The Six Thatchers Setlock Recap

Hello, friends! Life has been crazy busy lately, but I’ve finally managed to finish recapping episode 1. 

For these episode recaps, I’m going to operate under the assumption that everything filmed in a particular block is for that same episode unless we were specifically told otherwise. Therefore, this recap will cover all of the first block, plus the two locations where we know Rachel did some directing during the second block.

If you just want the bare essentials to remind you of what we know about episode 1, here’s a brief summary:

  • Siege at Portland House
  • John and Mary having a meal at Mint and Mustard
  • Ella is back
  • Three days at Coedarhydyglyn
  • Ferrari
  • The reported christening
  • Sherlock and Molly with the baby at the Watsons’ flat
  • Mycroft, Greg, Sherlock, and a SOCO team on the scene on Cyncoed Road
  • Crime-solving adventures with the dog and the baby in tow
  • Sherlock all alone on Vauxhall Bridge
  • Unknown filming at the MI6 Building and the London Aquarium
  • Possible birth scene in a blue Audi, with some shark fin graffiti painted in the tunnel
  • Sherlock at the Senedd, where the government scenes in HLV were filmed
  • The rocky shore of Porthcawl
  • John rides the bus and meets a woman at a bus stop

If you want the more detailed recap, click to read below the cut, where I’ve summarized the filming by location (mostly chronologically), listed all of Arwel’s tweets, and included a few other things of note about the episode that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.

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