25k plus

  • me: i wanna talk to that person
  • brain: !!wHOA THERE BUCKO you might wanna slow DOWN! you talked to them YESTERDAY! if you talk to them again they're just gonna get annoyed with you!!!
  • me: shit fam you right

anonymous asked:

You know I was wondering how much money niall really has. Everyone makes jokes about it cuz Niall does like expensive things but seriously, 1D earned 110k$ on 2016 (divide that between the 4, it's like 25k$ each) plus Niall's golf company + all the money he must get from gold companies he promotes on a daily basics. I think out of all of them, Niall handles his money very carefully.

I think Niall is definitely very smart with his money! Yes, he does expensive things and he splurges on things sometimes – but other than that, he’s very simple, you know? He hasn’t the fame OR fortune go to his head, which is cool.

I mean, look at his dad. He wanted to buy Bobby a bigger house and Bobby declined because he’s also a fairly simple dude. He doesn’t need expensive things, and neither does Niall.