7 Tips for Building a Simple Betta Tank

Making your tank beautiful (and keeping the fish healthy and thriving) does not have to be hard!

I absolutely love bettas, and chances are that if you’re reading this, you love bettas, too.

Bettas are known for their vibrant colours and feisty personalities. Because they are so hardy, many people get them as first-time pets. However, to keep things simple while also ensuring that your betta is healthy and thriving, it is important to do your research beforehand. With my experience and research, I’d like to pass along 7 tips for building a simple betta tank:

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6/20/17--25W 3D

It occured to us over the weekend that if my MIL comes down when the baby is born, she’s probably going to stay with us.
Oh. God.
I can just imagine her busting into our bedroom if he wakes up crying. Every time.
Maybe I’m just thinking too much, but that’s how I am, and I have years of interaction with my MIL that inform my concerns. She’s great and all, but just like I’m worried my parents will try to instill some of their “stuff” on our son, I’m worried she will, too. We love her, of course. But both my husband and I are a little leery of some of the things she does. She calls him “our baby”–as in mine, my husband’s, and hers. And she was openly disappointed he was a boy, but she wasted no time in referring to him by a name she thought we should call him, which BTW is the surest way to get that name stricken from the “maybe” list.
She’s so invasive with other people’s kids, even strangers. She’s walked up to a complete stranger in the store and touched their baby’s feet and moaned that “oh, his poor little feet are SO COLD.” I could SEE the mother trying not to slap her. Because she’s, ya know, A STRANGER. WHO IS TOUCHING A BABY SHE DOESN’T KNOW.
She’s already announced that our son is “never going to cry around me.” Like, first of all, kids cry. Especially babies. They have neither the vocabulary nor the emotional maturity (up to a certain developmental stage) to convey big feelings without tears. And I will NOT have her stifling our child’s need to communicate.
Second of all, I’m not going to let her teach him that if he cries, Nana will give him what he wants because she can’t handle the crying (which, no joke, she can’t; she’s told us as much). I’m not letting him get away with that every time.
Uuuuugh anyway.
Full disclosure: I’m especially worried that if she’s there for the first few days of our son’s life and she makes a nuisance of herself, I will be so sleep-deprived I might actually tell her off for once. 😅

Is anyone interested in buying a full Betta set up? It includes:

Teg gallon tank
Hydor 25w heater
Sponge filter and air pump
Airline tubing, air stones, and splitters
Omega one Betta pellets
Eight silk plants
One faux rock hide
One rainbow ceramic hide
Prime water conditioner
Stability beneficial bacteria
PraziPro parasite medication
API master test kit.

My fish passed two weeks ago of old age and with school starting I won’t be able to put enough time into another fish but I’d like this incredibly complete set up to go to someone who either needs an upgrade or is interested in getting their first fish (or wants another and doesn’t want to buy all of these things new). The liquids are ¾-½ full still and everything else just needs a good cleaning. I’m thinking $120 for everything (that includes the shipping for inside the US). I still owe $580 on my school books so this would go towards paying those off.

If you have followers that might be interested, please reblog this. We can get everything set up through PayPal and FedEx or USPS.

You’ll have to all forgive me while I rant for a second here.
I belong to several Facebook groups for local “rummage sales” and for sale items.  Someone recently posted a question regarding where she could acquire new Scentsy bulbs for her warmers. Now, if you’re not familiar with Scentsy, it’s a global scheme created solely for the purpose of making it so your friends delete you from Facebook for being annoying.  Now, most people pointed the girl in the direction of people who sell Scentsy products. Those of you familiar with this racketeering scheme know that a single bulb is like $5. Five dollars for a freaking 25w bulb. That’s highway robbery and I will not stand for it.
I own two warmers that were given to me as gifts and found that the local light bulb aisle at my grocery store actually carried identical bulbs in the correct size and wattage for about $2.50 for a three pack. I’ve been using them for months with no issue.  I, of course, posted this information thinking I was being helpful. Little did I know, Scentsy salespeople are terrifying mobster kingpins (mspa ftw!) with a monopoly on the lightbulbin’ business.  I was immediately told this exact quote:
“Don’t use the cheaper bulbs! I had one start on fire a few years ago. Learned my lesson! They are 3 for $5 thru scentsy. Rather spend the extra buck or 2 and save my house.”
Okay first of all, if a light bulb starts on FIRE, that seems like a wiring issue or an “I’m an idiot look at me go” kind of error.  And I told the lady so, even trying to inject a little humor. Seconds later, I was messaged by three (THREE!!) women, all of whom wanted me to shut my mouth.  One even said:
“U r trying to take business away from scentsy sellers! U should be ashamed”
While the original housefire lady said:
“Umm I know I bought the right sized bulb and my wiring was fine- it just started on fire!”
I politely ignored three of the horsemen of the apocalypse and went about my daily duties. But that’s when the fourth horseman showed up. Now, I’m a pretty reasonable person- in fact, I would consider myself downright accepting.  But the person that messaged me last was downright terrifying.
“My friend’s warmer really did start on fire after using the bulbs she bought from Wal-Mart. You think it’s funny that her house almost burned down? How about somebody comes and burns your house down!”

