25th ward


25th mbc entertainment awards ♡ 151229
congratulations on winning the excellence award (radio dj)!

blue night radio ♡ 151230

(about his win at the 25th mbc entertainment awards.) go young bae: did you expect (that) you’d win?
jonghyun: not at all.
go young bae: liar. you didn’t expect to win but you dressed up like that? [note: he’s referring to jonghyun’s suit which he’s still wearing during the broadcast due to him rushing directly from the ceremony to blue night.]
jonghyun: because i was invited! i was invited so i dressed up. i can’t go wearing my training wear!
(referencing to jonghyun accidentally calling the department head at mbc fm4u “pd”.) go young bae: also: since when did you start disliking the head of the department?
jonghyun: no, what are you saying?! i was flustered! i clearly know that he’s the head of the apartment. i just called him the “pd” by accident. (source: cosmicsticks)