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REIGEN 1000% is a global fanbook project dedicated to everyone’s favorite psychic of the century, Mob Psycho 100′s beloved Reigen Arataka! 

  • This project has 26 participating artists representing 11 different countries! 
  • The fanbook will be an A4 (~8x11.5″) size perfect bound book with approximately 30 pages of full color illustrations featuring Reigen.
  • The fanbook will be sold online for a limited time.
  • More information to come soon!

Please follow this blog for updates and @reigen1000p on twitter

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OUR BOYS ARE FUCKING FLAWLESS! They ranked number 6/9 on Billboards Year End World Albums Chart, number 5 on Billboards World Albums Chart, number 8 (and only Kpop artist) on Fuse’s Best Albums of the year, number 34 (also the only kpop artist) on Billboards Year End Social 50 artists, numbers 26/36 (ALSO THE ONLY KPOP ARTISTS) on Twitters top Tracks Chart!!!! AND WE’RE STILL COUNTING!!!! (Also shoutout to Yoongi for making it on tumblrs 2016 top albums list at number 8 (TRULY BADASS))

They work so hard and deserve all the recognition they’re getting. I can not be more proud of our crazy, cute, sexy, dedicated, passionate, humble, loyal, beautiful, hardworking, ambitious boys! This was their year and they have many more to come!!!!


mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [26/30] Artist AU
Mycroft is a painter and an art student, who might be a bit strict about his views on what art is and is not. Greg Lestrade makes some extra cash by modeling for art students. He also enjoys street art and challenging other people’s expectations…
Monday Meme

NAME. Maddie ( Mads, M )
STAR SIGN. Capricorn ( for what it’s worth )
HEIGHT. 5′ 5.5″ ( because that extra half is important to me )
FAV MUSIC ARTIST.  Otis Redding ( hands down )
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. None atm. ( thank heaven )
LAST MOVIE WATCHED. Um…I think Split. ( good. McAvoy, creepy. )
LAST SHOW WATCHED. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( it’s the only one I watch )
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG. February 2016 ( it’s my anniversary this week! )
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST.  threads, ooc, gifs and memes related to my muse or aos, headcanons, meta and the like 
OTHER BLOGS. I also have a Jemma and a Daisy blog with low activity. I have a multi-muse that’s languishing and a Tony Stark that’s languishing.
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL. because Fitz is a rocket scientist and, at the time, quite lovelorn. ( I also just love twee words like that. )
ALIGNMENT. true neutral
POKEMON TEAM. No, sorry.
FAVORITE COLOR. celadon or aqua 
AVG HOURS SLEEP.  6 or so ( even up to 8 nowadays )
LUCKY NUMBER. 4 but I’m not really superstitious. ( I did win $200 on 4 in roulette once, though, which is why I chose it. )
DREAM JOB. novelist
FOLLOWING. probably around 1000 or so? ( I don’t care if my dash is a disaster, I just love all the other Marvel blogs so much. )
FOLLOWERS. 770 ( holy wow )

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