Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks   by crystalkei

“Is the paperwork to your liking,” her mother prodded. Clarke looked up from the info pad and gave her a look.

“Looks like your standard ‘how to stop a coup before we run out of air’ type agreement.” She wasn’t sure but she thought she saw Bellamy Blake bite his lip to stop a laugh from escaping. It was out of her periphery, she was having some nostalgic feelings from school, and she couldn’t spare him a glance, she had to stare down her mother, but well, maybe.

“Clarke,” her mother scolded her like she wasn’t an adult with a dead husband, and a child, like she wasn’t about to be used again for her mother’s political gain.

“Do you want to step outside?”

“No, Chancellor,” Clarke said with an air of condescension. “The paperwork looks fine. But I hope you’re going to buy us some new sheets or a punch bowl for the trouble.”

my law teacher built a ten foot fence because he hated his neighbour, but the city made him take it down because theres a five foot limit on fences, so he poured five feet of concrete on the ground and then built a five foot fence on top of that and the city tried suing him because it was ten feet but they lost because the actual fence was only five

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm looking for a fic where John is sherlocks boyfriend but he's serving in Afghanistan, he ends up MIA and Sherlock relapses and lestrade is worried but then John surprises him while he's on a case

Maybe this one? 

Miles (M - 30 860, ongoing)

John Watson is a British Army Lieutenant. Sherlock Holmes, a successful Army Medic. They both have their secrets and their stories, their paths cross and their lives change. Will they both make it out with their bodies and hearts intact?

- Kat