, again, I only felt like sharing the really special ones.  I will continue to post whatever great vegan food I happen to be making, however, I think I’m done tracking things.  I’m horrible at tracking progress.

What I did gain: more boldness in trying new recipes.  This one, I had actually tried a year ago, but wasn’t happy with my own execution so I just forgot about it and felt like it was a waste of time and ingredients…  but after seeing my sister make omelette after omelette this whole month… I had to get back on the horse and try out the vegan omelette again.  

It’s not perfect yet, and there are things I need to work on (like making sure the “egg” is entirely cooked, it was a bit soft inside, so I’m thinking broiling it before adding ingredients would be a good solution) but it’s delicious, and today was already an improvement on what I did yesterday, it was a mess yesterday.

26 days of vegan food:  day 15

Asian stir fry

  • kobocha (lemme just say, kobocha is effing awesome)
  • tofu
  • enoki mushrooms
  • bok choy

seasoned with ginger (only had powdered, damn), pepper, soy sauce, mirin, a dash of sugar.

This is basically everything i used in the hot pot i made this weekend, but cooked to be more savory.  I feel like each recipe NEEDS to be completely different, but it’s hard when no one else eats your food… and yeah, I felt like eating ALL THE VEGGIES

26 days of vegan food

Day 2:  Tofu scramble with maple tempeh bits

spices used in scramble

  • tumeric 1/4tsp
  • cumin  less than ¼ tsp
  • pepper (dash)
  • paprika (dash)
  • italian seasoning (dash)
  • nutritional yeast  (dash)
  • salt  (pinch)

the tempeh bacon is from Tofurky, though you can definitely make it with a marinade with a soy sauce base and a good amount of maple syrup.  


26 days of vegan food: day 20

*Note to self, buy better camera*

Linguini with “clam” sauce

This was a recipe from Vegetarian Times (Dec 2012 issue)

My dad (aka Ron Swanson IRL) actually recommended this to me, since he saw my magazine lying around and thought it looked good.   He even enjoyed it… though he did mention the sauce would go really well on top of a steak (in true swanson-like fashion).

I really liked it, so it’s a must for all of you (vegans and non vegans alike)  

key ingredients include: shiitake mushrooms, linguini, italian parsley, and pine nuts.


26 days of vegan food: Day 4

Vegan club wrap

-tofurky deli slices

-tofurky bacon (crispy)


-chipotle veganaise

-whole wheat tortilla

*okay, so I hate this photo (taking photos at dinner is difficult because the lighting in my house sucks at night, so this doesn’t do the meal justice.  Plus, what is the correct way to photograph a wrap?  Everything is inside!

It came out super delicious… though I really wish I had bread on hand, I’d much prefer it as a sandwich.

26 days of vegan food


followed the recipe from “Vegan Yum Yum” and kept it simple with a powdered sugar topping.

I give it a 5 star rating, if you need vegan donuts, this is the recipe to follow.  They came out really yummy and it was my first time ever making them.

*Oh yeah, this is a good example that “Vegan” doesn’t mean healthy.  All it means is animal friendly, some people don’t seem to get that.   The only thing that makes them slightly healthy is that these were baked and not fried, though I’m sure you could fry them.


26 days of vegan food, day 24:  "seafood" pasta



-oyster mushrooms, sauteed

-Victoria’s Vegan Alfredo sauce with artichoke

Ok, so I used a canned sauce this time, but I love trying new vegan items and I was too lazy to make a sauce myself.  The canned stuff did not disappoint, it was everything I’d hoped for in an Alfredo sauce.  I give Victoria’s a thumbs up.

*notes, the bacon donuts i made a few days ago, I listed them as day 24, when really, they were day 23.   Yeah, well, I was supposed to finish this “challenge” a while ago, but you know, life happens.

26 days of vegan food, day 17: Espresso Glazed donuts

Alright, yes, I’ve done donuts before, but these are ESPRESSO donuts!  I’ve been wanting to make these ever since I saw a recipe on pinterest for espresso glazed donuts.  I used the Vegan Yum Yum recipe again, and this time, I used her recipe for glaze and just substituted leftover coffee for the soymilk.   After trying one, I think next time, I should add more (and perhaps, stronger) coffee.