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Hey, dicta! I was wondering if you could rec me some 6th year fics? Preferably less than 25k:)

Hey! So, it’s hard to tell when something is 6th year speficially vs generically Hogwarts-Era (is it 6th year? non-war AU? 8th year and the author is ignoring the war? Most authors don’t say.) And I don’t read a ton of Hogwarts-Era fic because reasons. But I do have some Hogwarts-era fics on my masterlist: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven. And can add some short ones below. Enjoy, and remember to leave comments and kudos for the authors!!

Drarry Recs: Hogwarts Era under 25k

Cure for the Flu by Ivyblossom - R, 10.5k - Harry, Draco, sickness, and accidental telepathy.

Definition by pir8fancier - PG, 4k - The boys participate in a spelling bee, Hogwarts-style.

Disintegrate by RurouniHime - NC-17, 3k - Draco has it all figured out: what he wants, what he needs. But some things are meant to be overturned…

Double Dare by Silvia Kundera - PG, 3k - Draco is a self-satisfied little bastard. Harry is ridiculously tolerant. Boys are stubborn. It’s just like the books! Just shorter and gayer.

Hurt for the Right Reasons by traintracks - NC-17, 4.5k - Everything was so cocked up.  He just wanted this one thing.  He wanted to hurt for the right reasons for once.

Lustre by Calico and Julad - NC-17, 24.5k - He is, he tells himself, fine now. (In which Lucius sends Draco a very important birthday present, which he’ll need Harry’s help to keep in one piece.)

The Road You Didn’t Take by nothingbutfic - PG-13, 1k - (no summary)

Scales by November Snowflake - PG-13, 3k - Antagonism, invisibility, and music in the dark.

Tomorrow by November Snowflake - PG-13, 4k - For Harry and Draco, the dawn is long in coming.

So now I’m hearing The Fine Brothers are trying to trademark “react” and even the reaction video format. B.O.B. and Tila Tequila think the world is flat. Tony the Tiger is being sexually harassed by furries. And Amber Rose revealed that Kanye likes having fingers up his ass. 2016 has been so wild already, and it’s only a month old. 


So I just woke up (cough* it’s noon *cough) and I have 25k now???? Thank you all for following my blog, and being so awesome and kind! I have something sorta cool planned for 30k in a couple of months ((if it works out yike)), so stay tuned pals ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

All I Need to Survive by hot_damn_louis | @hot-damn-louis [?, 13.5k]

Louis and Harry broke up two months ago, neither told their parents about the break up, and Harry is still invited to Lottie’s wedding. 
Reconciliation, radio host (L) | POV: L 

my treasure map was on your skin (you’re my land ahoy) by ladililn [M, 4.4k]

Louis is a pirate. Harry has never been to sea, but he’s eager to learn. 
Pirates, affection | POV: L

Of Two Kinds by larrythusiast [E, 2.9k]

HYBRID WORLD. Harry is a wolf and is hungry so he goes hunting. Louis is unfortunately his meal. If you call it that. 
PWP, wolf (H), bunny (L) | POV: H | bottom!L

We’ll go slow and high tempo by embracelouis | @louisgotpappedsnoggingt [E, 5.1k]

Apprentice journalist Harry Styles has a bit of a crush on former football player turned Adidas model Louis Tomlison. A fortuitous encounter with his ex colleague Liam might lead to an interesting turn in Harry’s life.
Famous (L) | POV: H | bottom!H

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can u update the post season 2 tag?? please xx

Of course! Here you go :) :

The Griffin  by bowlingfornerds

“The Griffin,” Clarke continued. “Has a legend attached to her; she fell from the sky and soared above the plains; mighty wings that held her aloft and protected her from the flames that she burnt men alive with.” Clarke had heard the story of herself so many times, hell – she’d lived it – but it was nothing like this.

Clarke leaves Camp Jaha after the Mountain falls, and finds herself joining a nomadic Grounder clan. Then, one day, out in the woods, she finds the delinquents again.


Dreams  by theredhoodie

Camp Jaha is reeling from the small war, from animal attacks, from the few people left off the Ark who want to try to break control and do what they want.

Bellamy tried that, and look where that left him: his sister gone to search for Lincoln alone, sneaking off without a goodbye. Clarke somewhere alone…


Yours by rosymamacita

After Clarke comes back from her winter of self imposed exile, she slides back into life at Camp Jaha, but things have changed in ways that there is no coming back from. Is she brave enough to stand up and try for what is really important, or will she stay silent and possibly lose it forever?


Dead Man’s Eyes by rocknrollravenclaw

Winter is coming, and Clarke still isn’t back. Now the unthinkable has happened: Bellamy is hurt.


Cold Weather  by rosymamacita

Set immediately after the events of Blood Must Have Blood (part 2), Clarke takes off on her own, and is led by her feet and her conscience, back to Mount Weather.

But Clarke is not the only one who has to deal with the consequences of sacrificing the Mountain Men for their own survival. Bellamy leads The Delinquents back to the mountain, to become their own people and be in charge of their own destiny.

They come to grips with death, so they can start living again.


Tick Ridge Trek 25k

What a beautiful, beautiful race! Well, the scenery anyway. A lot went wrong for me at this race but I still had so much fun and ultimately really enjoyed myself.

i mean, look at that! It started out in the mid-30s in the morning and quickly warmed up. I way overdressed!

I wasted the first few miles stuck behind people who stopped at stream crossings and pussy-footed downhills. What a bummer! Those are the two best parts of trail running - sloppily bounding through muddy water and flailing recklessly down hills.

I guess I took some of the early miles too hard because I bonked around mile 7, despite cramming lots of food into my eating-hole early on. I wasn’t able to break out of that until about mile 12, when I knew the end was near. Between the bonk and a minor ankle twist, and also really, really having to pee, I kinda let myself get into a dark place for awhile. But, I crested a ridge and was blown away by the scenery, and told myself to just suck it up! And I was smiling most of the way. 

This race is one of my favorites. The swag is great, the people are friendly, and the volunteers are fantastic (@chelsearuns, thank you!). It’s a tough race and I think I might make it my main one next year, and try to PR. This year was 3:45. It was a really great way to see how my training for the 50k is going - I think I’ve got the gear figured out, but I need to incorporate more hills into my running. 

The Beautiful Game
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by sunshiner

“She always gives you thumbs up,” Zayn says, her legs balanced on a kitchen chair and her head inside the cereal cabinet. “She even mentioned you on twitter once.”
“The twitter that features gems of modern literature such as ‘Orange orange orange.’ or ‘Super hands’? And that’s just recently. Adorable and endearing, yes. Significant, not so much.”
“It said, and I quote ‘@thetommoway’s the best way.’ hashtag welovelou.” Not that Louis needs to be reminded. She’s a knock knock joke away from getting it tattooed on her forehead as it is.

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