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death

In short, the cult of Scentsy is terrifying. 

6/22/17--25W 5D

I downloaded an app to help me track my water intake, since frankly not drinking enough water is making this pregnancy thing tougher than it needs to be. I already had joint pain and back issues from scoliosis, but being pregnant has exacerbated them a bit.
I also downloaded a kick counter app, which I’ll probably start using tomorrow.
Man, everything is so digital! If not for having the Tumblr app right here on my phone, I wouldn’t be able to recall half the things I want to record in my actual, paper pregnancy journal.

truebluedreamer  asked:

Wow! Your tank for your pretty fishies is amazing! Have any tips for a good tank environment? I just bought my beta a new tank and things, but I would like to simulate a realistic environment for him if possible

Thank you so much! After giving it some thought, I’ve made quite a long list. I consider making a tank look pretty to be a lovely addition to all the things you should consider a priority in making a tank environment safe and comfortable, so I have combined both health/safety and visual tips here. I don’t know how much you already know, so just in case (and for the benefit of anyone else who comes across this post), I’ve started at the beginning! So, here are the main things I consider important in a safe and naturalistic tank environment:

1. No sharp edges. Bettas have delicate fins that can very easily tear. The best method for making sure your decorations are safe for your fish is by running a piece of pantyhose over them. If the pantyhose snags, then your fish’s fins could tear on it as well. Just use sandpaper to sand down any sharp or rough spots.

2. Safe filter intake. If you have a filter that hangs on the back of the tank, the intake might be built in such a way that your fish’s fins could get sucked in. You can fix this with a prefilter sponge, or just by rubber-banding a piece of cloth mesh over it.

3. Sand substrate. While substrate is a personal choice, I am a huge advocate of sand because it’s much easier to plant plants in it and it is infinitely easier to clean. When you have gravel, all of the waste filters down through the gravel and sits in there forever. With sand, all the waste sits right on top so it’s easy to just siphon it off when you are doing a water change.

4. Heater and thermometer. This is super, super important! Bettas are tropical fish and prefer water between 73 and 80 degrees. The temperature of your tank will always be slightly lower than the air temperature without a heater, so unless you keep your house at 80 degrees your fish is probably a little chilly. I recommend this heater (In anything under 10 gallons you want the 25w version), which I’ve found to be strong and reliable (though I will caution that it tends to heat to a temperature a bit higher than what you set it at).

5. Water conditioner. Tap water contains minerals and metals that could harm your fish, so with every water change you will want to add water conditioner so the water is safe for your fish.

6. A cycled tank! This can get long and complicated, but it’s especially important for a new tank, so I will link you to a good resource here.

7. Nothing neon. Bettas can be stressed out by extremely bright colors, so it’s best to have decorations that mimic (or better yet, are) objects with natural tones like rocks, wood, and plants. Besides, coming from a visual standpoint, it’s more aesthetically pleasing when your betta is the brightest thing in the tank and nothing is competing for attention with super crazy colors.

8. Test your rocks. Some rocks may have minerals that can change the pH and/or hardness of your tank. If you are planning to put rocks in your tank, take an eyedropper with vinegar and drop the vinegar onto the rock (or if they are small rocks, submerge them in a container of vinegar). If they fizz or give off any bubbles upon contact with the vinegar, they are not safe for your aquarium! If they are not, they are safe to put in as soon as you’ve made sure they’re not too sharp.

9. Good places to hide. No animal feels comfortable in its environment if it doesn’t have a safe spot to hide where no one can see it. A rock or wooden cave or a particularly dense area of plants are good things to add to make your fish more comfortable.

10. Places to sit near the surface. Bettas are labyrinth fish, which means they need to breathe air at the surface. When they are resting, they often like to do so near the surface so they don’t have to swim all the way up and down for air. I give my fish spots to sit by having particularly tall pieces of wood and plants, but some people do this by adding a floating betta log (you can find them at most big box pet stores) or a plastic leaf attached to a suction cup that can be stuck onto the side of the tank nearer to the surface.

11. Driftwood. Mopani driftwood and malaysian driftwood are your best options- always buy wood sold specifically for aquariums, because putting any other kind of wood in your tank can put nasty things in it if you don’t know where it comes from. It always helps to boil the wood first to double check that it’s safe and to help it sink better. When you add wood to your aquarium, it may turn the water brown. Don’t worry- it’s just releasing tannins, which are actually beneficial for your fish. Some people add tannins deliberately by putting indian almond leaves in their tank, which really help to reduce stress in fish.

12. Lighting. A nicely lit tank looks lovely and provides light for your plants. If you aren’t interested in going out and buying a tank hood that includes a light, just get a clamp lamp and clip it on to your tank or something nearby (make sure that you always have some kind of cover on the tank, though, as bettas can jump out!). Look for a bulb that advertises as being full-spectrum (meaning it mimics the full light spectrum of natural daylight), somewhere between 5000-7000k, and 2 watts per gallon of your tank (so in a 10-gallon tank you want at least a 20 watt light). These specifications are the ideal ones for growing plants. Once you have your lighting, I’d personally also recommend investing in a light timer. Fish have a day and night cycle and if you leave your lights on too long you will get algae growth, so setting up a timer scheduled to turn your tank light on for 6-8 hours per day will save you the trouble of having to turn it on and off at the proper times yourself.

