O.O gluclose test tomorrow


No fasting for this one- just have to be careful and not eat or drink and thing sugary before I go for the test (which is going to suck because I have a crazy sweet tooth lately). I have to come in early around 330-345 to take the sugary drink and then I have a regular Dr. appointment at 4pm for my check up and all that.

At my regular Dr. appointment I’ll need to bring up a few things:

1) Some mornings when I wake up Ill be in the fetal position- on my side and my legs curled up. Ill wake up and Ill have to pee- when I straighten my leg(s) I will get a horrible pain- like getting a charlie horse from my crotch to under my ribs on one side. Ill have to curl my legs back up, wait for a minute and then slowly straighten my legs back out. Im thinking its just ligament pain.. but I want to make sure. 

2) Every time I eat for the past week I get a weird pain on my left side with my ribs- it feels just like a side stitch you get when you run, but it’ll last for ever. My back has been needing to crack more on that side, warm showers help and so does laying or leaning strangely on the opposite side. Im not sure if its gas? am I eating too fast or too much? Is my bra just too tight? do I just need to stretch/work out? I wanna know whats happening! lol

3) If our hospital we are going through does walk throughs and if/when we should/can do that. That way I can kinda get an idea on what they provide and what Ill need to pack and see where I will be giving birth. Our hospital has a small family birth center- its about 8-10 personal suites that you labor in, give birth and recover in. 

I might add a few more things to ask, but right now my brain hurts and I cant think lol 

Is it just me or is my belly a bit squarish! (pic taken yesterday at 25w)

Bump feels quite high at the moment and while I love it, it’s killing my ability to enjoy food! I’ve suffered a few times but like I’ve said before, I’ll take it for my babies!

Babes are very active now…some days it feels like they’re breakdancing in there or playing squash…I love it so much!!

It was our 6 year wedding anniversary on Friday and it felt very special to spend it with DH while our babies are growing in my belly! Felt insanely grateful! DH surprised me with a half day at a spa in Nottinghill…I had a pregnancy massage and a mani/pedi - it was amazing!!

I have had a bit of nervousness because of the Braxton Hicks…which seem to be triggered by having a full stomach or a full bladder…and worst of all by sex!!! I’m thinking we may have to hold off for a while :( But again, anything for our babes!!

Symptoms: indigestion, nausea (though less consistent), Braxton Hicks (seem to have increased), rash (though much better), coccyx pain, sciatica (again, not as bad), shortness of breath after eating breakfast etc

I do feel a bit more physically restricted this week - I don’t know if it’s because bump has changed shape/position/size, but I’m hoping it’s just a phase…I’ll do whatever it takes to keep babes safe though…