13. Low-tech plants! I use a very basic fertilizer in my tank, but it’s possible to grow plants perfectly well without even bothering with that- they’ll just grow a little slower. Some great plants for beginning setups include: Amazon sword, anubias, cryptocorynes, java moss, and java fern. A couple of my favorites which are doing well in my setup are hygrophila corymbosa, ludwigia repens. Keep in mind that plants that are grown out of water (which is the case for most plants in big box pet stores and some online plant stores) will start dying when you put them in water. They’ll eventually bounce back from this and put out new leaves! Plant maintenance is easy- just pull off dead and dying leaves so they don’t rot and trim plants if you want them shorter.

14. A well-rounded and healthy diet. Flake food and anything freeze dried is not good for bettas as they very easily bloat. It’s best to feed them pellet food like Omega One Betta Buffet pellets, and it’s even better to occasionally supplement this diet with treats of frozen blood worms, brine shrimp, or mysis shrimp.

Phew. I think that’s everything I’ve got! Feel free to message me more if you have questions or need clarification; I am more than happy to help out!



min 20:25

W- Quiero saber donde está… tio ¿mi silicona?

V- No sé Willy, es decir, yo, a ver, a mi me gusta asi, como estas ¿sabes?


Que tierno ^.^  

Formas de matar a una shipper y esto *-*

encima despues le dice que si se quiere poner unas tetas, no estarian de mas.. y eh aqui el misterio de porque willy tiene las chichas tan… ya saben :v


Publicado el 14 feb. 2014

Min: 16:25

W: Ala! mira, an encontrado el amor.
V: Hoe chaval.
W: Y ese en el fondo, ese esta en la friendzone
V: no tío, es san Valentín de verdad, mira… esto fuera
W: Y este
V: Esta solo… este soy  yo
W: Jajajaja
V: Jaja … Así es como me siento yo tío, sabes todo el mundo con pareja… y yo solo… no pasa nada
W: Me tienes a mi vegetta
V: Y esta triste… eh dime
W: ^\\^ jeje ( risa avergonzada) vale olvídalo jeje…….. mira este que feliz esta
V: Da vuelta
W: Gira, gira, gira

Oh dios mío!!! Este es uno de mis capítulos favoritos, muy rara vez Willy hace ese tipo de comentarios *o* Ya se le veía el amor

O.O gluclose test tomorrow


No fasting for this one- just have to be careful and not eat or drink and thing sugary before I go for the test (which is going to suck because I have a crazy sweet tooth lately). I have to come in early around 330-345 to take the sugary drink and then I have a regular Dr. appointment at 4pm for my check up and all that.

At my regular Dr. appointment I’ll need to bring up a few things:

1) Some mornings when I wake up Ill be in the fetal position- on my side and my legs curled up. Ill wake up and Ill have to pee- when I straighten my leg(s) I will get a horrible pain- like getting a charlie horse from my crotch to under my ribs on one side. Ill have to curl my legs back up, wait for a minute and then slowly straighten my legs back out. Im thinking its just ligament pain.. but I want to make sure. 

2) Every time I eat for the past week I get a weird pain on my left side with my ribs- it feels just like a side stitch you get when you run, but it’ll last for ever. My back has been needing to crack more on that side, warm showers help and so does laying or leaning strangely on the opposite side. Im not sure if its gas? am I eating too fast or too much? Is my bra just too tight? do I just need to stretch/work out? I wanna know whats happening! lol

3) If our hospital we are going through does walk throughs and if/when we should/can do that. That way I can kinda get an idea on what they provide and what Ill need to pack and see where I will be giving birth. Our hospital has a small family birth center- its about 8-10 personal suites that you labor in, give birth and recover in. 

I might add a few more things to ask, but right now my brain hurts and I cant think lol 

Is it just me or is my belly a bit squarish! (pic taken yesterday at 25w)

Bump feels quite high at the moment and while I love it, it’s killing my ability to enjoy food! I’ve suffered a few times but like I’ve said before, I’ll take it for my babies!

Babes are very active now…some days it feels like they’re breakdancing in there or playing squash…I love it so much!!

It was our 6 year wedding anniversary on Friday and it felt very special to spend it with DH while our babies are growing in my belly! Felt insanely grateful! DH surprised me with a half day at a spa in Nottinghill…I had a pregnancy massage and a mani/pedi - it was amazing!!

I have had a bit of nervousness because of the Braxton Hicks…which seem to be triggered by having a full stomach or a full bladder…and worst of all by sex!!! I’m thinking we may have to hold off for a while :( But again, anything for our babes!!

Symptoms: indigestion, nausea (though less consistent), Braxton Hicks (seem to have increased), rash (though much better), coccyx pain, sciatica (again, not as bad), shortness of breath after eating breakfast etc

I do feel a bit more physically restricted this week - I don’t know if it’s because bump has changed shape/position/size, but I’m hoping it’s just a phase…I’ll do whatever it takes to keep babes safe though…